Broke WiFi after installing chromedriver or selenium or chrome UBUNTU18.04

I was installing selenium for my PC which requires chromedriver. initially chromedriver wasn’t working so I looked for potential solutions and I remember updating chrome and doing something with libnss3 library..I think I ran some random command off a site (mistake on my part)…. I got it to work somehow and my net was working. The PC got screen-off’d after some time and net had stopped working. The top bar which shows WiFi icon is also says connected in the drop-down menu but not on the top WiFi icon on top of screen.

Things I’ve tried:

-I tried 2 wi-fi’s..both not working – my phone WiFi hotspot works but only for google. YouTube and Facebook, I can do searches but can’t open any sites – I messed up my settings by trying to troubleshoot myself. I changed resolve.conf files I messed up interfaces etc (I only edited the text files related to internet settings..nothing else) – my laptop has windows dual boot and the WiFi is working perfectly it’s definitely a Ubuntu issue – restarted rebooted both modems and PC – closed network manager and reopened via terminal – I also have a usb WiFi card…which I used but I’m not able to connect..only way I can get net to work is from my hotspot( only -tried changing DNS

I think that the issue is related to the libnss3 library or chrome update…

ifconfig -a gives 3 cards -enp9s0 -lo -enp9s0 This is with no external usb WiFi If I add WiFi card it shows up in ifconfig

sudo lshw -C network Output – -network disabled Description:wireless interface – network disabled Description : ethernet interface

The wireless interface wasn’t showing disabled before I posted this I guess I messed it up even more…

Lspci shows my driver

IMO it’s a configuration issue which I messed up badly..I’m working on an URGENT project where I can’t just reinstall Ubuntu..please help me fix it without resetting my Ubuntu

I’m posting from phone as no internet on PC so please don’t mind the formatting and code outputs I’m willing to run any command you guys need for debugging purposes ls help

Thank you

OpenGL driver broke after update to Ubuntu 19.04

I updated from Ubuntu 18.04 to 19.04 today but to my surprise steam stopped working after the update.

Running steam from the command line gives the following error:

SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred X Error of failed request:  GLXBadContext SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) Major opcode of failed request:  152 (GLX) Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext) 

since the problem wasn’t solved after a reboot, i googled and found that my opengl driver was broken. I did:

sudo apt install mesa-utils:i386 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates sudo apt dist-upgrade 

But these had no effect. The output of glxinfo after the above commands is:

name of display: :0 libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast X Error of failed request:  GLXBadContext   Major opcode of failed request:  152 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  6 (X_GLXIsDirect)   Serial number of failed request:  63   Current serial number in output stream:  62 

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Linux Mint broke and I can’t get it to work properly again on dual boot

I have used Linux Mint 18 with Windows 10 in dual boot since over a year now and never had a problem. Out of nowhere I was unable to boot Linux, seemingly due to a Windows update, because I didn’t use Linux for a while. I thought okay nice, I can easily reinstall Linux (19 this time) and use my Timeshift backup to restore my data.

Well, that didn’t quite work: Linux got installed but somehow my mouse didn’t work. I couldn’t get the drivers to work properly and broke Linux again, so “shit here we go again” and an installed it again. My mouse works fine this time but after restarting Linux, I was unable to log into Cinnamon. I type in my password, the screen flashes, and then the login screen comes back. This loop continues forever. So I reinstalled the Cinnamon desktop. That didn’t work either. So I reinstalled Linux again. Now I can’t even boot into it, because it doesn’t show up in the UEFI as boot entry.

How do you guys handle this kind of situations? Is there an even “cleaner” way to reinstall Linux?

My drive setup is as follows:

  • 500GB SSD for Windows 10 only, with its own EFI partition (I guess it is for the Windows Bootloader only?)
  • 250GB SSD for Linux Mint only, with swap, /, /home, and EFI partition (that is the one used by GRUB I guess?)

One important thing to point out: Before every reinstall of Linux, I deleted, and formated its partitions via Windows, but kept the EFI (GRUB) partition. I just deleted the ubuntu folder from the EFI partition and deleted the old UEFI boot entries. Was that a bad idea?

Is it safe to disable or remove the Keyring in Ubuntu 18.04LTS since the last update broke it?

After doing an update to my Ubuntu machine, the next time I re-started it asked for my keyring password. I put the correct one, an no matter how many time I do that upon every re-start it will ask me for the password again. Even when I do provide the correct password, my chrome and other apps do not safe password, and every time I have to re-sync my chrome. In addition, this started to create other odd behaviors.

I am all up for password managers and security, but this is not the first time that this happens to me. I experience something similar years ago. The problem is that every time that this happens I have to either re-install ubuntu or (this time) I had to create a new user account. But in the process I lost all the costumizations that I have done on my system (Many hours spend to make it cool) and I have to start all over from scratch.

With that in mind, since keying seems to be not too reliable, Is it safe to remove? If I remove it does that means that my Chrome will never remember the credentials to Sync on every startup?

I know it can be safely removed, but what are the consequences? that is what I don’t yet understand.

Finally, if it is safe and no major side effects, what is the best way to remove the keyring for just one user (the main account that I use on a daily bases “Regular user NOT admin”)?

Thanks so much.

How do I know if the compiler broke my code and what do I do if it was the compiler?

Once in a while C++ code will not work when compiled with some level of optimization. It may be compiler doing optimization that breaks the code or it may be code containing undefined behavior which allows the compiler to do whatever it feels.

Suppose I have some piece of code that breaks when compiled with higher optimizations level only. How do i know if it’s the code or the compiler and what do I do if it’s the compiler?

Upgrading from Magento 2.2.6 to 2.3.1 broke credit memo partial refund functionality

In credit memo, there is a field “Adjustment Refund” on the bottom. Before upgrading to 2.3.1 If I entered a value in this field, there was an “Update Totals” Button which would update total. But after upgrading to 2.3.1 this button does not appear. Attaching screenshots for more details.

Credit Memo Broken[![][1]]2

Google Analytics broke [on hold]

My system admin, updated to the latest cPanel about a week ago. After that, we lost Google Analytics in our eshop. We get an error saying Missing HTTP Response. I also tried adding gtag but the issue persists, no Analytics.

Analytics tracking code is code, as it works perfectly on our demo machine.

It looks like a firewall issue, but I have no idea where to look. Any help?