A Basic Super BreakOut Clone

I’m in my first year of coding and am building this game to help teach myself to code! I’m sure there are a ton of “Not Best Practice” items and many other Things that need to be refactored.

It would be super amazing if someone could Look at my collisions.js file and maybe help me see why my corner collision is soo finicky. (Involving The collision between a circle and rectangle);

If you would like to review the project as a whole, I would be overjoyed with the feedback! I don’t expect that, however, but it would be nice to get a report card or a review to see how someone with experience views what I have learned in about 10 months!

If you have made it this far thank you again! If I have erroneously miss-posted or misunderstood the purpose of this site I do apologize

function salutations(){ console.log("Thank You So Much For Reading"); } salutations(); 


[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Has there been multiple breakout soloists who came from one group? why is it that often only one member excels?

i’ve noticed in bands/group with multiple people, usually only one of the members ends up hitting big (beyonce from destiny’s child, justin timberlake from nsync, it’s the same in foreign countries too, for example taeyeon from girl’s generation, etc.) has there ever been more than one huge star coming from the same group? honestly the closest i can think of this happening was michael and janet jackson, but even so michael jackson is far more successful. i’m wondering why this is seemingly so impossible.