Mathematics behind Motion Blur

Recently I understood how the Gaussian Filter works and I was awed by the beauty of the mathematics behind it. Now while doing some coding stuffs in Octave I came across another type of blur, which is mentioned as $ image$ $ blur$ , and it gave me an output like this, enter image description here

It is beautiful, but i cannot find on the internet any explanation on the mathematics behind it?

Everywhere I searched $ Gaussian$ $ Filter$ is popping up, but i believe that this 2 are different to some extent as $ Gaussian$ $ Filter$ gave me this output–>

enter image description here

Which u can clearly see is $ different$ in appearance than the $ motion$ $ blur$ .

So, my question is, how is motion blur implemented?

Photo blur background effect in photoshop for $10

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Background blur for 18.04 unlock screen

I have added a background image to unlock screen of 18.04 using the below code in ubuntu.css in usr/share/gnome-shell/theme

#lockDialogGroup { background: #2e3436 url("unlock-background.jpeg"); background-repeat: none; background-size: cover; } 

While it works great, is it possible to add a blur effect to whatever image we are using as unlock screen background ? Thanks.

Eg. Something close to the blur below

enter image description here

Zoom and Blur Modal Nesting

Hi all,

Just trying to create a modal that zooms and blurs the background back. Based on avgrund by hakim

I extended it to get several modals to work.

See fiddle:

Could anyone please help to get nested multiple modals to again zoom and blur everything further again on popup?


How does invisibility and blur interact with ongoing visual spell effects that are not light?

How does invisibility and blur interact with ongoing visual spell effects that are not light?

A character in my campaign often uses slipstream to move around because they are a merfolk, and likes the extra movement speed for both practical and flavor reasons. If they are using invisibility, can you still see the wave it creates, even if the spell was cast before you went invisible? And does this differ from spells such as blur and blurred movement?

Take a telephoto portrait without background blur?

Is it possible to take a portrait of someone with a telephoto lens (for example 85 or 135mm) without any background blur (or at least with minimal blur)?

I am planning to take portraits of somebody on rooftop (with the city skyline in the background). While I want to achieve the flattering compressed look of telephoto lenses on the face of my subject, I want to keep the skyline background sharp.

Would be grateful for any help!