Enhancement bonuses to armour and natural armour stacking

The Ironskin spell states as follows (emphasis mine):

You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to your existing natural armor bonus (if you do not have a natural armor bonus, you are considered to have an effective natural armor bonus of +0). This enhancement bonus increases by 1 for every 4 caster levels above 4th, to a maximum of +7 at 15th level.

I have a Full Plate armour with a +5 enhancement bonus, and no dex bonus. At caster level 20, what would my AC be? Specifically, does the enhancement bonus to natural armour stack with the enhancement bonus of the full plate armour?

  1. 10 + 9 (plate) +5 (armour enhancement bonus) +7 (natural armour enhancement bonus) = 31 (with stacking)
  2. 10 + 9 (plate) + 7 (natural armour enhancement bonus) = 26 (without stacking)

Are there any ways to increase weapon attack bonuses, besides, perhaps advantage? [closed]

After running a few combat encounters with my PCs, I’ve noticed that they appear to be missing their attacks more than I’ve expected. I was wondering if there are ways for them to increase the attack bonuses with their weapons in order to hit more often. As a DM, what should I do or instruct them to do?

Does the kineticist Telekinetic Weapon work with bonuses and enhancement from any weapon?

Does the kineticist Telekinetic Weapon work with bonuses and enhancement from any weapon?

The ability mentions…

When using a telekinetic blast with a magic weapon, apply any enhancement bonuses and weapon qualities of the weapon to your blast as if you had made a melee attack with that weapon.

So does this mean the kinetic blast dealt via kinetic blade or fist or as the ranged attack?

Example: I have a +1 Repeating Cross of Undead Bane Which method of Kinetic Blast attack do I use the weapons bonus with? Kinetic Blade, Blast, Fist or Whip

What creatures give bonuses to Medicine rolls/checks?

I am currently using a Druid in a campaign. I want to know what creatures, if any, there are that I can Polymorph or Wild Shape (5e Druid ability allowing druids to transform temporarily into Beast creatures) into that either give bonuses to Wisdom (Medicine) rolls/checks (like Medicine +3 for example) or that have advantage on Wisdom/ Wisdom (Medicine) rolls/check.

My character is a 6th level druid (Circle of the Land). I will soon have the Polymorph spell, but do not have True Polymorph or Shapechange

I will need to succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom (Medicine) check or one or my teammates will take quite a lot of Psychic damage when I attempt to remove the Control Gem of a Green Slaad. I want the best chance of rolling high enough.

Why are armor bonuses considered to break Bounded Accuracy?

It seems to be a common opinion that enchanted armor and shields break the concept of Bounded Accuracy and eventually lead to imbalanced fights. I’ve seen people in RPG.SE saying this, and the popular Sane Magical Prices claims that armor bonuses

allow the user to boost their AC out of the range of bounded accuracy.

What do people mean by this? Armor is overpowered? Aren’t all monsters still able to hit even high armor PCs, with at least a 5% chance? Even if armor scales a lot, many monsters have large to-hit bonuses, or save-based attacks.

Magical Armor Bonuses and Clothing

I understand that clothing and armor are allowed to carry different types of bonuses which are maxed out differently. Armor can have an up to 5 enhancement and 5 points whereas a piece of clothing may have enhancement bonuses.

However, for a low strength, high dexterity character, they could potentially get around this by, say, treating a vest as a piece of armor with an AC bonus of 0, no max dexterity ceiling, and no armor check penalty could theoretically bypass this.

My question is what kind of unbalancing might this cause in the game – or would this work as the game is intended because there is no overlapping of bonus types?