How does AC 30 at level 12 stack up vs Monster Attack Bonuses [closed]

So this is a build I have been working on for few days after a player stated that AC is incredibly difficult to increase and doesn’t feel useful considering the base costs.

Level 2 fighter/10 Wizard

Base Armor:

Plate +18 AC Shield +2

Class abilities:

Fighter: Fight Style Defense +1 AC

Activated abilities:

Wizard: War Magic School Durable Magic +2 AC while holding Concentration Active Concentration spell; Haste (targets include caster) +2AC

Shield used as a reaction when targeted +5AC

Total AC before first turn 21 Total AC after first turn 25 Total AC on reaction after being attacked 30

Two Questions: One How would that stack up against the mid to late game monsters and is there a way to increase the characters AC even further without magical arms and armor?

Bonus questions: When a player grabs say a ring of protection+2 and bracers of Armor +2 do they stack?

Finding Enchanted shields and Plate armor would their magical bonus stack with the bonuses already received from the ring and or bracers?

This caster has the opportunity to use action surge along with haste, could that character cast three 1 actions spells in a single turn. From what I have read the answer would be yes. Haste doesn’t say that you can’t cast a spell as a part of your extra action.

How are numerical bonuses combined?

Are there explicit rules for combining numerical bonuses in 5th edition, or is it just left implicitly to "common sense"? There are special cases (e.g. damage resistance and vulnerability, choice of base AC formulae, identical spell/item effects) which are well-defined, but I can’t find a general rule.

Additive and multiplicative bonuses

Example: Longstrider and Haste for a creature with 30′ base walking speed.

Longstrider: You touch a creature. The target’s speed increases by 10 feet until the spell ends.

Haste: Choose a willing creature that you can see within range. Until the spell ends, the target’s speed is doubled […]

Possible interpretations:

  • Always multiply first: (30′ × 2) + 10′ = 70′
  • Always add first: (30′ + 10′) × 2 = 80′
  • Do it in the order the spells were cast
  • Player chooses
  • GM chooses

Multiplicative bonuses with one another

Example: Haste and Boots of Speed for a creature with 30′ base walking speed.

Boots of Speed: While you wear these boots, you can use a bonus action and click the boots’ heels together. If you do, the boots double your walking speed […]

Possible interpretations:

  • Doubling the second time just idempotently repeats the fact that it’s been doubled: max(30′ × 2, 30′ × 2) = 60′
  • Doubling the second time means your speed is quadrupled: 30′ × 2 × 2 = 120′
  • Doubling the second time adds another 100% of your base movement, resulting in an overall tripling: 30′ × (100% + 100% + 100%) = 90′. This was the rule in 3rd edition.

Balance implications of +3 racial bonuses

Many races have a +2 bonus to one ability and a +1 bonus to another ability. They do not usually have +3 to a single ability.

I am wondering about the implications of having races with such bonuses in my game.

I am considering point buy only. What I see is possible that was not possible before (with +2/+1), is

  • 18 in the primary stat at level 1
  • 20 in primary stat with first ASI

However, this 20 in the primary stat means that I cannot exceed 15 in the secondary stat. It seems to me that no class in 5e benefits from less than two abilities (at least constitution and one other).


  • The changeling race can already have a +3 bonus
  • It is entirely possible to have 18 on level one with rolled stats, yet rolling stats is, so far as I know, not considered unbalanced.

Is my analysis above correct and does this mean that a +3 racial bonus instead of +2/+1 does not pose severe balance issues?

How do I determine the proper bonuses for my attack and damage rolls? [closed]

I am a half orc monk at level 14. I am using a homebrew gun called the demon of powder, which has 6 charges that it expends instead of regular bullets as ammo. My stats are 14 20 14 8 15 10 in order. in the description of the weapon it says i get +5 to both hit and damage rolls, but on dndbeyond it says i have +6 to hit and 2d8+6 for damage. My DM said that the regular damage for this is 2d8. I’m very confused where dndbeyond is getting the 6s from. Additionally, should i manually add in the +5 to hit from the description or is it already included?


Enhancement bonuses to armour and natural armour stacking

The Ironskin spell states as follows (emphasis mine):

You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to your existing natural armor bonus (if you do not have a natural armor bonus, you are considered to have an effective natural armor bonus of +0). This enhancement bonus increases by 1 for every 4 caster levels above 4th, to a maximum of +7 at 15th level.

I have a Full Plate armour with a +5 enhancement bonus, and no dex bonus. At caster level 20, what would my AC be? Specifically, does the enhancement bonus to natural armour stack with the enhancement bonus of the full plate armour?

  1. 10 + 9 (plate) +5 (armour enhancement bonus) +7 (natural armour enhancement bonus) = 31 (with stacking)
  2. 10 + 9 (plate) + 7 (natural armour enhancement bonus) = 26 (without stacking)

Are there any ways to increase weapon attack bonuses, besides, perhaps advantage? [closed]

After running a few combat encounters with my PCs, I’ve noticed that they appear to be missing their attacks more than I’ve expected. I was wondering if there are ways for them to increase the attack bonuses with their weapons in order to hit more often. As a DM, what should I do or instruct them to do?

Does the kineticist Telekinetic Weapon work with bonuses and enhancement from any weapon?

Does the kineticist Telekinetic Weapon work with bonuses and enhancement from any weapon?

The ability mentions…

When using a telekinetic blast with a magic weapon, apply any enhancement bonuses and weapon qualities of the weapon to your blast as if you had made a melee attack with that weapon.

So does this mean the kinetic blast dealt via kinetic blade or fist or as the ranged attack?

Example: I have a +1 Repeating Cross of Undead Bane Which method of Kinetic Blast attack do I use the weapons bonus with? Kinetic Blade, Blast, Fist or Whip