I had bought this complement for my husband because

Trialix any impact for the ladies androgenic hormone or testosterone so why they should use it then! Consistency is a must if you want to get much better results. If you are not using the complement on continually then you cannot expect much better is due to it. One more thing that is vital to keep in the system is that you should not use extra volume of this complement. slow and steady wins the race so keep on taking two doses of this…

I had bought this complement for my husband because

I just bought a cannon rebel t6, I’m new to photography and I’m confused as to how to know what size filter or pedal cover to buy? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How do I find the right size of filters for a lens? 6 answers

I know it sounds like a vacuous question, however I have not been able to find info on this topic. Sizing of filter and lenses. I bought some filters for my camera and they didn’t fit. Camera sets 55mm so I bought 55mm. Wrong!. Any help out there?

Same question that many others have had, I bought 5 title from GSA, now can’t activate them

I had these working fine on my VPS.  But my VPS crashed.  So I moved them to my home computer.  But I get a dialog asking me to get an “Activation Code” from support.   

So I write support, I get this answer:

“Hello Ryan,

the activation code is delivered automatically and if that doesn’t
arrive, you are probably blocking our license server (firewall/anti
virus program/host file/dns server).

Unfortunately I can not really help you find the cause as it’s something
on your end blocking it.

Sometimes it helps if you reboot the PC, turn off the firewall or just
restart the program itself.

I hope you can figure it out in one or the other way.

With Best Regards

Sven Bansemer “

I have 5 titles, GSA SER, GSA SEO Indexer, GSA Content Generator, GSA Capture Breaker, and GSA Platform Identifier.
GSA Platform Identifier works after installed and registered, the other software does not.

I double checked everything.  I even made a video about it, and invited Sven to a Team Viewer Session.  

No firewall is active.  No anti-virus is active.  No entries in my host file.  I don’t even know what a DNS server is, however in my connection settings, there is no DNS server indicated, it is just using whatever my Cable service uses.  

I can’t understand why the software is asking me to write support for an activation code, but then support will not give me one?

This is my video:   https://youtu.be/9tPnI3VEoXI

At this point I have made it private, and I have only shared the password with Sven, because it shows my Serial numbers and sensitive data.   

I will blur that sensitive data out though, if I decide to share the video publicly.  It may help others who have had this problem in the future.

But everything support told me to check, I checked.   I even disabled the anti-virus and firewall (permanently) and restarted the computer.  I don’t have anything fancy, just software firewall and anti-virus by Comodo.  There is nothing else that could be blocking it, as I have shown in the video.

I bought a ‘new’ MacBook Pro from 3rd party. It came in a refurbished box, but they insist it was ‘new’ How do I know if this really is new or used?

When I received the MacBook, it was in a 2016 refurbished apple MacBook Pro box. (Even though the MacBook I received is a 2017 version). Are there any options that I have, to confirm whether this is a new or refurbished Mac. I saw online that I can ask apple to check the serial number and see if its ever been registered with someone else other than me. Will that work? Can I go to the apple store and ask them to verify it for me? Other than that, I received the MacBook exactly as I bought it, exact specs. I just thought that maybe they took the MacBook out of the original boxing and put it in a older box, but why would they do that, and why would they use an older box? Please help me out. Thanks, all answers appreciated. Just for reference, I bought this from Other World Computing.

[ Christmas ] Open Question : Is it wrong to feel irritated that I bought all my families Christmas gifts and my gf wants to put her name on the tags with mine?

I got presents for my family and she didn’t help pay for any of them and is putting her name on the tag with mine.. I get we are together but she isn’t doing the same for me for her family and I said something and she said are you gonna help me buy my families gifts? I feel this is unfair and also she puts her name on my Christmas cards but won’t put mine on hers. I’m just a bit irritated that I’m paying for these gifts and she didn’t help and is making it seem like she did and I don’t want my family getting her something if she can’t even get them something. That’s just how I feel