British citizenship, Polish passport, travelling to the US

I might have to travel for work to the US – for the first time ever. I am currently a holder of a Polish passport (where I was born) but also acquired British citizenship (didn’t apply for a passport though). How does the process look for me when it comes to entering the US? Since UK citizens do not require a visa for entry and Polish citizens do. The trip could be in two weeks.

EDIT: Filled in D160 on the 1st, had my interview on the 6th, got my passport back on the 9th

British army assessment visa

I’m a Nigerian , I have been invited by the British army for an assessment next month , my dad is willing to sponsor my Traveling expenses and my brother who is in the British army and a citizen of United Kingdom is will accommodate me, I am unemployed currently do my apprenticeship in my fathers company ,my dad has paid N1,500,000 (£3000) into my account with a letter that represents that ,my father is a business man and I have paperwork to back that up , I have also added my father assets in Nigeria to my visa I need to bring my fathers company bank ste together with my own..or should I just bring only mine since he has already sent the money to my account???

My British passport is expired and has been expired for more than 15 years [migrated]

  • I was born in England, 1984
  • Currently have Canadian Passport and reside in the United States
  • I am a permanent resident in the US (Green Card)
  • I have a British Birth Certificate

Please find out what the most convenient process for renewal is, how long it takes approx, any forms that need to be filled out, and whether I need to send my CAnadian passport in or not.

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Born In the USA have an Expired USA Passport Valid British passort

HI I was born in Pittsburgh I have an expired USA passort and an valid british Passport do I need an Esta to travel to USA?

Also If I do not I have two children with the same surename from my first marriage that are travelling with myself and my second wife (all british Citizens british passports) How do I apply for ESTA’s for my two children and what do I need from their Birth mother to allow them to tavel with me other than their british passports?