What should I alternatively call that URL of /books-more/ ? (SEO)

I have an Area on a Website that we’re relaunching that will include Books & Other Products (like DVD’s, Calendars ect.). It’s the website of a bestselling author, so most of the people will look and know him for his books. That’s why were going to call the Overview-Page (every product has it’s own sub-page) "Books & More".

You can’t buy the Single "Products" on the Website, they just include a Link to amazon.

Now the problem that I’m having is the URL from SEO-Perspective:

What I have now is:

Books & More (Overview Page): /books-more/
Single-Product: /books-more/product-name/

Alternative 1

I’m thinking, that the "more" in the URL is an empty word, making the URL-unnessecary longer. but only having /books/ in the url would not be logically correct (for instance: /books/this-is-a-dvd/)

Alternative 2

Making the URL /products/ while keeping the Page name, Menu Item and all references to that page as "Books & More". Here I see a problem with sending mixed signals to Google. (Also, the main Keyword for that page will be "name + text".

What do you think?

I don’t see any other or better alternative. What do you think is the right way to handle that SEO-Wise?