Язык C++. При определении конструктора класса через builder компилятор выдаёт предупреждения

Создал класс через Builder.

Из-за чего компилятор выдаёт предупреждения в файле Patient.cpp на определении двух конструкторов класса и как это пофиксить?

Выдаёт два таких предупреждения:

Warning C26495 Variable ‘Patient::id’ is uninitialized. Always initialize a member variable (type.6).

Код файла Patient.h:

#pragma once #include <string> class Patient { public:     Patient();     Patient(int id,std::string surname, std::string name, std::string patronymic, std::string address, std::string work_place, std::string last_date);     ~Patient(); protected:     int id;//номер медицинской карты     std::string surname;//фамилия     std::string name;//имя     std::string patronymic;//отчество     std::string address;//адрес     std::string work_place;//место работы     std::string last_date;//дата последней флюрографии ??? }; 

Код файла Patient.cpp:

#include "Patient.h" #include <iostream> Patient::Patient() {     std::cout << "Объект класса Patient создан\n"; }  Patient::Patient(int id, std::string surname, std::string name, std::string patronymic, std::string address, std::string work_place, std::string last_date) {     std::cout << "Объект класса Patient с использованием формальныъх параметров создан.\n"; }   Patient::~Patient() {     std::cout << "Объект класса Patient удалён.\n"; } 

FREE visualising site builder without database?

I’ve built a website for a friend, with WordPress & Elementor, which turned out easy and flex. Then I learned some HTML,JS,CSS tuts. Now I want to try some other builder, I watched some tuts about Webflow, which is wonderful visualising CSS, thus, I guess, it will produce more cleaner codes than wordpress? Anyway, some features I need are not free in Webflow, so I have to keep on searching. Anybody, please tell me if any builder could do the followings: (for simple site without blog or ecommerce)

1, without database…..or WordPress is good enought for me.

2, FREE…..including letting me insert js into code, letting me point to my own domain(or, at least could let me export html/css/js code).

3, could let me build a site/project then let my friend (in another city) change headings/texts himself…. is this called front-end editing?

Appreciate any response.

How can i connect and get the data of flbuilder beaver builder wordpress and gatsbyjs?

I’m trying to connect with gatsby js and wordpress but not using only this package https://www.gatsbyjs.org/packages/gatsby-source-wordpress/ otherwise trying to customize or get the data of beaver builder fl-builder, its possible to get?


I expected that someone could be found a solution for get the pages writed using flbuilder beaver builder and gatsby.

Free offline website builder

Does anyone know of any free offline website builders? I want to build a simple site and I cannot code, write HTML, or anything like that. I just want to get the site built and them, when I am ready, upload it to the server I choose. I also don't want to spend a bunch of $ $ $ $ on commercial builders. Thank you in advance.

[GET][NULLED] – Elementor Pro Live Page Builder For WordPress v2.5.0


[GET][NULLED] – Elementor Pro Live Page Builder For WordPress v2.5.0

datagridview query builder doe not allow joins

I have three tables, Survey, User and SurveyTemplate that I wish to display and edit in a datagrid in a windows form. I create a data source using these tables. When I try to use DataGridView Tasks it allows me to select only table. I need to create a join query. I can create the correct join query in SQL Server Management Server and have tested it. However, if I paste this query into the datagridview SQL query builder I get the message: The schema returned by the new query differs from the base query.

Is the only way to populate a datagridview with a SQL JOIN to use code? Here is the query:

SELECT dbo.SurveyTemplate.Name, dbo.Survey.UserID, dbo.[User].FirstName, dbo.[User].LastName, dbo.Survey.InvitationText, dbo.[User].Email, dbo.Survey.EndDate, dbo.Survey.Status FROM dbo.[User] INNER JOIN dbo.Survey ON dbo.[User].ID = dbo.Survey.UserID INNER JOIN dbo.SurveyTemplate ON dbo.Survey.SurveyTemplateID = dbo.SurveyTemplate.ID