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Fast Buds is one of the leaders of legal cannabis seeds industry. Company is offering autoflowering hybrids worldwide for over 10 years and is well known for the top quality control and original marketing.

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Fast Buds Affiliates – Up to 50% Pay per Sale

Galaxy buds connection problem

I have connection problem with my Galaxy buds. I experiencing little cut downs quite often. I also have the latest updates on the Galaxy buds and Samsung Galaxy S9.

I have already tried resets of any kind and also tried to change the Audio codec which helps but the problem is that after everytime I reconnect the buds the codec automatically changes back to Samsung’s Scalable codec.

Do you have any advice how to prevent the S9 from changing the codec back ? Or any advice of how to fix the the cut downs ? Or is there a possibility of Galaxy buds hardware problem?

Samsung Buds on Windows

I just received my Samsung Buds, and they connect as they should to my Android phone. Downloaded “Samsung Gear” software to my PC with Windows 10, and can connect properly to the Samsung Buds via Bluetooth on computer. Issue is they do not pop up as a Playback device, so I cannot play any sound on them.

I have reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers, without success. Samsung Gear

Device Manager

enter image description here