Can a Divination wizard in the Border Ethereal use the Portent feature to influence rolls of creatures on the Material Plane?

A particular School of Divination wizard is native to the Ethereal Plane (he was created by a wish spell replicating simulacrum cast on that plane).

While this wizard is in the Border Ethereal, can he use his Portent feature to affect the rolls of creatures on the Material Plane?

Is there any mundane way to travel from the Border Ethereal of a plane to the plane itself?

Say a commoner with no spells, class features, or magic items is Plane Shifted from the Material Plane to the Border Ethereal.

The DMG makes mention of "curtains" that allow travel from the Deep Etheral to the Border Ethereal, but nothing of any portals in the Ethereal plane itself.

Is there any way for this individual to return to the Material Plane?

When should an input validation border change?

When I was working on validation just now, I came up with a couple of questions with regard to validation. When should an input border’s color change?

  • When should it turn from (a default or) no color to e.g. a green-colored border?
  • when should it turn from (a default or) no color to e.g. a red-colored border?
  • When should it turn from e.g. a red-colored border to e.g. a green-colored border?

Most of the time I see that either the input’s border color changes on the submition of the form or when the input’s value changes (see below as an example).


Isn’t changing the color on the submition too late?

Isn’t changing the color on input’s value change too broad? (What about if I fill in a number inside a text input field, the border will change from red to green whilst the value inside related input is actually, in fact, invalid?)

Is there any best practice or are there any guidelines for the handling of input validation when it comes to user experience?

unwanted border onclick react js

i am creating spfx webpart using react js ,onclick in document card component i am getting unwanted border, itried removing it but not working i had applied border-radius on docuemnt card style , but still getting square border.

if i remove onlcick this border goes

enter image description here

                const cardStyles: IDocumentCardStyles  = {                   root: [                     {                       display: 'inline-block', marginRight: 20, borderRadius: 25,  marginBottom: 20,width: 90,                  backgroundColor:"#fbce07", outline:'none',borderWidth:0,borderStyle:'none',border:0,borderColor:'white',textAlign: "center" ,color:"white",                 selectors: {                   ':hover': {                     backgroundColor:'#ff9933' ,outline:'none',borderColor:'white',borderRadius: 25                    },                  }                     }                   ]                 };                    return(                     <DocumentCard styles={cardStyles} onClick={() =>this.ShowGrid(items.Template)}>                     <DocumentCardTitle   title={items.Template} />                     <DocumentCardImage styles={cardStyles1}  height={100}imageFit={ImageFit.cover}  imageSrc={items.ImageLink ? items.ImageLink["Url"] : ''} />                     </DocumentCard>); 

Does the Etherealness spell prevent you from leaving the Border Ethereal?

The etherealness spell states:

You remain in the Border Ethereal for the duration or until you use your action to dismiss the spell…
You can see and hear the plane you originated from…

I am unsure whether the first line is strict enough to make it so that you cannot leave the Border Ethereal at all as it says that you “remain there for the duration” .
This is important as it would cause some odd effects such as preventing you from being banished by any means.
And then, even if you can actually leave the Border Ethereal, I am unsure how the ability to see the plane you originated from would work, though I feel that may be up to a GM.