Can spells with a verbal component be cast underwater if the caster can’t breathe water?

My party recently tipped over a boat of enemies into what was essentially rapids and trapped the enemies in a cube of force underwater. The warriors inevitably drowned as they had no way out. However, trapped in the cube of force was a wizard with access to a teleportation spell (Misty Step) with a verbal component. Could the wizard use his spell with a verbal component underwater and escape a watery death? If the rules don’t specify anything about verbal components underwater specifically, have any of the designers mentioned anything about this?

Note: as a 5e DM I made a ruling on the spot (decided to allow it on the condition that the caster goes directly from “holding breath” to “suffocating”) so I am aware that it’s within my power to decide how it works in my world. I’d just like to know if the rules or someone wiser than me has addressed this yet.

Is there an in-setting explanation for how dragons breathe fire?

I’m currently in the process of writing a new campaign setting in which many classical mythical creatures have been rendered extinct for various reasons, one such creature is the dragon.
My initial idea was that some sort of event or evolutionary flaw in the past stopped dragons being able to breathe fire, making them far easier for adventurers and dragon hunters to kill off, similar to how the Dark Souls series made dragons extinct by removing their scales (the things which made them immortal), perhaps a plague removes the dragons’ ability to breathe fire, weakening them?

In an attempt to make this less jarring to players than just saying “they get ill, no breathe fire now”, I’d like to base the effect off of dragon lore that exists across the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Is there any in-setting lore explanation for why dragons breathe fire/acid/(insert damage type here)?

I know 5e is particularly sparse in dragon-lore, so I’m hoping some veterans from older editions might know more about these classical creatures!

If I do not need to breathe, do I still need my heart and lungs?

Mystic has the a discipline which states

While focused on this discipline, you no longer need to eat, breathe…

So would I still need my heart and lungs since I have no use for them anymore? Can I just scoop out all of my internal organs since I also don’t need my stomache as well? It could be helpful when playing dead or just hiding stuff inside of my body

How do I make an aboleth breathe out of water?

Our DM is allowing me to make an aboleth my familiar. We had met this aboleth earlier in our game and changed its alignment from lawful evil to chaotic good. My question is if I make it my familiar, how do I make the aboleth breathe out of water? My DM has assured me there is a way, but I’ve yet to discover it.

The other option my DM presented was to use “polymorph other” on the aboleth and transform it into a phoenix. My DM told me that would turn it into a psionic phoenix, which I could make my familiar.

Also, on another note, I also have to make the aboleth fly if it is to be on land. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Dragon Breathe and Leomund’s Hut

Leomund’s Hut can protect against magic, objects, and creatures from entering.

Dragon Breathe is not considered magic, but has to be an object at least. Which should be blocked by the hut.

Sageadvice however rules that a dragon’s breathe can pass through the hut.

I typically rule with Sage Advice, but is this a situation Crawford got it wrong?

not sure how to breathe life into mate 8 64gb dual sim variant

I’m at a loss here, i have nougat on my mate mate 8 but i completely forgot that you had to root nougat in a particular way. Anyway, i don’t have access to erecovery, power+volUPvolDown doesn’t work and i can’t get access to fastboot. The only thing i do get is power to the screen and my ‘your phone is unlocked and can’t be trusted blah blah’ message.

I need to flash a recovery.img, system.img and any other relevant img. How can i do this with the phone in this state?

How powerful is a “Breathe Air” spell?

Land-dwelling druids can figure out a way to use magic in order to breathe underwater (, provided that they are able to cast 3rd-level spells). But what about druids that are already able to breathe underwater, but not on land? Of course, they would have no need for the water breathing spell. (Unless they have some friends who rely on air). Instead, they would probably be more interested in a spell, which allows oneself to breathe air.

Would a spell like that be more, less or equally powerful as water breathing. Consequentially, would such a spell be 3rd-level as well, or should it require a lower/higher level spell slot.

My players will encounter such a druid and I have to estimate how mighty this NPC has to be, in order to cast such a spell.

Any spells that would allow a mage to breathe while buried alive?

If a mage were buried alive for whatever reason – whether deliberate as some part of a gambit of sorts or not so deliberately via accident or attack – does there exist any specific magic or uses of magic, that would allow them to survive buried and avoid what should be a rapid suffocation for an extended period of time?

I have a suspicion some skill with the Forces sphere with it’s manipulation of elements might have potential on this front, but as a whole I’m not entirely certain.

Any disciplines and potential ways would do good for an answer to this question.

Are there mechanical disadvantages to being unable to breathe for a handful of rounds, before you are actually suffocating?

Several monsters (for example, the Darkmantle) have abilities that cause their victims to be unable to breathe. However, when this happens in-game my characters just shrug and say, “whatever, I can hold my breath for 4 minutes.” The battle is long over before suffocation becomes an issue. Similarly for situations like running into a AOE (such as a Stinking Cloud where breathing would be ill-advised.

Are there any mechanical disadvantages to being unable to breathe, before you get to the point of suffocating?

I know the rules for Suffocating from PHB p. 183 — the question is, is there any mechanical penalty to not breathing during the minutes that you can hold your breath.

It’s an interesting question as to whether, for example, the Darkmantle attack allows you to “hold your breath” or moves you directly to “choking” but that’s really a separate question. What I am really asking here is, if you are holding your breath, as per the game rules on PHB p. 183, can you fight at 100% efficiency? Or should, say, disdvantage apply to attacks rolls, movement rate be reduced, etc.?

Note: Jeremy Crawford has ruled that you can hold your breath.

Q: If you can’t breathe due to a monster effect (ie Darkmantle) are you immediately suffocating? Or have Con Mod+1 mins?

A: You can hold your breath.

(See Looking for play tested house rules for combat while holding your breath for a follow-on question about whether anyone has any good house rules for this situation.)