Is it possible to bring undead back to life directly, without destroying them first?

In previous editions of D&D, you couldn’t bring undead back to life. You had to “re-kill” them and then resurrect their corpse. In 5e, Resurrection states that it can’t bring undead back, but Revivify, Raise Dead, and True Resurrection do not.

Does this mean you can bring undead back to life directly as long as you use a (lowercase) resurrection spell that isn’t (uppercase) Resurrection?

Can the Regenerate spell bring someone back from the dead?

The description of Regenerate states:

You touch a creature and stimulate its natural healing ability. The target regains 4d8 + 15 hit points. For the duration of the spell, the target regains 1 hit point at the start of each of its turns (10 hit points each minute).

The target’s severed body members (fingers, legs, tails, and so on), if any, are restored after 2 minutes. If you have the severed part and hold it to the stump, the spell instantaneously causes the limb to knit to the stump.

So as an example, instead of Death Ward, a Cleric casts Regenerate on a Fighter going into battle where they are hopelessly out matched.

The Fighter puts up a good fight, but brought to 0-hp, then two point-blank attacks mean immediate 4 failed death saves, all within a single round of combat. Therefore the Fighter is “permanently dead”.

But can Regenerate bring them back?

A dead body is considered an “object”, not a “creature”. But the spell was cast while the Fighter was alive and thus a “creature” and can be a valid target of the spell. Beyond the casting, the spell only says “target”. So it should no longer care about whether the Fighter is a creature or a bloody, dismembered corpse.

So every round the Fighter stands back up with 1-hp saying, “I can do this all day.” Or does death invalidate the target as they no longer have a “natural healing ability”?

What major changes will 5e bring in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting?

As I understand it 4e takes the Forgotten Realms storyline up to around 1469 DR. How far will 5e take it, if at all?

Will there be many changes to the story?

I am using many realms characters, such as Jarlaxle, in my campaign.. my campaign takes place in 1499 DR and I try to follow the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as closely as possible; will I expect drastic changes in things like deities come 5e? Or will 5e be more about mechanical changes, etc.?

MS SQL Express 2016 on Amazon AWS: I Can Take Database Offline but Can’t Bring It Online

I can take databases offline (via GUI) but can’t bring them back online. The server details are as follow:

RDBMS: MS SQL 2016 Express Host: Amazon AWS/RDS Free Tier

Details/History of the Problem A few months ago, I created a db instance on Amazon AWS and at the time of creation, the ‘master/admin’ account was setup via the AWS/RDS web page. With this ‘admin’ account, I have created several databases on that instance without any problems.

Over the past few months, I have used this ‘admin’ account to change several databases to contained databases. I do this so that I can setup contained users. I have also done this several times on this server instance with the same admin account with no problems.

Last night, I had just created a new database via this admin account. I then tried to set this new database as a contained database and the process failed. The dialog box error message stated among other things “please try again later”.

After the 3rd failed attempt, I decided to take the database offline (via the GUI in SSMS). I did this in a bid to force close any possible open processes or connections that might be on this new database. That worked. However, I have not been able to bring it back online. I have tried via the GUI and also via a query and it keeps failing.

I have then checked the server roles assigned to this ‘admin’ account. It is not part of sysadmin role. As I understand, the ‘sysadmin’ role can do absolutely anything on the db instance. I reckon my admin account is not of this sysadmin role because it is meant for the in-house DBAs at Amazon AWS. I have tried to add it as sysadmin but it fails.

To ensure that my ‘admin’ account is the problem, I have taken another database offline (it’s empty). It went offline but it is also failing to come back online.

What could be the problem? Please help. Note that my skill level is very very low and I’m learning as I go along.

The server logs don’t show anything useful. I have attached screenshots.

1. Bring DB Online Error (via GUI)

2. SQL Server Log

3. Server Roles of My Admin Account

4. Failure to add SysAdmin Role to Admin Account

Ways to bring the party back together

I’m part of an open-world campaign that continues after the events of SKT (we finished and still wanted to play with our characters). Lately, it’s like our dm is running 3-4 campaigns at the same time because we are all currently doing separate stuff. Some of the players, myself included, want to bring the party back together because its boring to not play for an hour while other people are doing their things. Our dm specifically said that he is not going to try to bring the party back together, no matter how annoying it is, and that it is up to us to meet up. That brings me to the question. How can I convince the players who want to do their own thing to come back to the party?

Does a DDOS attack on an application using CDN have to first bring down all the involved CDN servers to affect the application’s availability?

CDN are said to absorb and mitigate the Denial of Service and DDOS attacks. Consider an application that uses a CDN provider to deliver its content. So if an attacker tries to bring down such an application using DOS or DDOS, the flood of requests made during such an attack will go to the CDN servers. Will such a DDOS attack have to completely bring down all the CDN servers serving this application’s content before impairing the origin server completely?

losing constitution scores in battle; does it bring down my hp and how?

So, I run an artificer in my one campaign that just reached lv 20. Part of the lv. 20 ability (Soul of Artifice) reads:

If you’re reduced to 0 hit points but not killed out-right, you can use your reaction to end one of your artificer infusions, causing you to drop to 1 hit point instead of 0.

My artificer is using one of his infusions to replicate the amulet of health magic item which requires attunement and reads

Your Constitution score is 19 while you wear this amulet

If my character is about to be knocked down to 0 hp, and then uses his reaction to end his infusion that created the amulet, what happens?

This post is Related but I feel is still different since in this case I need to know if he would just instantly drop to 0 hp for trying to unattune to it, or if it would keep him up and still at 1 hp, just with a lowered maximum hp.

How would you bring inanimate object to life as allies?

I’m a newer D&D 5e player, and I like to experiment in my sessions because I work with an experienced DM.

As the title says, I was wondering if there exists some way to bring inanimate objects to life and fight for you.

I know of “Animate Objects”, but have never used it. I’m also looking for more permanent solutions to this problems. Ideally I could have a sidetable as a minion or something silly like this.