ChronoSocial – 100% FREE Unlimited Tumblr and Pinterest Bots

The creators of MonsterSocial present you their new product: ChronoSocial!


ChronoSocial is a scriptable social network automation bot made for professionals and home users.
ChronoSocial has the power to automate multiple social network accounts at the same time. Each account you add into the software can emulate a person on a web-browser with its own cookies and proxy.
Let ChronoSocial do the repetitive following, liking, commenting and much more…

ChronoSocial – 100% FREE Unlimited Tumblr and Pinterest Bots

What is the point of spam bots that re-post messages on other forums?

I frequent a low-traffic internet forum that has been dealing with some seemingly innocent spam bots that re-post messages from other forums.

This is an example of such a message. It was posted in a topic about documentation, but it had nothing to do with SOAP:

Where can I find the full documentation for the soap api? The Official Documentation thread doesnt offer anything in the way of selecting from multiple listings, inserting a new listing, etc… is there a wiki out there that Ive missied?

It was generic and on-topic enough for another user to consider this a legitimate message posted by a confused user.

I have noticed that:

  1. These bots put effort into posting relevant messages.
  2. These messages are legitimate posts copied from other forums.

These messages or their profiles don’t contain malicious links, ads or dodgy keywords.

What are these bots trying to achieve?

SEO penalty for preventing ‘good bots’ from making chargeable API calls?

My website pages are getting 8 to 10x traffic from bots than from genuine users. I’m seeing nearly 90 different bots in my logs. They are all “good bots” by definition. Mostly search engine crawlers, seo indexers like ahrefs and digital ad networks. My problem is the cost. I use Google Maps and Places APIs and am charged a unit cost per API call. I know how to block bots from crawling pages and that is 100% successful for me as is my ability to block them from making chargeable API calls.

The question I have is what is the SEO impact of denying a bot from seeing content provided by the APIs? I am presenting text restaurant location data obtained from Google Places and Yelp Fusion and showing locations on an embedded Google Map.

I’m considering implementing a strategy of allowing only select search engine bots to hit the APIs. Do I need to do this or can I just serve up a generic map image and dummy restaurant location data to bots without SEO penalty? I show a page for each restaurant with the address, city, state, postal code and phone number obtained from Google Places or Yelp Fusion API. Yelp is free but I’ll exceed their quota if I fulfill all bot requests.

Facet pages bring site down because of bots

We have a search page that uses facets and recently our website has been going up and down. When looking at the logs I noticed that bots (Bing, Ahrefs, etc..) are hitting these facetted pages a lot. Since the facetted pages are not cached I think it is causing this issue.

I did add Search-specific caching but that did not help.

I have seen these related issues with caching and facets:

  • facets will disappear, when you enable caching for a views page
  • Facet blocks not displayed with cached Search API View
  • Facet blocks disappear when Views caching is enabled

Has anyone else ran into an issue like this? For now I blocked all bots from accessing the facetted urls (so they will still be able to see the main search page).

Adscore: The most advanced Traffic Verification Service. Detect bots. Know what you are paying for!

Greetings! I am Tom, the owner and founder of traffic validation service.
I have noticed that the market lacks an easy to use, yet powerful tool to detect bot and proxy traffic. Existing solutions usually require conference calls, huge pre-paid packages and are mostly geared towards huge corporations.
That is why I have decided to create Adscore – a power traffic verification service available through a self service panel with a free,…

Adscore: The most advanced Traffic Verification Service. Detect bots. Know what you are paying for!

How to completely remove spam bots from Telegram groups?

I’m managing a small Telegram groups. Unfortunately a couple of days ago a user added a bot to the group. I immediately removed/banned that user and the bot. However all other member still see the bot on their Telegram messenger:

enter image description here

which when selected expands to:

enter image description here

I have looked everywhere but for the love of god I can’t find any way to remove it entirely from the group. I would appreciate if you could help me with this.

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