giant kin Bow’s, arrows and information 2e

This question is in regards to 2nd Edition (AD&D) I’ve looked online for information regarding Giant kin bows and all I can find on the topic is the weight and weapon size for them. as per the phbr10

  • giant kin long bow 125gp 8lbs G speed 10
  • arrow 1/12gp – G – P – 1d8 1d8

but this is all I can find online and in the hand books I have and have seen online what I’m wondering are these questions:

  1. Is there a larger bow then this (my current character is a 10′ giant-kin firbolg with a 20/94 strength what ever that means…)
  2. if so what is the cost wieght and other info in the bows?
  3. what is the range of the arrows or are they the same as normal arrows and is their different types?

Thanks, Foaly

P.S. Thanks for any info you can provide as I’m still searching for answers online as of right now.

How do I promote the use of crossbows instead of bows in LARP?


Around my area (Russia), the bow and crossbow energy in LARP is mostly limited by their draw weight, which is around 16 kg for bows and 18 kg for crossbows. However, bows usually have a lot longer draw length than the crossbows, e.g. 60-80 cm for bows, which usually is not limited by the rules, and 30 cm for crossbows (usually limited to this length). It often turns out that bows show better energy performance than crossbows. It also takes less time to take another arrow than to reload a crossbow, crossbows are usually more complicated in their design and hence more prone to misfires or other malfunctions.

It should also be noted that while a real bow takes a lot more time to master than a real crossbow, this is not the case with a LARP bow, as its potential is very limited by the “safe” arrows with 35-50 mm wide points.


So, while bows, despite some of their downsides (e.g. low DPS compared to melee weapons, people not feeling the arrow hits and hence not counting them), have their niche as being the best ranged option available in fantasy games, crossbows are very rarely deployed.

This leads to weird situations when armies that would look much better with crossbows (e.g. a dwarven army) don’t deploy them.

Solutions that don’t work

  • Increasing the allowed draw weight for crossbows is most likely not an option due to safety reasons, at least until I succeed at making everyone wear protective glasses like in airsoft, which currently doesn’t sound feasible in fantasy LARP. For some unknown reasons, people believe that a helmet is enough (it actually isn’t as it usually doesn’t protect eyes).
  • Neither is increasing the damage crossbows inflict: it is usually not possible to distinguish an arrow hit from a crossbow bolt hit, and increasing the damage of both will just make the situation worse. There have been experiments around increasing the ranged damage, they just make bows overpowered.
  • Banning bows for some players by the rules doesn’t make them switch to crossbows, they often rather have no ranged personal weapons at all. This has been tested and doesn’t work.
  • Banning anything by the in-game laws doesn’t work at all. People don’t care. E.g. magic is often considered “heretical” by some faction, and at some point “the conflict is resolved” and it makes peace with this faction.
  • Providing crossbows for the players is very expensive, providing a lot of those to the players for free is costly. Plus, I don’t want to spend my time chasing players so that they either return my own stuff to me or pay a compensation if something is broken. I have experience at giving my things to other players (mainly foam swords which I already own in huge quantity), and it is mostly negative.

The question

Crossbows look cool, and sometimes fit in the situation better than bows, but are rarely used because of their practical disadvantages. So, how can I promote use of crossbows instead of bows in LARP as a game master, bearing in mind the aforementioned restrictions?

+1 bows and arrows [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Does magical ammunition stack with a magical weapon? 1 answer

In D&D 5e, I am wondering how mechanically using +1 bows and arrows (or crossbow and bolts) work, specifically:

  1. If a character uses a +1 bow but mundane arrows, do they get +1 to both the attack roll and the damage roll?
  2. If a character uses a +1 arrow but a mundane bow do they get +1 to both the attack roll and the damage toll?
  3. If they use both a +1 bow and a +1 arrow do the effects stack so that the character gets +2 to attack and damage rolls?

The way I have been working it is that a +1 bow grants the bonus to attack rolls, and the +1 arrow grands the bonus to damage rolls. Is this correct?