Do the Illusionist’s Bracers with the War Caster feat let you take a bonus action on somebody else’s turn? [duplicate]

So basically this answer states:

[…] The War Caster feat says:

When a hostile creature’s movement provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can use your reaction to cast a spell at the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a casting time of 1 action and must target only that creature.

The current text of Illusionist’s Bracers says:

While wearing the bracers, whenever you cast a cantrip, you can use a bonus action on the same turn to cast that cantrip a second time. […]

[…] So read Illusionist’s Bracers again, and it sure looks like this:

  1. On a creature’s turn, the creature provokes an opportunity attack from a war caster with Illusionist’s Bracers.
  2. The war caster casts a cantrip at the creature as a reaction.
  3. The Illusionist’s Bracers grants a bonus action to the war caster that can be used on that same turn.
  4. The war caster casts the cantrip again with that bonus action, not on the war caster’s turn. […]

Really my question is simply whether or not this is correct. If something would let you take a bonus action when it is not your turn, can you take that bonus action?

Do the Illusionist’s Bracers allow you to concentrate on two cantrips?

Illusionist’s Bracers (GGR p178) Says:

whenever you cast a cantrip, you can use a bonus action on the same turn to cast that cantrip a second time.

However some spells like Create bonfire require concentration.
Under spell duration, the players handbook says:

You lose Concentration on a spell if you cast another spell that requires Concentration. You can’t concentrate on two Spells at once.

Do the bracers allow you to concentrate on two cantrips at once?

Illusionist Bracers and Twinned spell as a bonus action

Illusionist Bracers (GGR, page 178) Says:

While wearing the bracers, whenever you cast a cantrip, you can use a bonus action on the same turn to cast that cantrip a second time.

Twinned Spell (PHB, page 102) Says:

When you Cast a Spell that Targets only one creature and doesn’t have a range of self, you can spend a number of sorcery points equal to the spell’s level to target a second creature in range with the same spell (1 sorcery point if the spell is a cantrip)

Can I Twin cast Booming Blade (SCAG, page 142) as an action and using the Illusionist bracers, twin cast it again as a bonus action? Thus attacking the same 4 targets twice each?

Do Illusionist’s Bracers actually allow you to cast two minor illusions?

The description of the Illusionist’s Bracers (GGR p. 178) states:


A powerful illusionist of House Dimir originally developed these bracers, which enabled her to create multiple minor illusions at once. The bracers’ power, though, extends far beyond illusions.


While wearing the bracers, whenever you cast a cantrip, you can use a bonus action on the same turn to cast that cantrip a second time.

However to me it would seem that the effect provided would not actually allow one to cast multiple minor illusions at once because the description of the spell minor illusion states:

The illusion also ends if you dismiss it as an action or cast this spell again.

Am I missing something or does this magic item not actually allow one to do what its flavour text suggests?

Is this Bracers of Stored Health magic item balanced?

I was thinking about the similarities between a character I was making and one from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, when the idea to make a magic item that replicated the effects of one of the powers in that series, Gold Feruchemy, which allows the user to store their health in pieces of gold, becoming sickly while storing, in order to be able to draw on the stored health later to heal faster. So I made this:

Bracers of Stored Health

Wondrous item, rare(requires attunement)

These ornate golden bracers can store the wearer’s health for later use. While wearing the bracers, you can use an action to take one of the following actions:

Store. You store 1 hit die into the bracers. After taking this action, you have disadvantage on Constitution saves for 2 rounds, and take 1 extra damage for each die rolled to deal damage to you in the same time frame. This effect stacks with consecutive uses of this action. A long rest will not restore any hit die stored up to an hour before starting the rest.

Tap. You can roll up to 5 stored hit die, healing for that amount. Alternatively, you can spend 1 hit die to cancel the debuff from 1 use of the Store action, or 3 hit die to cure yourself of 1 disease or condition that is affecting you. The condition can be blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

Some potential balancing options that I thought of are:

-If the Store action is too underpowered, making the Store action a bonus action instead.

-If the Store action is too overpowered, change it so that you instead store over a short or long rest, storing as many hit die as you want. Hit die stored during a long rest are not restored by it. The debuff would last for 10 minutes x the number of hit die stored, starting after the rest ends.

-Increasing/reducing the maximum number of hit die that can be used when taking the Tap action.

-Making it so that the Tap action can’t be taken on two consecutive turns

Does this seem balanced as it is, or does it need changes, either from the list I made or something I didn’t think of?

Which armor special abilities can be applied to Bracers of Armor?

The Bracers of Armor page states:

Bracers of armor cannot have any armor special abilities that add a flat gp amount to their cost.

And, a Q&A with Jason Bulmahn clarified that Bracers of Armor do not count as any wieght class of armor, so any ability that specifies that it can only be put on light/medium/heavy armor can’t be put on Bracers of Armor.

With those restrictions in mind, which Armor Special Abilities can you put on Bracers of Armor?

How does “uses” and “duration” apply to Wonder Woman’s bracers and Superman’s suit in DC Heroes?

In DC Heroes (first edition, 1985), Wonder Woman (Gamemaster’s Manual, page 80) has, under equipment, her “Bracers” with “Uses 10: Duration: 15″. Superman (page 79) has his “Super Uniform” with “Uses: 4, Duration: 26”.

I see a description of uses and durations for buildings (page 29), vehicles (page 32), and weapons (page 33), but I don’t grok how that applies to bracers or the suit.

From the description of buildings and weapons, this would seem to mean that Wonder Woman can use her bracers for up to 10 days (10 uses, and duration 15 is 1 day), after which maintenance is required? Superman can use his suit for up to thirty-two years (4 uses, and duration 26 is 8 years), after which maintenance is required?

The note about duration on page 28 for “ordinary gadgets” implies the the uses must be tracked when in actual use—that is, Wonder Woman would only count the few seconds of combat time per day that she uses her bracers. But the note about duration on page 25 describes uses as “the number of times the gadget can be used” and describes duration in terms of “gadgets that mimic Attributes and Automatic Actions (like Running, Flight, Swimming) or “gadgets that mimic Standard Actions (like Starbolt, Bio-Blast, etc,).

Because Force Shields (Wonder Woman’s bracers) are “Type: Automatic”, does this mean the player tracks the actual combat time that the bracers are in use? Seems like they would last forever. Skin Armor (Superman’s suit) are also automatic (and the suit’s Body is an attribute), so the player technically would track the amount of use the suit gets?

In both cases, it seems as though tracking is unnecessary unless there’s some sort of time travel involved, as, especially in the case of Superman’s suit the time used will never in normal game time reach the uses times the duration.

The section on armor in the Player’s Manual, page 24, does not mention use or duration.

How does uses and duration affect Wonder Woman’s use of her bracers, or Superman’s use of his suit?

Does the level increase from Bracers of the Merciful Knight increase the number of rounds of Fast Healing for the Injured Mercy?

I know that the Bracers of the Merciful Knight increase the base healing of Lay on Hands and the number of times per day that a Paladin can use it, but do you also take the +4 levels into consideration for the number of rounds that Fast Healing is applied by the Injured Mercy?

Would being hidden grant advantage on both Bracers of Flying Daggers attacks?

Assuming that I’m using the Bracers of Flying Daggers magic item (from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, p. 190):

This armband appears to have thin daggers strapped to it. As an action, you can pull up to two magic daggers from the bracer and immediately hurl them, making a ranged attack with each dagger. A dagger vanishes if you don’t hurl it right away, and the daggers disappear right after they hit or miss. The bracer never runs out of daggers.

I’m hidden from the creature I want to attack, so I have advantage on attack rolls against him.

Analyzing the item wording, it seems that the two daggers are meant to be thrown at the same time, one for each hand. To sustain this idea, there’s the fact that you can’t move between those two attacks.

My question is this:

Would I apply advantage from being hidden on both the attacks?

Can you wear Bracers of Armor or an Amulet of Natural Armor with Dragonscale Husk?

Dragonscale Husk, from Dragon Magic, is a cool alternate class feature (ACF) for characters with dragon blood and proficiency in heavy armor. It’s useful for a lot of reasons: decent defenses that scale with character level, energy resistances, counts as medium armor for class features, and it has no arcane spell failure chance. But the rules for stacking are a bit strange: the bonus is typeless, but doesn’t stack with armor, racial features, class features, feats, or “other special abilities that would grant you a bonus to armor class”. The noteworthy exception here? Magic items. Most armor boosting items are covered by the no armor clause, but two major exceptions are Bracers of Armor and the Amulet of Natural Armor, both from the DMG. Are these covered under “special abilities”, or as magic items that aren’t armor do they stack with Dragonscale Husk?