Upgrading from Magento 2.2.6 to 2.3.1 broke credit memo partial refund functionality

In credit memo, there is a field “Adjustment Refund” on the bottom. Before upgrading to 2.3.1 If I entered a value in this field, there was an “Update Totals” Button which would update total. But after upgrading to 2.3.1 this button does not appear. Attaching screenshots for more details.

Credit Memo Broken[![][1]]2

Google Analytics broke [on hold]

My system admin, updated to the latest cPanel about a week ago. After that, we lost Google Analytics in our eshop. We get an error saying Missing HTTP Response. I also tried adding gtag but the issue persists, no Analytics.

Analytics tracking code is code, as it works perfectly on our demo machine.

It looks like a firewall issue, but I have no idea where to look. Any help?

System update interrupted. Computer broke?

I was upgrading to version 18.04. Left it to load overnight and when I came home from work it was asking if I wanted to keep my current version, 16.04. All LTS versions. I unplugged the computer (it was fully charged) to bring to a different room and as soon as that happened the screen went purple. It never changed. I tried to restart. Now it can’t go past some sort of basic screen where I can select three options Ubuntu(this option doesn’t work it takes me to the black screen with the failure codes explained further down) advanced options for ubuntu (I tried selecting recovery mode it’s extremely difficult to navigate but I’ve gotten through a kind of login screen and did a reboot from that login screen to fix the graphics like it told me to only it keeps getting stuck in a black screen that has a bunch of code and the last line is as follows. [ 0.677842] —end Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root ‘s on unknown-block(0,0)

From this screen I can’t move forward or back I have to restart the computer to go back to the screen with three options. The third option is system setup which I can go through but it doesn’t do much for me, just computer mumbo jumbo I won’t understand. Not code though. Its configuration stuff.

I only have ubuntu because this computer was given to me. I do not even have a basic understanding of it. I used the code do-release-update -d to get the update since my computer kept telling me I had an update forever and every time I clicked update it would have me put in my password and the it just did nothing. The update seemed to work fine in the terminal. Though unplugging the power cord did something even though it has full charge I don’t understand it. I know my information is still on the computer because I did logins through some basic version I have no idea how it worked but it really didn’t because my cursor isn’t even on the screen when I try that. Please someone help me. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I am also able to press ‘e’ to edit the commands before booting or ‘c’ for a command-line It says GNU GRUB version 2.02 at the top of the screen.

Huawei update to EMUI 9 broke everything

I have a Huawei NOVA 2S which I purchased in China.

I got the EMUI 9 update yesterday and none of my Google Apps were working. Found this: https://itechify.com/2019/04/26/fix-google-apps-on-huawei-after-emui-9-update/, which is exactly the problem I’m having but those steps don’t help. I ran the GMS installer 1.2 and it removed all google apps.

I then installed Google play services (17.1.22 version code: 17122012). I keep getting “Google Play Services won’t run unless you update Google Play Services“. This is the most current version!!

Another Problem: I downloaded and installed Chrome from the Chinese app store. It opens for a minute then crashes.

I can’t even get the Play Store to work at all. I installed the most current version for my architecture from apkmirror.com but it won’t work. It just crashes instantly on opening.

Any suggestions other than use as a paperweight?

Magento 2 Product Grid Broke

Running Magento 2.3, the category page product grid seems broke.

Check here: Page Example

What can i do to fix this? I’ve played around with the css, this code in particular:

@media (min-width: 1024px), print .products-grid .desktop_3 .product-items:not(.owl-carousel) > .product-item { width: 33.33333333%; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; 

changing width to 31%, brought the 3 products per row back but still messed up for other devices <1024px.


I broke a view and i’m not sure how to fix it

I broke a view by adding the “flagged” relationship to the view, then filtering by the flag_id, then deciding against it and removing the relationship. The filter for flag_id was not removed when the relationship was removed so now I get an error on that view — “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”.

The actual logged error is

Uncaught PHP Exception Exception: “No entity type for field flag_id on view frontpage” at “…/core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/HandlerBase.php line 712”

I intended on going into the database to fix this but I feel like that’s the nuclear option.

Changing a Profile type Machine Name broke the Admin/People search

I’m working on a website in which there are several Profile types. As part of a task, I had to change the Label name and the Machine Name of one of them (Professional Courses to Professional School).
This action seems to have broken the search in the Admin/People page, namely, if the Administrator selects the users with the specific Profile type just mentioned, the search shows no results. I’ve discovered that the View managing this page (Admin/People), has kept the old Machine Name in the query, which means that role has been cut out.

I’ve tried to fix this error by changing the query using the following code inside a views_pre_execute function:

$  query = db_select('users', NULL); $  query->condition('users.uid', array('0'), 'NOT IN'); $  query->fields('users', array('uid', 'name', 'mail', 'status', 'created', 'access')); $  query->addJoin('INNER', 'profile', NULL, 'users.uid = profile.uid AND (profile.type IN ( \'master_school\', \'employee\', \'summer_school\', \'professional_courses\', \'digital_friend\', \'phd_school\', \'professional_school\' ))'); $  query->orderBy('users.access', 'DESC'); $  query->range(0, 100);  $  view->build_info['query'] = $  query; 

However, this code changes the query inside the View, but didn’t fix the problem.
How can I fix this bug? Should I go back to the old Machine Name?

Last 2 updates of Xiaomi Redmi 6 broke the SD card, solutions?

A lot of people including me that own a Xiaomi RedMi 6 lost data on SDs used in this phone. Seems this happened last 2 or 3 updates – SD cards went to RAW and even some of them cannot be successfully read. Bye-bye pictures or everything stored during normal usage and not backed-up/synced …

Current version of the device:

Model number: Redmi 6

Android version: 8.1.O11019

Android security patch level: 2019-03-01

MIUI version: MIUI Global 10.2 | Stable (OCGMIXM)

Model name: M1804C3DG

Baseband version: MOLY.R12A.R2.MP.V24.32.P122

Kernel version: 4.9.77+

Is there an official anwser from Xiaomi how to fix this?