Inserted drawings blurry when compared to adjacent text in Google Docs

Creating and inserting a new drawing via the inbuilt Drawing tool (Insert > Drawing > New) in Google Docs results in images of noticeably lower resolution when compared to adjacent text, both within the app and when a document is downloaded as a PDF:

Screenshot of document as PDF

Link to shared doc as example:

The figure is noticeably ‘blurry’. Is there any procedure or workaround that would allow for the image to be sharper than this?

How to make pictures lots of kids so everyones face not blurry?

I have Nikon D850 with portrait lens AF 105mm f/1.4. Im just learning how to make good pictures , we purchased this camera not for business , we have kids and want to make every possible memory. Im using A mode, but often when I make picture one kid face is in focus another one is blurry( I have twins so it rarely happens to get good picture with both kids in focus). What setting do I need to change? Kids birthday is this weekend and Im the one who will take pictures of all kids.

Why are my button images blurry on mobile screens?

I have a few custom buttons I’ve inserted with php throughout my wordpress site. They are crisp resolution images (either gif or png), but when viewing it on my iphone screen, they’re blurry. I noticed the other plugins I have installed that insert the same type of .png images buttons look very sharp when viewed on a mobile screen, or any screen for that matter.

What am I missing? Can’t figure out why a png inserted button from a wordpress plugin looks crisp on all screens, but my png buttons only look good on desktop screens.