If Beast Master Rangers could use bonus actions to attack with their companion, what problems would occur?

If a clause was added to Beast Master Rangers to allow them to spend a bonus action to have their companion to make a single attack after the ranger makes their own Attack action, what would the negative ramifications be?

My goal is to make the Beast Master (PHB, p. 93) on-par with the Xanathar’s additions, which an overall consensus from the community is fairly clear that it is not.

Mechanically, I want this modification to play very similarly to dual wielding in terms of use, but I know that this does heavily change Beast Masters, and modifying the action economy without an expendable resource is a big deal.

Would this create a problem with Beast Master Rangers becoming too effective?

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Does the “Changeling” property count as an enhancement bonus?

The changeling property in the Magic Item Compendium p.31 names a flat price of 2000 gp. It does not say that it counts or costs as much as a +1 enhancement.

Does that mean that the property doesn’t count as an enhancement (and thus does not increase the price of the next enhancement and doesn’t count towards the limit)?

Or does it count as a +1 enhancement but always cost a flat 2000 gp?

Does re-stealthing gain a bonus if the NPC is engaged in other combat?

In Pathfinder. As a rogue, if I make a successful ranged sneak attack and attempt to re-stealth (purpose I want to make another sneak attack) If that enemy is engaged in combat (let’s say with other PCs… the NPC would obviously be distracted and stealthing should be easier.

Is there a rule to back this up or shoot this down? I’ve seen this takes a -20 on re-stealthing. But if my dwarf is raising a great axe at the NPC, certainly he iant concerned with where the sneak attack came from.


Somewhat related to this question: How often to roll Stealth vs. Perception?

Does the ally from Summon Ally provide the gang up bonus?

Does the ally from Summon Ally (p.169) provide the gang up bonus?

The “Gang Up” on p.101 is from “each adjacent foe” … does the power count?

Conversely the cancelling mentions “allies”, rather than “foes”

So could the Summon Ally help cancel, but not help on Gang Up? – they don’t have an creativity, and only act on the creators action card

Where does the Saber-Toothed Tiger static +5 damage bonus on her Bite and Claw attack come from?

From the description in the Monster Manual one can clearly see the Saber-Toothed Tiger has a Proficiency Bonus of +2.

She has +3 in Perception which is 2 + her Wis modifier (+1).

She has +6 for Stealth, that means she has expertise, so double her proficiency (2x2=4) + her Dex modifier (+2).

She has a +6 to hit with both her Bite and Claw attack, that is 2 + her Str modifier (+4).

And then she has a static bonus of +5 to her damage rolls which, subtracting her Str modifier of +4, leaves us with a 1.

So I was trying to figure out what might be the case, and there’s only 2 options i could think of: she either adds half her proficiency, or half her Dex modifier, per the effects of a hidden feature I can’t for the love of me find.

Anyone care to help me find the consistency?

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Does the Vanguard Style bonus stack with itself?

The Vanguard Style feat states :

While using this style, when an adjacent ally is required to make a Reflex saving throw, you can expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt the aid another action to improve your ally’s Reflex save. Your ally gains a +2 bonus to all Reflex saves while adjacent to you until the beginning of your next turn.

On the contrary of other effects based on attack of opportunity and the aid another action, like Bodyguard, the target keeps the bonus until the vanguard’s next turn beginning.

This bonus seems to be untyped and as stated about the Aid Another action in combat :

Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

Does that mean that if an ally of a character using the Vanguard Style is required to make several Reflex saving throws during the same round, the user of the Vanguard Style can use it each time (with enough attacks of opportunity available) and, each time, the ally will obtain a cumulative +2 bonus on its Reflex save ?

I can’t find anything wrong with this reasoning but the result seems rather strong to me, especially if a build improving the aid another bonuses is involved.

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If a character can use a magic weapon as a spell focus does it add the bonus to spell attacks or DCs?

My 5e College of Swords bard can use a weapon as a spell focus for their spell casting.

If they have a +1 rapier and cast a spell requiring a spell attack roll do they get the +1 added to their spell attack bonus? What about spell damage?

Likewise if they cast a spell requiring a saving throw do they get the +1 added to the spell’s DC?