Brain Training Brand New Website

Why are you selling this site?

How is it monetized?

adsense, clickbank and amazon affiliates programs

Does this site come with any social media accounts?


How much time does this site take to run?

1.4 sec, testest with gtmetrix

What challenges are there with running this site?

find and write related news, promote the affiliate products, they have very interesting commissions.

I will include in the sale a detailed report and keywords analysis…

Brain Training Brand New Website

Brand New PTC/GPT Site

This is a brand new GPT / PTC site, the site has the following features :

1- Site domain : which is valid till Nov 28, 2019 and will be pushed to your namecheap account

2- Aurora Coderz Deluxe Script latest release ( 2.8.6 ) ( With 1 year license )

3- 1 Year hosting on our PTC One unlimited plan

4- Customized template adjusted for the script

> What features are available in the script :

* Built in offerwall system which makes it the most comprehensive GPT script in market,…

Brand New PTC/GPT Site

How Google recognises Brand name? And ignores attested keywords?

Hi community,

Our company name got attested with our industry keyword over the years; which also primary keyword of our homepage and all of our industry competitors. Best example is… Moz turns to Moz SEO for fraction of the audience or users. Again this is an example. Now if Google thinks "Moz" is only the company name, does it ignores the word "seo" completely? Or Google gives negative score for employing "seo" after "Moz" across all pages? Does the "seo" word will be considered or ignored in this case? How Google recognises the company name?


Black screen when using 4 ram sticks on brand new iMac 5K

I bought a 5K iMac 4 months ago, with the stock 8gb of ram. I bought an extra 2x4GB off Amazon (Crucial Ram). But then, it looks like I cannot use all 4 ram slots at the same time. The iMac won’t even start, only show a black screen. The Crucial ram sticks are 100% working, since I tried removing the original ram sticks, using only the new ones, and the mac boots and runs fine Right now, I am running the iMac with 3 of the 4 sticks, so at the moment I have 12gb of ram. I tried using the top 3 slots, it works. Bottom 3, it works. 2 slots works too. But as soon as I insert a 4th ram stick, it stops working I have resetted the SMC and NVRAM. Still no luck Also updated Mojave to 10.14.2 (latest version)

Any ideas? I would like to see if there’s anything I can try before setting an appointment with Apple for this, since it’s my main working machine, and I need to work on some projects right now.

Thanks a lot!

Reason why brand logotypes are in lowercase?

Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, Intel, Citibank, Macy’s, BP, Vitamin Water to name a few, have their logotypes entirely in lowercase. I assume the reason is to make it more casual and friendly.

Is there an explanation from the UX perspective for this trend, and are there any studies to prove that such a trend is found to be psychologically more approachable to the users?

How can I modify serial number on an off brand tablet?

I am trying to connect to a tablet with Android Studio. The tablet is a Fusion5 Tablet F704B. It’s a low cost tablet with Oreo 8.1 OS. I only have this tablet connected to my PC. Android Studio does show 1 connected device, but it is labeled only as “Unknown”

enter image description here

When I hit the run app button in Android Studio, the gradle builds fine and then I see a “Error Installing APK”

enter image description here

I do more debug and run “adb devices” I see:

enter image description here

Note: On the tablet, I do have developer mode enabled and have USB Debugging enabled. I have tried USB Configuration to Charging, MTP, PTP, and USB Ethernet and nothing allowed allowed adb devices to see the tablet serial number. I have also tried Multiple USB cables to connect the tablet, and that did allow the tablet serial number to be shown. I have also connected other tablets I own, and they all show a serial number correctly. I can run my app via android studio on 4 other tablets that I own. Just not on this Fusion5 tablet.

I believe the lack of a serial number in this Fusion5 tablet is causing my issue with Android Studio. After some research, I found that the serial number is contained in the tablet OS at /sys/class/android_usb/android0/iSerial. This file needs root access to edit. Using “adb shell”, I can navigate to the directory, but can’t view the file contents without root access. I believe the file is has no content. I believe this because the value iSerial shows as blank when I do a “lsusb -v” on my computer.

I have spent many hours researching how to give my tablet root access, but the first step involves loading the TWRP recovery image. The twrp recovery images exist for many phones/tablets, but not for this odd offbrand cheap tablet.

I have also tried to bypass TWRP and perform an adp sideload , but fails with the default recovery routine that comes with my tablet.

Does anyone know of a way to edit the serial number field without root access?
Or is there some other clever way to get me root access I am missing?

Google search will not find my brand name, sort of

Hi Everyone! First post.
I have my short name createnowsleeplater (no spaces) on most of my sites *Web (Tumblr, Instagram, FB page and Youtube).

If you search the short name, all my pages are come up. If you search using spaces, create now sleep later, only Youtube comes up. Something has changed I guess because it used to work fine, especially on such a unique name. In fact, now search results actually come up with similar FB pages instead of my own.

Is there something I am doing…

Google search will not find my brand name, sort of

One camera unable to focus in low light, different camera, same brand model, has no problem

With a Canon T3i mounted in a camera/flash tower, the camera cannot focus in low ambient light with dark complected subjects. All the settings are preset as this is being used in a drivers license office in a booth. It works fine otherwise. I swapped out the camera tower with another (different Canon T3i, different flash tower) and had no problem in same dim light, same dark subject. Why does one camera have this issue and not the other? Same make, model, lens, settings.