How to build Linux Volatility Profiles With the Compiled Kernel

I’m familiar with creating Linux memory profiles as stated here. However, this is assuming that I have access to the live system which often times is not the case.

I heard there is a way to build the profile with the compiled linux kernel but I cannot find any documentation on how to do that through googling. Is anyone familiar with building volatility profiles from the compiled kernel and if so willing to provide instructions on how to do so?


Looking to build a 5e Tank/Leader type for an Eberron game

I want to build a character who can tank and act as an equivalent of a 4th ed leader, enabling other party members- ideally with decent damage (following the philosophy that a tank that can’t hurt anything just gets ignored).

I love the basic idea of the Sorcadin, and realize it has a superior spell selection, but I’m considering if the class abilities of Palabard might not fit what I’m after better.

What I’m thinking currently is something like this- Warforged Pal2/Hex1/BardX – Swords or Valor for the extra attack, leaning towards Valor just because the inspiration is more party friendly. I’d love Pal6, but feels like that would make the bard progression so late as to be worthless.

Concerns- Paladin is primarily a heavy armor/smite chassis, and Hexblade offers shield and SAD for attacking. I like the 3 levels dip here, but worry that I’m delaying the bard progression too much.

Has anyone played or kicked around a similar build? Is there an optimal way to build this type of character?

What would be a “good” build for a dual weapon battlemaster half-orc?

I’ve started playing DnD for the first time two months ago (hey, coronavirus).

My character is a half-orc fighter, currently level 3. His attributes are STR 19, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 9, WISDOM 10, CHA 11. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about him at first, and I had a clear image of him wielding a battleaxe and a warhammer when fighting, and I really liked that. But then, as a noob, I wanted to see what was a “good” fighter build. Unfortunately, most of what I found led me to the same conclusion: Two Weapon Fighting is good for five levels, then gradually gets wrecked in comparison to a Great Weapon Fighter. What’s more, as I chose the Battlemaster archetype, some number of my battle maneuvers require a bonus action, which take away my additional attack as a dual wielder. And, unfortunately, last session, I already got to experience the huge difference in damage output between me and my party’s Paladin (who’s also using the Great Weapon Fighting style).

Since then I’ve really started to think about what I should be going towards while keeping what I had in mind. So, my question is actually be two:

  • What kind of build and multiclassing should I be aiming for ? (mainly talking about the ASI and feats I should use, dip in Barbarian ?)


  • Should I instead ask my DM if I could re-work my character, mainly to select the Great Weapon Fighting style (and make my maneuvers more reliable) ?

Just to be clear, I’m not looking to optimize the hell out of my character. I’d just like to have a bit of insight on the options I have so that I don’t “feel left behind” as much as my party levels up. This is my first campaign, my first character, so I’d really, really like to keep playing him without him being a Fighter that doesn’t do his job correctly (I’m the only other melee guy in the party).

Thank you for your time.

Can we use multiple framework (both front end and back end) to build a website?

I am a newbie ( HTML CSS/ zero level ) to web development and when I search the internet there are literally tonnes of web framework for both front end and backend development. Like Django, PHP, NodeJs, ReactJs, VueJs etc.

So can anyone please sort out best framework and also one of my major doubt is Can I built or use different framework simultaneously to build a website (front end and back end) OR Should I possibly learn some from above list and do my work with it ( That means we cannot use multiple language at once like Djanog PHP and Nodejs etc togther).

If we can do so , building a website with multiple framework possess any advantage or it will be fairly difficult manage..

DnD 3.5 Build – ‘Gravity Monkey’ idea with monk and druid

I’m about to start a DnD 3.5 campaign with a malleable DM. We are starting at level 5-8 (TBD) with 100,00 gold. I’ve been working on a build that has flavors of Sun Wukong – The Monkey King – at early levels and Pain from Naruto (almighty push stuff) at late levels. My goal is a ‘gravity monkey’ with a mantra of “The strength in this world lies in the sky and the earth.. and the forces that hold it together.”

I have approved the Wukong homebrew race and I will start with 2 levels of Monk as an orphan brought to a monastery in cold mountains (unless something more fitting is suggested). For the next several levels, I am planning to hit druid for the quarterstaff buffs and ability to summon elementals (Rashini Elemental Summoning as my idea). My end game is 6, 9, or 10 levels of the homebrew class, Mage of the Unseen Force (Gravity-mancer). I essentially want to be a monkey who hits hard and often, has battlefield control through earth and air spells, and can anytime fly around and summon elementals to supplement that control and then can start changing the gravity of the battlefield.

I’m looking for ideas for classes that might better fit the earth-air-monkey-quarterstaff thing if anyone has them.. BUT I am more specifically looking for alternative class features for the monk or especially druid. I know wild shape is great but I want to replace it to nerf my character a bit (my group isn’t heavy into optimization) and because I imagine myself pumping strength and staying in my form base most of the time. That said, the Monkey King has the power to turn himself into anything… I just don’t really want the stats from that – more the utility. I have looked at Shapeshifter ACF for druid, but it isn’t quite what I’m imagining as it seems to just buff stats if I’ve read it right. I can’t find much literature on the Elemental Druid ACF/Elemental Summoner Druid ACF, but it is very intriguing.

Question 1 synopsis: How can I make a druid (or something else) a nature-of-earth-and-air focused caster?

I also imagine myself as someone who doesn’t use many items. I want a badass quarterstaff (the Monkey King had one) that fits my ideas and have been trying to figure that out, but I am a bit unclear on staffs vs. quarterstaffs and whether a druid can use magic staffs.

Question 2 synopsis: Are there any awesome staffs that could be used as a quarterstaff and affect earth and air?.. or are there any other items that might be awesome for this build?

I will have some feats to spare. I will have my monk feats and am looking at quarterstaff focus, Rashini Elemental, and Magically Aloft for the homebrew prestige.. but otherwise have a lot of options.

Question 3: What feats work with earth, air, quarterstaff, or anything else that seems to fit?

Last notes: I live in China so anything with an Eastern flavor would be great. I don’t really want too much more homebrew as I have already added quite a bit, but suggestions are still welcome. I am not looking to be OP, just want a fun combat character. Our campaign is potentially going to be focused around finding a Deck of Many Things which my DM has a physical copy of. I don’t see that influencing my character really, but thought it was worth mentioning. I have read druid handbooks and Monkey King build threads, but am by no means well versed. I have looked at Apelord and Monkey Shen and neither fits right now, but if it makes sense with other options I am all eyes.

Thanks for the read and any answers in advance.

How do I build a new, balanced, disease in D&D4e?

Constructing diseases and the underlying mechanics for diseases seem to be under-described in D&D4e.

  • How do I set a level for a new disease I want to create?
  • How do I choose difficulties for the tests for healing/disease progression?
  • How do I determine balanced consequences for the various disease stages?
  • What, if any, rewards should get attached to a disease?

What DnD 5e build (with minimum number of combined levels over all classes) is needed to summon all summonable monsters?

What build would make if you just want to be able summon all monsters (of the summonable monsters) without a general purpose spell like wish or special equipment – how many levels of a multiclass do you need at minimum? Specify background. I believe a Wizard (Summoning school) can nearly summon all monster types with CR limits but for instance has to choose between demons and animals at level 4.