Can I split the AdGroup budgets down to specific Ads in Twitter Ads?

If I am running a Twitter Ads campaign and have two ads under one AdGroup, is there any way of splitting the budget for the two ads in the AdGroup? Or does Twitter do this automatically.

I know I can split campaign budgets across different AdGroups in a campaign, but wasn’t sure if I can also divide the AdGroup budget down amongst ads (there doesn’t seem to be anyway of doing this)?

Any help / answers would be wonderful.


How should I handle a change in monthly rent with Budgets on Mint?

Let’s assume today is Jan 1st and I’ve started the year with a total budget of $ 4,000/month. My rent is currently $ 1,000/month, and so the other budget categories add to $ 3,000/month. In March my rent will jump to $ 1,200/month. I want my total budget to stay at $ 4,000/month, so starting in March I’ll need to increase my rent budget to $ 1,200, and decrease my other budget categories by $ 200 total.

I’ve enabled the checkbox for “Start each new month with the previous month’s leftover amount” because that’s a nice way of handling month-to-month fluctuations in expenses. I’d of course like these running totals to carryover into March.

How do I do this (or something like this) in Mint?