My friend bought me a ticket on his card

I’m traveling alone by Egyptair from Nigeria to Russia.The ticket was bought by my friend and by his DEBIT CARD. After I printed out the ticket, I saw in the rules that CREDIT CARD holder must be one of the travellers. And the company can remove the passenger from the flight if he does not show a card which tickets were paid for. Does it work with DEBIT CARD too? Should I worry about this?

And another problem is that my friend mixed up my first and last name when he booked a ticket. I know this is not so critical, but in this situation can it also affect. My friend says everything will be fine, but I’m not sure.enter image description here

Duty on items bought in Australia

I was wondering if you buy an item in Australia and then travel overseas with it, when you are returning back to australia do you have to pay tax on it if the items are worth more than 900$ limit? If i travel with my laptop, mobile and camera (easily worth more than 1000$ ) that i bought in Australia (used items), do i have to pay GST or duty again when i am coming back to Australia with them? What about the items that i bought in Australia and claimed TRS on it but used it overseas and then travelling back with it (now worth less than 1000$ ?) Thanks.

Audiobook i bought from audible do not appear in itunes

Windows 7. The audiobook i bought do no appear in itunes and neither in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads (or any other place in my computer). It did appear in my iphone at the time of the purchase of the book, when i downloaded the app for the phone. I tried repetedly to do it with audible manager and audible download manager (there are clear instructions in internet) without success. The basic problem seems to be than audible do not dowloads to my computer. This is the place itunes, audible downloader) look for the book. At Audible in Amazones, where my purchase appear, the button “Donwload” sends mi to a page that contains a number of phones, pads, etc, where i can download the app for audible. BUT the icon of computer and MP3 (including itunes) is grayed out.

Bought eBay Galaxy Tab 4, Has SureMDM Nix Installed, Won’t let me wipe

So I purchased a Galaxy Tab 4 off eBay, and it has SureMDM Nix installed, and will not allow me to do anything with the device. I do not have access to the home page, google search, airplane mode, nothing to bypass this MDM.

I can’t even plug the device into my computer as USB Debug Mode isn’t enabled and I can’t use the ADB commands either. I’m at a loss.

Is there anyway to get around this?

I had bought this complement for my husband because

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I had bought this complement for my husband because