Get Digital Brochure Designed For Your Brand Or Company for $100

Digital Brochure is delivered in PDF format which is compatible with all devices (laptops, mobile, tablets) and it also has interactive CTA like one click call, one click whatsapp, one click map navigation and other clickable options from which your prospects and customers can reach you. Where can I Use or Share my Digital Brochure? You can share it on WhatsApp, SMS, website, emails and other social media platforms. How much Time do you take to Create a Digital Brochure? Generally, it takes 5 to 7 working days. What about Changes ? I will work with you to create a tailor made digital brochure to make sure, your customer understands your business, products, and services better than your competitors. Once the work is completed, I provide 3 more basic edits. However, in the future, if you want to re-structure or have major changes, then it will be chargeable. This happens only when you have major changes in your products or services. Do you provide Refunds ? No. I do not provide any refunds. Is there any Validity or Locking ? Absolutely NO. I provide you digital brochure as an interactive PDF document. You have forever access to your digital brochure. PDF,15 Page Brochure

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Since Brand Promotion is very essential part to expose your brand Over Internet. PR is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your new business. It helps you to Raises awareness, Draws in new customers, Entices investors, Attracts employees.

From raising brand awareness to attracting new staff members, PR can help in marketing your new business. Clearly, PR is highly beneficial to business growth and should be a cornerstone of your company’s marketing strategy.

Here are…

Get Your Brand Featured on,,,,

I’m experiencing heating issues while using ubuntu 18.04 on a brand new Laptop when playing 2D games

When i star playing a 2D game that don’t require a good gpu card ( Wizzard of Legend ), the fan of my Laptop ( Dell G5 ) start running like it’s burning inside.

I experience that only when i start playing on steam.

Not having a problem when i’m multi tasking or watching movies, only as soon as i start to play.

How To Add a Previously Posted Picture to a Brand New Tweet (Twitter)

If you wish to re-post a picture on Facebook you just write a post and attach an image from your photos gallery. On Twitter there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing this?

Is it not possible to do a new tweet and attach a previously uploaded photo? At the moment I just re-upload the photo, which seems a bit of a waste to be honest.

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