Is there any spell to bring back a disintegrated character?

In our latest session, one of our PCs got hit by a Disintegrate ray from an Undead Beholder. This dealt the exact damage needed, and so his character got disintegrated. Naturally, we are all sad that we lost a party member, but on top of that, my character was also in love with said PC, and, now heartbroken, will go to the edges of the earth to bring the PC back.

I’m aware of multiple spells that bring back characters from the dead (Revivify, True Ressurection, etc.), however, they all require either a body, or a part of the body.

Is there a spell that can bring back a disintegrated character? Or do I have to consult the DM for other options?

My character is a lvl4 Druid, however, any spells will suffice, since I am willing to pay other people to cast the spell for me.

Bring together a split party even though 1 player is unwilling

I’ve been running a game the past few months in a club at school (1 hour and a half per session), and most of the players are of an evil alignment, while one of them is Lawful Good. This causes the one player (I’ll call him Bob) to get upset that the players are being evil (not just in-character but also real life) Because of this, Bob split up from the team and is now on a boat to another part of the island because he didn’t like the way things were with the party.

What can I do to a.)sneakily bring Bob back to the party b.)convince Bob to for lack of a better term, get over it c.)some other way to get the party back together

P.S. Bob is very stubborn about his beliefs and since this is a club I can’t just make him leave, especially since we’re good friends.

What food am I allowed to bring to Austria from Russia?

Soon I will fly from Russia to Austria. I want to bring a small quantity of food (like one or two boxes of chocolate) to Austria.

In the past there were restrictions on what you could and could not bring to/from Russia. A long time ago, for example, it was not allowed to send a cake from Vienna to Moscow using mail. Later those limitations seem to be lifted (the officials didn’t mind me taking a very similar cake on board an airplane to Moscow).

Where can I find out, which food items I am allowed to bring to Austria from Russia in January 2019?

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