Entering Ukraine as a Ukrainian born, naturalised British citizen

I left Ukraine when I was 8, moved to the UK in 2005.

I was born in Ukraine but permanently reside in the UK, have British Citizenship and a British Passport.

Will I have any problems with going back to Ukraine? I have never had a Ukrainian passport. My mum is convinced there will be problems at the border because Ukraine does not recognise dual citizenship. She is worried that I will not be able to leave Ukraine on my return journey back to the UK. Especially because I am 22, male and have not registered on anything in Ukraine, including military service (as I do not live there). I don’t think I have officially declared that I am a permanent resident in the UK either – but I’m not sure if I have to do that?

Has anyone ever had any problems with traveling there and back? Especially my age. What should I expect?

Regular weekend away breaks in Europe for non-British Spouse (UK Resident) of a British National

I am a British National and my wife is Indian and UK Resident. We holiday in europe a lot (always together) and apply for Schengen Visa for her every time we plan a holiday – but this process is time-consuming and we have to book flights, hotel, etc, well in-advance.

We went to a VFS Global office recently, for a visa for our italian adventure and the chap there advised that there is a process whereby I can apply once and every time my wife travels with me, she won’t need to apply for a schengen visa for that visit (as long as we are travelling together).

Does anyone know of this or a slightly easier long-term visa, etc, whereby me and my wife can go on last-minute weekend breaks together to europe hassle-free? Much appreciated.

Is is entry to the Louvre still free for British residents or is Brexit effective as of now?

I am not sure if Brexit is effective which would mean we can no longer get into the Louvre museum in Paris free with an EU passport, instead and having to pay the €15/17 euros. I want to visit today and yesterday they were at capacity. We could book it online but perhaps we will just go if we can get in without paying. I am in the 18-25 age range and a UK citizen.

What are our options to get a (e-)visa for China as a British citizen in Netherlands while restricting the time without ID to no more than a day?

We are a Dutch-British couple living in Netherlands. We want to visit China for 2-3 weeks. We both need a visa for that. Due to my partner needing his (British) passport (to enter work), we can’t just send off his passport. This is not such a big problem for me, as I have a Dutch national ID card too.

I read about e-visas. They are a printed thing, so you don’t need to send your passport off. Apparently you need to travel with two people, so we tick off that box too. This sounds useful for us.

This Dutch website offers e-visas for China. They appear to offer them for Dutch, Belgian, German, French and Spanish citizens. They apparently allow a 21 days stay. They also mention that you need to enter with two people. That seems perfect for us, except they don’t offer it to British citizens.

This US based website also offers e-visas for China. They appear to offer them to more Nationalites than the Dutch website (at least including UK and Dutch which I require), but they are only for 15 days and require a US shipping address.

Neither of these websites seem to work for us. We can make a trip to the embassy if required, but we really can’t miss the passport for more than a single day. What are our options to get a (e-)visa for China as a British citizen in Netherlands while restricting the time without ID to no more than a day? We’re fine with options that leave him without a passport for a maximum of one weekday (up to two times, not in the same week), get him a second ID (even if valid only in Netherlands) or otherwise solve the problem of needing an ID for work (taking time off is not an option).

Note: we’re not business travelers, so business traveler exceptions do not count for us.

Update: We’ve been in contact with e-visums.nl. It appears they do offer e-visas for UK citizens after all, on their UK website and just updated their Dutch website to now offer it to UK citizens too. This may be an option, but we cannot be sure yet until we are ready to apply. Answers with different options and/or personal experience still very much welcome!

How can I type the pound/hash (#) symbol on a British keyboard when in Terminal?

I have ‘Use option key as meta’ set in Terminal keyboard settings.

The 3 key makes the British pound symbol (£) when I tap it with SHIFT. This is a cruel joke. I want the real pound symbol (#).

How do type # in Terminal? If there’s a way to swap # and £ then I’m in good shape. I use the Terminal for coding, and probably never need to type £ in Terminal.

Visiting Salmon Glacier, near Stewart, British Columbia (Canada)/Hyder, Alaska (USA)

Near the southernmost point of the British Columbia, Canada/Alaska, USA border is a beautiful glacier named Salmon Glacier. Apparently this glacier can be visited using a gravel road from the town of Stewart, BC, via Hyder, Alaska.

Have any of you driven this route? Can it be done in a sedan? I have driven fairly rough roads in my car before (e.g. Gap Road between the centre and west blocks of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Alberta/Saskatchewan) and not had any problems. But this territory is a lot more remote and it would be more difficult to get help.

The route is interesting because one has to first enter the U.S., then drive back to Canada. No border stations are encountered until one crosses again on the way back, between Hyder and Stewart. (The US has no posts at all on this part of the border.)

How to use ABC Extended with standard British PC keyboard layout

The ABC Extended input is fantastic for inputing several diacritics, but it only seems to assume apple’s own layouts, i.e. it doesn’t recognise the standard British PC layout. Is there a way to make it work with the standard British PC layout, particularly re: the symbol mismatches between the two?

Standard British PC has shift+2=" and shift+'=@.

The Apple British layout has shift+2=@ and shift+'=".

In British PC, the key left of 1 is ` ¬, but in Apple British it is § ±.

In British PC, the key left of z is \ |, but in Apple British it is ` ~.

In British PC, the rightmost key of the asdf row is # ~, but in Apple British it is \ |.

Suppose I definitely do not plan to use the Apple British layout at all, but may need to work with the standard British PC layout. Is there a way to reconfigure certain things for the ABC Extended input to be compatible with the standard British PC layout?

Towards understanding my visit to the British Museum

During my business trip in London, I managed to visit the British Museum, and go through the “don’t miss” exhibits.

The Parthenon Marbles were in a spacious gallery, which not too packed with exhibits (like others). I was expecting to see the one of the taken Acropolis Caryatids there. Her sisters are in the Acropolis Museum, but once upon a time, they were all located caryatids next to Parthenon, on the top of the holy rock of Acropolis.

Instead, I found the Caryatid in the “last” room of the gallery of “Alexander’s world”. Why?

I felt that there was space in the Parthenon gallery (which was constructed like this, to give you the feeling that you in Acropolis yourself, I get that).