Spell Level and The Brew of the Boosted Brain

I’m running a game for a group entirely made of engineers and programmers.

One of them approached me with this custom spell, and asked me to include it into the game.

Brew of the Boosted Brain

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Touch

Components: S M (A few spoons of coffee powder and a jar of hot water. Sugar to taste.)

Duration: Instantaneous

Classes: Sorcerer, Wizard

You infuse water with your magic, turning it into a black, somewhat bitter drink that fills whoever consumes it with energy and vigor.

If a creature consumes one dose of the beverage created by this spell during a short rest, it gains the benefits of a long rest instead. A creature must complete a regular long rest without using the brew created by this spell before being able to benefit from it again.

My gut feeling was to make this a rather low level spell – maybe even a cantrip, since it wouldn’t be able to be used over and over forever, but it seems that it would enable some very powerful resource recovery during dungeon delving.

On the other hand, the idea of caffeinated adventurers amuse me so much to block this spell entirely, so I really wanted to make it part of the game.

What would be a good level for this spell?

If the human brain is turing machine then how is it able to ascertain that certain problems are undecidable?

I recently read about the idea that the human brain might be a turing machine (or turing complete). If that is true then how is the brain able to reason that a certain problem is undecidable for e.g. the the liar paradox. I assume that a turing machine will nor be able to reason that the liar paradox statement is a logical paradox with no decidable answer and will be stuck forever.

What are the consequences for an illithid rejecting his brain diet?

So I had this idea about a rogue illithid, fighting against his own race. He will be chaotic evil or chaotic neutral, I have not decided yet. But while he does this it is simply too dangerous, or too tedious, to hunt for brains.

What happens to an illithid if he nolonger eats brains?

You can use any lore available. I ask only about lore, since we use a completely different RPG system and we play in a custom setting and I haven’t introduced mind flayers yet, this one will be the first one my players ever met. And the first one I have ever used.

Can a Mind Flayer extract a brain from a PC and keep it alive by preserving it (presumably) in a jar full of the brine pool water?

I was doing some research on Mind Flayers and read/heard that Mind Flayers will occasionally extract a brain and use it to research the effects of Psionics, and that they enjoyed the mad thoughts they produced (Though I cannot for the life of me find the source of where I read/heard it). I presume that due to the Elder Brain surviving in a brine pool that they would put some of that brine in a jar and preserve a brain alive in it…

…As an extension to this; would someone who can communicate telepathically then be able to actually speak with the brain in a jar (i.e. GOO warlock ability). I assume if they can, that the brain cannot respond as it cannot ‘see’ the one speaking to it.

My scenario being that my PC’s will soon be fighting Mind Flayers, and if one of them gets their brain extracted, I would rather the Flayer choose to preserve it so that the party GOO warlock could potentially still speak to them but the party member could not respond. Mainly just to mess with them even more – nothing wrong with a little DM Schadenfreude.

How likely is a Split Brain situation when dealing with Galera clusters?

Assuming I have a server setup where a quorum vote is always satisfied, how likely will a Split Brain situation occur with Galera? My understanding is Galera does its best to avoid it, but does that mean there’s 0 chance of it ever happening if the servers and MySQL/MariaDB processes never fail?

If it’s a real possibility, is there a best practice for proper recovery?

Warning Signs on brain memory You Should Know

I am not in favor of Brain Memory. Here are a few golden Brain Memory rules. I wouldn't encourage everyone to try Brain Memory and it could do a lot better. This was a near miss.
Brain Memory is available in a number of styles, shapes, and sizes although an everyday Brain Memory can be substituted for Brain Memory. I have long had issues with Brain Memory because you decide to do something about it. Improbably, I am…

Warning Signs on brain memory You Should Know