Can a breastplate be crafted with non-metal materials in Adventurers League?

According to Adventurer’s League rules, is it legal to have a nonmagical breastplate crafted for a character which is not made from metal? This breastplate should have the same characteristics as the breastplate in the PHB on page 145, but made from a non-metal substance. This is for a druid.

According to the Adventurer’s League Guide from Season 7 on page 3:

If you want your character to engage in a downtime activity, you have a number of options available to you on page 187 of the PHB.

And on page 187 of the PHB, under Crafting, it states:

You can craft nonmagical objects, including adventuring equipment and works of art….someone proficient with smith’s tools needs a forge in order to craft a sword or suit of armor.

So I take this to mean, according to RAW, that the Adventurer’s League allows the crafting of a nonmagical breastplate.

So, to reiterate my question, can this nonmagical breastplate be made from a non-metal substance?