How to Build report from mysqlcheck output

I need to build a report from the output of MySQL database check and auto-repair.

A scheduled (cron) a task runs mysqlcheck
I want to get informed by email of eventual repair needed, repair success, repair fails…
But dont want the full report each time : only repairs

I run the mysqlcheck like this:

mysqlcheck --user=myuser --password=mypwd -c --auto-repair dbname > ouput.log 

Found on a blog that the mysqlcheck output may looks like this is case of repair

Repairing tables dbname.table1 warning  : Number of rows changed from 3 to 1 status   : OK dbname.table2 warning  : Number of rows changed from 5454 to 5455 status   : OK dbname.table3 warning  : Number of rows changed from 471859 to 471860 status   : OK 

Since i cant find any official documentation about how looks the exact output, I need help to build a report text file made by processing the output of mysqlcheck.
Perhaps with some regex magic…

Build automation tools before make?

I realized that make was “only” invented in 1976 and seems to be one of the first build automation tools (at least it’s probably the oldest still in use).

But we already had a history of large software projects in 1976. What did people use for e.g. OS/360 or the software for the F-14? Were there any real precursors for make or did make invent the concept of build automation?

How does debian build their OpenStack cloud image?

I’m attempting to build out a KVM image akin to the images found at

I would like to basically build out the same image.

I have tried to use the openstack-debian-images package but the resultant qcow2/raw file does not boot. It essentially sits at a prompt MBR 1A: (I think) and does nothing further.

I have not been able to get past that.

I have seen that I can use Packer or bootstrap-vz but don’t know where I can find a template for either to build out the image.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Roughly how much would it cost to hire a team of dwarves to build a home in the mountainside

Since I began dnd I had an idea to try to hire dwarven miners to build it into the cliff side. I am not expecting it to be huge and extravagant but it needs to be big enough for 4 people, one of whom has a large beast companion. This is just something I would be looking for in the future but if the cost is less than I expected I’m going to build it now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Build MySQL with Visual Studio 2019

I want to build the MySQL libraries with Visual Studio 2019. I did it many times with previous Visual Studio versions, but now I’m facing the issue:

MySQL error

I use these commands:

cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF -DLINK_STATIC_RUNTIME_LIBRARIES=1 -DDOWNLOAD_BOOST=1 -DWITH_BOOST="C:\Boost" -DWITH_SSL="C:\OpenSSL\openssl-1.0.2l\x64\debug" -DOPENSSL_LIBRARY="C:\OpenSSL\openssl-1.0.2l\x64\debug\lib\ssleay32MTd.lib" -DCRYPTO_LIBRARY="C:\OpenSSL\openssl-1.0.2l\x64\debug\lib\libeay32MTd.lib" -G "Visual Studio 16 2019 Win64"

I use MySQL 5.7.25 source to build it. Thanks in advance for your help.

How to build an execution graph of concurrency accesses

Sorry If I don’t use the right vocabulary, maybe part of my question is due to the fact that I don’t know the name of what I’m searching.

I have a bounded set of operations that need to access a database. I want to create an “execution graph” of these operations that prevents conflicting accesses. For each of this operations, I know the read set and write set.

Let’s say I have four operation, a, b, c and d :

readSet(a) = {k1, k2} writeSet(a) = {}

readSet(b) = {} writeSet(b) = {k1}

readSet(c) = {} writeSet(c) = {k2}

readSet(d) = {} writeSet(d) = {}

So here I can build the graphs whit the following set of edges :

g1 -> { (b, a), (c, a) }

g2 -> { (a, b), (a, c) }

How do I build such a graph that is that is as little deep as possible ? ( i.e that maximize the parallelism ? )

What are the keywords to find litterature on this problem ?

Is it possible to build a custom weapon, and if so, how my character will be able to use it?

I plan to make a multiclass character with a Rogue and a Ranger. Since I want to stay at a distance when attacking, I want to use a shortbow (with the proficiency from Rogue), but I also want to use a shield (with the proficiency from Ranger). This is not possible because the shield takes one hand, and the bow two.

I want to make a custom weapon, combining a shield with a bow, like a bow attached to the shield (so my character is holding the shield/bow in one hand, and shooting the arrow with the other) My DM would allow the construction of such item, but I want to know what kind of interaction this will have with the rules.

I need to specify that in RP, my character will be ordering this weapon custom for him, for his needs. My goal is having the +2 AC, and still making ranged attacks.

I will be proficient with both a shield and a bow, but the combined item is a new weapon, not specified in my proficiencies… Is it reasonable to think that I can be proficient the combined item? What kind of balance can I expect of this kind of item?