PC boots STRAIGHT to windows without giving choice for Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu from USB Drive yesterday, and its been since then i’m searching for solutions. What I tried so far :

-Check BIOS for fast boot (was disabled)

-Check Windows boot (UEFI)

-Check priorities on BIOS (Windows was always on top, no Ubuntu option)

-Execute commands to update grub (says works but problem keeps happening)

Note : I have installed Ubuntu on sda7 (the / root), swap on sda8 and boot on sda9 / Also boot repair says it needs to be on EMI (error)

Thanks for your attention !

Do Boots of Striding and Springing negate skills, feats, and spells that reduce your movement?

Per the horribly worded description:

While you wear these boots, your walking speed becomes 30 feet, unless your walking speed is higher, and your speed isn’t reduced if you are encumbered or wearing heavy armor.

But there are multiple ways in which a characters speed can be reduced beyond encumbrance. For instance, the Sentinel feat:

  • When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature’s speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn.

Another example is being grappled:

  • A grappled creature’s speed becomes 0, and it can’t benefit from any bonus to its speed.

I highlighted the word becomes in these descriptions because, in the English language, it would indicate a one-time change. So a boy BECOMES a man. A seed BECOMES a plant.

But the Boots also say, “While” — A continuous duration. This puts the description at odds.

A character wearing the Boots has there walking speed “become” 30 feet unless encumbered or wearing heavy armor. They are hit by and NPC with the Sentinel feat so there speed “becomes” 0. Now what?

Does the character’s speed re-become 30 feet allowing them to keep moving? Or are they forced to stand still?

I seem to recall there being another magic item that uses the a phrase similar to “cannot be reduced below” but so far my search has come up empty.

Ubuntu 19.04 boots to blank screen with dual monitors and AMD Radeon HD 7730

I just loaded Ubuntu 19.04 onto my Dell XPS 8500 desktop last week. I am using an AMD Radeon HD 7730 with dual monitors (1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort). Most of the time when I reboot my system, it will boot to a completely blank login screen. It shows nothing at all, just a blank screen. I have tried the things below and nothing is working. Deleting the raven_dmcu.bin file seemed to work but now I’m having the problem again. If anyone could please tell me how to fix this, I would very much appreciate it. I don’t want to have to buy a new video card but I’m going to have to if I can’t get this fixed. I have got all other issues on my system worked out except this one. Thanks.

1 – Tried switching monitor 1 and 2 cables and adjusting the display settings to put their left/right orientation back. 2 – I read someones post that said this would work and it did for a while but I’m having the issue again now. Delete the file /lib/firmware/amdgpu/raven_dmcu.bin and then run sudo update-initramfs -u -k all

Removed my HDD and put it back in, dual boot menu doesn’t show up anymore and it just boots windows 10

My HDD was removed from my Dell laptop and put in back again. I had a dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu, but now the dual boot menu doesn’t show up and it just boots windows 10. I want the menu to show up again so I can use Ubuntu as well, what do I do?

Basically title, please ask for more information if necessary

Do you take damage from falling while wearing Winged Boots?

In 4th Edition the magic item clearly stated that you dont take damage and that you land on your feet while wearing them, but in 5e there is no such language in the description. The description of Winged Boots reads:

While you wear these boots, you have a flying speed equal to your walking speed. You can use the boots to fly for up to 4 hours, all at once or in several shorter flights, each using a minimum of 1 minute from the duration. If you are flying when the duration expires, you descend at a rate of 30ft per round until you land. the boots regain 2 hours of flying capability for every 12 hours they aren’t in use. (DMG p.214)

The question here is would they take falling damage from the height they start their fall from, would they only take the last 30 feet in falling damage, or would they take no falling damage?

I upgraded from Ubuntu 12.02 to 14.04 but when I log in from my Oracle Virtual Machine it boots to the old version (12.02)

So my PC has 2 hard drives. One for Windows and one for Linux. By default it boots to Windows and if I want to run Linux I simply hold F2 upon start up to enter the Bios and boot into Linux from there. Originally I was using Ubuntu 12.02 but upgraded to 14.04. I was also using Oracle VM on my Windows OS to log into Ubuntu via virtual machine. Since I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu version to 14.04, when I attempt to log into Linux via virtual machine, it boots to the Ubuntu 12.02 version, so I cant access any of my files, programs, etc…that exist on my 14.04 version. I would like to be able to access Ubuntu 14.04 from my VM on Windows instead of booting Linux from the Bios every time, but it’s currently pointless as the VM boots to the older version of Ubuntu, which has nothing on it.

Ubuntu boots only after alt + f2 and alt f1

When I start up my ubuntu it freezes on some random jobs like

” Starting GNOME Display Manager ” or ” Starting Hostname Service ” Only after pressing alt + f2 and then alt + f1 it boots up as everything is normal. After like 10 minutes of use it wants to send an empty crash report for an empty program. But it still works okay, it’s just annoying having to always press this buttons on boot. I use Ubuntu 19.04 x64

Ubuntu only boots correctly one out of four times

I have a Lenovo W530 Thinkpad (with an nVidia k2000 GPU). I recently dual booted Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Every time I restart I see the GRUB menu as expected. However, I am only able to boot into Ubuntu one out of about four times. The other 3/4 of the time it just freezes (very annoying).

After pressing enter on Ubuntu one of the following will happen:

  • It freezes on a purple screen (see picture) (this lasts indefinitely) enter image description here

  • It freezes with a cursor blinking very fast in the upper left corner (this lasts indefinitely, happens the most often and sometimes the screen backlight turns off and the cursor still blinks): enter image description here

  • Gibberish about a kernel panic is printed to the screen (this lasts indefinitely, happens least often): enter image description here

In all of these situations pressing ctl + alt + (f1-f12) does nothing.

Because I know nVidia drivers sometimes cause this, here is my graphics drivers setup: enter image description here

I have tried using boot-repair (this makes no difference) and I have tried reinstalling Ubuntu twice (this makes no difference).

Please help this is so annoying.

Thank you

Ubuntu 18.04 only boots in Recovery mode

VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV610/M74 [Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT]

Kernel: 4.15.0-54-generic

It’s an iMac, but it’s been running ubuntu for maybe 5 years without serious issue. Not my computer, so I don’t know how this problem started. Where do I even look for clues? Is it definitely a graphics driver? Can I just tell it to use the fallback driver that works in recovery mode?