As a sword and board Eldritch Knight do I need to put away my sword on my turn if I want to use Shield as a reaction?

Without Warcaster, I can’t cast spells with somatic components if I have both a shield and a sword in my hands. Putting my sword away or dropping it is a free action, however you can’t do free actions outside your turn. So if I want to be able to cast Shield on myself as a reaction, do I need to always put my sword away at the end of my turn? (This also means I won’t be able to capitalize on opportunity of attacks).

How does the maximum number of guesses needed to win Mastermind (board game) change as the size of the board increases?

Donald Knuth demonstrated that the codebreaker in the board game Mastermind can solve the pattern in five moves or fewer using the following algorithm:

  1. Create a set S of remaining possibilities (at this point there are 1296). The first guess is aabb.
  2. Remove all possibilities from S that would not give the same score of colored and white pegs if they were the answer.
  3. For each possible guess (not necessarily in S) calculate how many possibilities from S would be eliminated for each possible colored/white score. The score of the guess is the least of such values. Play the guess with the highest score (minimax).
  4. Go back to step 2 until you have got it right.

I am curious: what would be the maximum number of guesses necessary to win a Mastermind-like game with 5 pegs instead of 4? How about 1,000 pegs, or a million?

How to get the address of a nearby square on a chess board?

I’m making a chess game from scratch and I got stuck.

So far I have all my figures placed, I have the positions set, I’ve already done the collision detection and everything.

When I click the figure that is in position A1 for example, I want to make two green rectangles at positions A2 and A3, and they will be used to make the figure move.

Is there a method for to add 1 to the string “A1” to form the string “A2” or something? Because thats all I really need right now.

Also if there’s a more clever way to make the positions please let me know.

As an example, here is how I currently look up my display positions using the A1, A2 etc. location codes:

let positions = {         A1 : [10, 710],B1 : [110, 710],C1 : [210, 710],D1 : [310, 710],E1 : [410, 710],F1 : [510, 710],G1 : [610, 710],H1 : [710, 710],         A2 : [10, 610],B2 : [110, 610],C2 : [210, 610],D2 : [310, 610],E2 : [410, 610],F2 : [510, 610],G2 : [610, 610],H2 : [710, 610],         A3 : [10, 510],B3 : [110, 510],C3 : [210, 510],D3 : [310, 510],E3 : [410, 510],F3 : [510, 510],G3 : [610, 510],H3 : [710, 510],         A4 : [10, 410],B4 : [110, 410],C4 : [210, 410],D4 : [310, 410],E4 : [410, 410],F4 : [510, 410],G4 : [610, 410],H4 : [710, 410],         A5 : [10, 310],B5 : [110, 310],C5 : [210, 310],D5 : [310, 310],E5 : [410, 310],F5 : [510, 310],G5 : [610, 310],H5 : [710, 310],         A6 : [10, 210],B6 : [110, 210],C6 : [210, 210],D6 : [310, 210],E6 : [410, 210],F6 : [510, 210],G6 : [610, 210],H6 : [710, 210],         A7 : [10, 110],B7 : [110, 110],C7 : [210, 110],D7 : [310, 110],E7 : [410, 110],F7 : [510, 110],G7 : [610, 110],H7 : [710, 110],         A8 : [10, 10], B8 : [110, 10], C8 : [210, 10], D8 : [310, 10], E8 : [410, 10], F8 : [510, 10], G8 : [610, 10], H8 : [710, 10],     } 

the [0] of the arrays is x and the [1] is y, and that’s also how I placed the figures.

Loading thread from SharePoint Discussion Board into Smart Alert

We have set up Infowise Smart Alert on our SP 2016 site to alert users when new discussion items or replies are added to a discussion board. Right now, Infowise Smart Alert currently only sends the text of a new discussion reply. However, we want these alerts to also contain the rest of the thread that is part of that discussion.

The best approach we have come up with is to dynamically load that thread data into the post/reply, so that when Smart Alert Pro pulls the post/object object into that alert, the rest of the thread is also included.

How can we pull this data and add it to each discussion reply? I see several SP.Utilities.Utility methods for creating new discussion items or replies (createNewDiscussion and createNewDicussionReply), but none of getting that data.

Can we allow the comment section inside the “Discussion Board” list to show more than 20 replies

We have added a Discussion Board list to our sharepoint online classic team site. enter image description here

Currently when we click on a discussion item, the main view for each discussion will show maximum of 20 replies, and then it will show a paging link as follow:-

enter image description here

but most users miss this paging and think that the discussion only contain 20 replies. so can i expand the replies section to show more than 20? using the UI or using PnP script to?

How to create a physical UX Innovation board?

I would like to have a physical board where all the innovations that the UX team worked on would be exposed to the other teams (dev, marketing etc.). It would give a better exposition and understanding on our work, a new source of feedback and would also help the UX team to keep track of the ideas/concept that have been considered.

The thing is many innovations are not implemented in our product because of time, cost, or because it doesn’t seem important at the moment. Some are just ideas that no one really requested but could benefit the company. But it is not impossible that they get a second chance to be developed in the future.

Once I worked in a video game company and the art team used to expose their art concept on a board visible to everyone. I would like to implement something similar but for UI / UX.

Any resource, article, book, advice, tutorial, personal experience, ideas that could help me to do this?