What is the action economy cost of using Bottled Breath?

The description of Bottled Breath from Princes of the Apocalypse says:

This bottle contains a breath of elemental air. When you inhale it, you either exhale it or hold it.

If you exhale the breath, you gain the effect of the gust of wind spell. If you hold the breath, you don’t need to breathe for 1 hour, though you can end this benefit early (for example, to speak). Ending it early doesn’t give you the benefit of exhaling the breath.

What is the action economy cost of using this item? Action? Object interaction? Is it different for "exhale it" and "hold it"?

Can’t Locate a Wine Bottled Game Save File?

More in-depth about the packaged game. In the package contents, a .exe exists. If i boot this .exe with wine (not packaged) it creates a /save folder and a save file in the drive_c like it is supposed to. However, i am playing it packaged. These two launches seem to be two different instances. When i launch using the packaged one my old saves are still there and i can’t find the /saves folder for them anywhere. This is the basic problem.

To be clear, this i am trying to locate an old game file. I have played before.

It doesn’t seem to have saved in Drive C, i checked everything in there. Could it have pointed to z or something else? I tried finder searching for the game file, which should be named savedata_02.dat but had no luck. I also checked .wine but that just led me back to /dosdevices and drive c.

If it did put it back in my actual mac files, where do i even begin to look for that?