Brand consistency in marketing materials


I’m just wondering which software do you use to keep a consistency of marketing materials through multiple offices and marketing campaigns?

Let’s say you have an agency with bunch of offices and employees in these offices sometimes need to create some kind of marketing material (it could be for both printing or digital media purposes) based on predefined templates. This template should be brand consistent and it is something that should be created in the main office of the…

Brand consistency in marketing materials

Doubt about attributes (getting the brand)

I am a little confused about attributes whether they are simple eav attributes or not.

I dont fully understand when an attribute has option or option value. How can i check it?

So, for example in this case i am trying to obtain the brand name so i did this query:

SELECT main.sku, option_value_ez_catalog_product_brand.value AS ez_catalog_product_brand, code_status.value AS code_status LEFT JOIN eav_attribute attribute_code_status ON attribute_code_status.attribute_code = 'status' and attribute_code_status.entity_type_id = 4 LEFT JOIN eav_attribute attribute_ez_catalog_product_brand ON attribute_ez_catalog_product_brand.attribute_code = 'ez_catalog_product_brand' and attribute_code_status.entity_type_id = 4  LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_int code_status ON main.entity_id = code_status.entity_id and code_status.attribute_id = attribute_code_status.attribute_id LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_int ez_catalog_product_brand ON main.entity_id = ez_catalog_product_brand.entity_id and ez_catalog_product_brand.attribute_id = attribute_ez_catalog_product_brand.attribute_id LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_option option_ez_catalog_product_brand on option_ez_catalog_product_brand.attribute_id = ez_catalog_product_brand.attribute_id and option_ez_catalog_product_brand.option_id = ez_catalog_product_brand.value LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_option_value option_value_ez_catalog_product_brand on option_ez_catalog_product_brand.option_id = option_value_ez_catalog_product_brand.option_id 

Is that okay? How can i know if an attribute is simple or not?

What about other attributes like : manufacturer, volume, description, prices and so on?

Could you please help me?

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How to Properly Re-install a Windows Software Like Brand New?

I had this windows software that was running fine, and in one time it was not responding while running. So I killed it with the task manager by “Ending Task”.

After that I tried to re-launch the program and it refused to launch. It returned this error ” Table ‘’ does not exist”.

I figured that by uninstalling the software and re-installing it one more time, that will do it. But I was wrong! I uninstalled and reinstalled the software on my machine a dozen times, all ti no avail!

I tried to wipe the registry, Software files, Temporary files and clean my machine from any leftovers related to the software hoping that I can re-install it brand new on my machine, but that also did not work! The error message kept appearing.

I tried to mess up with the security tab in the properties of the software and granting all users permission to run and execute on the files of the software. But I was only making things worse. The software now returned a different error saying “Software has stooped, you need to fix it!”

I tried to look up ever single possible solution on the internet for this problem, but that did not help.

All that I’m sure about is that the very first time I installed the software on my machine it was running perfect, and now I’m trying to reinstall it like it is the first time.

Extra Info —

-I’m running windows 10 Pro 64-bit Edition -When reinstalling the software, it somehow keeps track of my previous preferences and setting, even though I keep removing all related files, folders and registry every time I uninstall the software.

How do I remove this software and reinstall it like brand new on my machine?

Algolia REST Api’s to apply category, Price and Brand filters using PHP curl process?

I Have sample code, it is working perfectly but i don’t know, how to apply filters on category, price and brands.

$  AL_APP_ID = "xxxxxxxx"; $  AL_APP_KEY = "zfdgasggsbe24s35szfm"; $  url =""; $  headers =  array( 'X-Algolia-Application-Id: '.$  AL_APP_ID, 'X-Algolia-API-Key: '.$  AL_APP_KEY  ); //GET /1/indexes/{indexName} $  ch = curl_init($  url."/1/indexes/staging_default_products?query=Avalon");  curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, "GET");  curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);  curl_setopt($  ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $  headers);  $  result = curl_exec($  ch);  $  result = json_decode($  result, 1);   print_r($  result); 

Please check the link:

why does my brand new Dell laptop hang?

I have bought brand new dell laptop and sometime it hangs and mouse gets freeze and nothing works even task manager.I have recently upgraded the my windows I don’t really know what the problem is, it is the second time while I was watching a HD video I faced to this problem and finally I pressed the power button and shuts it down then turn it on again. now it works fine. but I am worry about this issue. can anyone tell me about this issue?

Get Google to Recognize a ‘Brand’ – will this work?

I would really value some input into the following;

I want to develop a ‘brand’ that Google will recognize and include in the ‘Related Searches’ section at the bottom of search pages.

The 18 month old site ranks reasonably well (second half of page #1) – I want to achieve getting the product ‘brand name’ in related searches.

It is a niche product, clip-on earrings, the site is, the registered name of the business that owns the site is Dazzlers – the OS (Zen Cart) eCommerce engine allows for adding brands to products in the back end.

In a search for clip-on earrings invariably in the related searches are entries like; clip on earrings ‘brand x’ – clip on earrings ‘store z’ – etc.

The thought was to change the site name to ‘DazzlersClipOnEarrings’ and including the name ‘dazzlers’ in product meta titles and descriptions and building some links including the name dazzlers to pages on the site?

Would that go some way to achieving the goal?