Professional e book cover design for $10

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Best book or other on c++ smart pointer templates?

What are the best books or texts to read on smart pointer templates? My book is relatively brief on them and i want to learn to make and use them in great detail. Dummed down is good too.  Here is my book, sams teach yourself c++ 8th edition

Also books to expand what i know on c++ and get the best professional level knowledge before try and hop into the field would be welcomed. Ive been doing c++ for about all of 45 days now and have been picking it up really fast until this.

Help on real analysis book

I am an engineering student at the polytechnic university of turin.My first mathematics course is basically real analysis and calculus together and the book is called analysis 1 by claudio cannuto.

Even though it is a pretty good book I feel I need something that explains stuff a little more thoroughly.The problem that I am facing is that I cant really find many books that contain both the computational side of calculus but also the analysis side while also explaining stuff pretty well.

Would books like the first volume of zorich or understanding analysis by paul zorn be a good fit?Also since I have minimal calculus experience from high school the course is kicking my ass, so any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Are there sparknotes for 5e book modules?

Our group just finished Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I was finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the plot (it just wouldn’t stick in my brain). All I wanted, the entire time, was a dumbed-down version that I could just read so I could understand what was going on, what we had just done, without giving away key plot points, or hidden things that we had (undoubtedly) missed.

I really wanted a sparknotes version of HotDQ. We are going into Rise of Tiamat next (despite me buying our DM the book for Tomb of Annihilation).

I really want to know if there are any resources where I can find the basics of the module, without getting spoilers for it. Being able to read it would help me so much more than trying to figure out what’s going on while our group fails to follow along with what our DM wants.