How can I create such a query in MS access so that only customers with more than 3 bookings show up?

I have two different tables, the “customers” tables, with “customer ID” as the primary field and a few more fields such as Name, Surname etc. (All in text format).

The second table is “Booking details”, It has the primary key as “Booking ID” and then customer name, surname etc, (Again, all in text)

So, basically, in the Booking details table, each booking is given a unique Booking ID, and one customer can do several bookings, i want to create a query that sorts out only customer with more than 3 bookings ?

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How to get discount on flight & hotel bookings

Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you today the way to get discount for flight & hotel bookings.

First of all, you need to go to the website below..

Secondly, you would need to choose from the categories, discounts.
Third step, is to go to the thread for discounts which is updated regularly for discount and promo codes.
Last step, is to click the link relevant to the booking…

How to get discount on flight & hotel bookings

Checked baggage transfer in AMS with 2 separate bookings

My wife and I will be travelling from Berlin (TXL) to Vancouver (YVR) via Amsterdam (AMS). Unfortunately due to some changes in our plans we ended up booking the 2 legs of the flight separately (TXL -> AMS with KLM and AMS -> YVR with Delta, operated by KLM).

The layover in Amsterdam is shorter than I would like and we’d like to ensure that we don’t need to worry about our bags when making the transfer. Does anybody know if it would be possible to check our bags in Berlin and have them carried all the way to Vancouver without us picking them up in Amsterdam, even though we booked the flights separately? We spoke to a representative at KLM but they said they can’t tell us either way if this would be possible.

Advice for set up of a WordPress paid profiles and bookings site with SEO considerations

I want to use WordPress to create a site where visitors from all over the world can sign up for free or paid profiles/memberships, where the paid ones get extra exposure on the site, their profile/ad will then be shown on prominent places on the site like top of their own (eg geo) categories and/or subcategories, sidebars etc. I want to make it so that the paid profiles will have automatic monthly or yearly recurring billing via my payment processor. And when they don't pay anymore their…

Advice for set up of a WordPress paid profiles and bookings site with SEO considerations