[ Politics ] Open Question : Libreased, are you jelly Don Trump Jr. just bought a glam house in the Hamptons with his hot girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle?

Tom Brady#12, it is not like minorities like Puff Daddy or J Low moved in. Nome Sayin brahaha. Lol @ Chewy, you jelly, bigly! You couldn’t get a hot chick, couldn’t afford it. Don’t have the skills or looks. That is basically what you just admitted. Thank you Glenda. I saw this article on Yahoo News and the liberals (liberal + diseased = libreased) were all about hating DT Jr and Guilfoyle. The hatred is uncommon and laughable.

Bought minecraft, money was deducted from my bank twice. Refunded it, but I am afraid that I will get it back once

As stated in the title, I bought a game for 7 euros, and it was deducted from my bank twice. It only shows up once in my purchase history, and I refunded that. Now I am afraid that I will only get one refund. Anyone know what further steps I can take to ensure I get back my money?

I bought 3 banners (ad spaces) on 3 forums for $170

Lately, I've been looking for new places to advertise one of my websites, and I thought to give a try on buying banner ads.

I myself am blind to ads and banners, so I didn't have high hopes about them, but I thought I'd give it a try, since my product is about SEO, and I had the opportunity to buy ad spaces on 3 forums about SEO and online marketing.

On May 6 I launched ads (banners 728×90) on all 3 websites.

I spent $ 170,10 on 3 ads. They'll be shown for a month, 10K impressions each….

I bought 3 banners (ad spaces) on 3 forums for $ 170

Can’t install an app from Google Play which I already bought

I already bought, and after removing it from my android (both uninstall and from my account apps) I decided to download it again, but it asks me to buy it again.

After all my tries, I have given up and tried to buy it again, but it says “you already own this”: I cant buy it I can download it I dont have it in my android I have tried system format without backup I have sent the developer an email in which I doubt will help in any way

App name: External Keyboard Helper Pro

Please help me, I must have it installed as using the android tv with the remote control is a nightmare!

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I took my parents credit card and bought 5 computers and 4 cell phones and now the police are investigating, how much trouble am I in ?

So I took my parents credit card and bought a bunch of things for the past couple of months. I bought 4 samsung phones and now I bought 5 computers. 3 laptops two desktop computers. My parents credit card company named discover they are now suspecting that it is me now. They sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying that they suspect that I am using the credit cards and told me to call them and they asked questions. They asked me if I took their card and used it and I denied all of it. Recently this week they called my dad saying they are not disputing the claim and said that he is responsible for the $ 4,000 that I caused and says that they are getting law enforcement involved in this now. I bought all of these things at best buy. Yesterday an investigator contacted my dad and started asking questions about me. The thing is that if the government had granted me disability then I wouldn’t have done this. I am 28 and bipolar and schizophrenic and got denied 5 times for disability. I desperately need it. I got fired from 4 jobs and I am now on thin ice with my current job. I am suspended without pay for slapping a female co worker’s butt. How much trouble am I in if the police are investigating ? Can I get away with it by denying all of it ?? How come no one understands that if I had disability then I wouldn’t have done this ??

Repay / reclaim duty / tax on items bought in Australia

I don’t live in Australia but bought items while there and got GST back from TRS.

Now when I come back to Australia with those items, do I have to pay the GST back even if I won’t leave those items there but take them with me when I leave?

And if so, can I reclaim that money when I leave Australia? As it is explained, GST can only be claimed within 60 days of purchase.

So does it mean that I permanently lose the GST refund just by carrying those items with me?

My question is related to the one below but that one doesn’t answer my case. Duty on items bought in Australia