Weird and Inconsistent Behaviour Syncing Books with iTunes

I have spent quite a bit of time debugging this, and still can’t figure it out.

While debugging, I ended up turning off the “Sync Books” option in iTunes. My iTunes sidebar, after clicking on the phone icon in the top left, would look like this,

Screenshot of iTunes Sidebar

except for one thing – every other time I would sync, the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section would be missing. (In order to make the “Books” entry appear or disappear, it was necessary to quit iTunes, and restart it – just leaving iTunes running and syncing again wouldn’t do it.)

I figured out how to make this strange phenomenon stop – I opened the Book app on the phone. Even though “Sync Books” was turned off, I could see all my books. If I set the phone in aeroplane mode, though, I was unable to access them, so I guess they are in iCloud rather than stored locally.

Once I did this, the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section of the sidebar seemed to become permanent. However, there is still bizarre oscillating behaviour. Every other time I run iTunes, if I click on the phone icon, and then the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section, I see this on the right.

Empty book list

So no books at all. Every other time, I see this.

Full book list

That is, the books are all there.

Checking the “Sync books” box launches me into yet another cycle. The first sync seems normal enough, but after that, every time iTunes starts, I get this pop-up window asking me to transfer purchased items from the phone to iTunes.

Transfer purchased items

This window now comes up every time, despite choosing “transfer” the time before. During the sync, 73 books (out of 74) are transferred from the phone to the computer. But it, doesn’t matter, the next time, I am asked again. There is still cyclical behaviour here – every other time, clicking on the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section of the sidebar results in zero books displayed on the right side at the beginning of the sync, and 73 books at the end of the sync. But the other times iTunes is started, there is one book displayed on the right side at the beginning of the sync (the one I was last reading), and 74 books at the end of the sync.

Opening the Books app on the phone, at various points in the cycle, does not seem to change behaviour. Clicking “Don’t Transfer” launches me into another weird alternating cycle, which I can describe further if needed.

What could possibly be going on here? Has anyone seen anything like this, or know how to fix it?

In all cases, the oscillating behaviour occurs when the iTunes program is closed and started again. Just clicking on “Sync” again doesn’t do it.

iPhone 6s plus – iOS 12.3.1 iTunes on recent MacBook Pro

What official books contain spells?

I recently found the Encode Thoughts cantrip in the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravinca which has left me wondering if there are any other spells that I am missing.

Question: What official sources contain spells (As of 29/06/19) other than the Player’s Handbook, Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything?

How to download a public domain Google Books ebook?

Recently, some scans by Google Books, while being in the public domain, are labeled as “Google eBook”, for instance all the “digital objects” of a certain BNN series.

These books seem very hard to access: they are not returned by a Google Books search for books with preview available; clicking “ebook” brings me, after many hops including logging in, to an online reader without download option.

Finally, if I follow Google’s instructions to Download & transfer books to eReaders, I have no download button at all next to the , while I see one for other books (which ask a captcha).

So, how do I download those books? Also, if Adobe Digital Editions is required (!), why is it and what can a GNU/Linux user do?

Are there any official rules regarding studying books? [duplicate]

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I have one simple question: Are there any official rules regarding studying books? Any kind of books really. For example, if I spend 10 days downtime studying books does my Intelligence or Wisdom increase, or do I learn anything if I study books regarding a subject?

Is it necessary to purchase all the D&D 5th edition books to have access to all player character options?

So basic background: I am an experienced 3.5 player moving to 5th. I rarely use pre-made adventures and like to homebrew campaign settings based on as many published rules as possible.

While it is clear as to what the Core books are for, the Wizards of the Coast website does very little to explain the contents of the “adventure modules”. Are these similar to old-school splat books or do they merely contain adventures?

Googling and this Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF seem to imply these books contain character classes and new spells. The information on what is in each book though seems very sparse. Wikipedia for example has no articles on the individual books whatsoever and the D&D wikis out there have not managed to answer my questions.

If I want access to all of the spells, character classes, etc., am I required to purchase all of the new books, or do only some contain game rule information? Is there a definitive list anywhere that I have missed stating which classes (etc.) are included in each of the new books?

In what source books do hybrid and base classes appear?

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Sadly, the only Pathfinder rule-book I own is the Core Rulebook (the others I own are guide-books, bestiaries, and adventures).

In what source books do hybrid classes appear?

What about the base classes?

Are they available as PDF? Print? Both?

How do I download the free Swift Programming Language book (Swift 5 Edition) from the Apple Books Store?

I’m wondering how to download The Swift Programming Language Book (Swift 5 Edition) from the Apple Books Store?

Easy using iPad or iPhone, but I’d really like to use the download on an alternate machine (Program on Mac, reference on nearby big screen using Windows or Linux…). The link shows 4.3 MB of data, it must be a file somewhere, somehow.

Anyone know how do I download this book? (and/or other free book resources as well?)

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