Bratislava (airport) to Budapest

I am traveling to Budapest next month via Bratislava airport. We will be arriving at 20:40 in Bratislava, and we want to catch a bus or train to Budapest ASAP.

From what I have found the best option is to catch the 21:30 FlixBus from Bratislava, AS Mlynské nivy station.

The only other available options, that leave later from Bratislava airport, are going through Vienna, which is in the opposite direction, and the trip lasts many hours.

So I would like to ask, if you think it would be possible (if the flight has no delays of course) to make it to the bus station by 21:30 from the airport (leaving say at 21:00) on a Friday night. (We will take a taxi from the airport in order to have a chance to be on time.) Our flight is from within Schengen, so we’ll only have to wait for checked bags, not immigration.

P.S. If you know of any other available options please let me know.

Update The FlixBus service is the only one I could find online. I would be greatful if someone local can point me to other transportation services available (like local bus companies) that have any routes later that 21:30 from Bratislava to Budapest.

I would be interested also to know how much approximately a taxi fare would be.

Formula 1 shooting (Hockenheim, Budapest)

I want to shoot formula 1 races and just wonder if there is someone who already had such experience. So I want to go to German or Hungary to F1 GP this year and the questions are

  1. Is it allowed for everyone to shoot there?
  2. If so, is it allowed to bring a tripod or monopod to the grandstand?
  3. Is it possible to get the media permit (I’m not a journalist) and shoot not from grandstand?


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