User instruction wording – refresh browser / reload page?

In the event of an API error in our web app, we display some informational text as follows:

   [error icon]     Something went wrong    <Instructions here> 

For the instructions, we are considering “Try refreshing your browser” or “Try reloading this page.”

There is some debate about which would be more easily understood by users. In browsers, the reload button tooltip is labeled “Reload page,” but some think “refreshing the browser” is a more commonly-understood phrase.

Any experience or opinions?

Vi Bank – Virtual Bank Browser Game

Vi Bank is a new free browser based simulation game


Vi Bank is free browser based simulation game. The main goal of the game is players tobuild their own virtual bank with a huge network of branches and employees to make a good profit.

Why are you selling this site?

The main reason for selling the business is the fact that I do not have enough time to support and develop it.

How is it monetized?

Whilst the game is completely free to play, it operates…

Vi Bank – Virtual Bank Browser Game

iCloud: Untrust a saved browser

I recently accessed iCloud website using a device that I don’t personally own and generally use.

After successfully logging-in by entering my Apple ID/Password and the Two-Factor Authentication, I was asked if I would like to trust the browser, so as to skip entering Two-Factor Authentication code every time I login, I complied. (It isn’t a public device and there is no possibility of unauthorized access)

This gave me the of flexibility to easily login in with just my Apple ID and password when I don’t have any of my trusted Apple device around to get the Two-Factor Authentication code.

Now, I am done using the device and will be returning it to the original owner. How do I untrust the browser?, i.e. require it to ask for Two-Factor Authentication code next time a login is performed using my Apple ID? Also, is there a way to see a list of all similar trusted browsers and untrust them?

Best free browser tester? (javascript issues with ipad, and andriod)

What is the best free browser tester? I have firefox and chrome. I am running into the issue where the page works fine on windows, but not in ipad, or certain versions of android. Its driving me nuts because it works fine in all chrome/firefox versions on windows and linux but not in ipad or certain versions of android. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

the web page has javascript too.

Linken Sphere – antidetect browser of new generation

If your work is partner programs, advertising and social networks, poker rooms, casinos, bookmakers, forex, binary options, shops, banks, payment systems, affiliate programs – this browser is for you.


The browser is designed in such a way that you do not need to configure the system – you can start quickly, anonymously and without spyware Google immediately after installation. This is especially useful for working in affiliate…

Linken Sphere – antidetect browser of new generation

Style Sheet loads intermittently only on Microsoft Edge Browser

I am using the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module to load css once the page has loaded:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/sites/default/files/advagg_css/css__fQOpwieSv5u9MLUdCJW8AX3ysBkVaiLC0mNO9bCuF8c__FLUdFFsRYhU7NN2T4QA7b0pMyQP1W1hRmVlZ5H2Saxs__sq6B6dIZCxhnK6op34i0_MkLadmDDYLWNc-Y9yWUjsQ.css" media="all" as="style" onload="window.advagg_mod_loadcss = function() {if (window.jQuery) {if (jQuery.isFunction(jQuery.holdReady)){jQuery.holdReady(false);}} else {setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 100);}};setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 200);this.onload=null;this.rel='stylesheet'"> 

The problem is that sometimes only on Microsoft Edge, the stylesheet does not get loaded (I don’t see the styles getting applied on my site). Once I reload the page, it works fine. It’s hard to replicate because it does not happen all the time and it only happens one time per page.