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Property does not exist on the Eloquent builder instance

estoy practicando con laravel pero tengo algunas dudas, quiero aplicar un middleware que le prohiba el acceso a una ruta si un usuario logueado tiene “0” en la columna “wizard” de mi tabla “empresas” y lo redireccione a completar su proceso pero si este tiene “1” en el campo lo deje pasar a la ruta /dashboard

declare mi modelo de la siguiente forma:

    <?php      namespace App;      use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;      class Empresa extends Model     {         /**          * The database table used by the model.          *          * @var string          */         protected $  table = 'empresas';          /**         * The database primary key value.         *         * @var string         */         protected $  primaryKey = 'id';          /**          * Attributes that should be mass-assignable.          *          * @var array          */         protected $  fillable = ['nombreempresa',         'nombrecomercial',         'idfiscal',         'logo',         'adminid',         'tel',         'pais',         'status',         'email',         'acceso',         'verified',         'categoria',         'sector',         'tipo',         'serial',         'wizard',         'created_at',         'updated_at'];         public function user()           {             return $  this->belongsTo('App\User');           }     } 

El codigo del middleware es:

namespace App\Http\Middleware; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth; use Closure; use App\Empresa;  class WizardVerification {     /**      * Handle an incoming request.      *      * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $  request      * @param  \Closure  $  next      * @return mixed      */     public function handle($  request, Closure $  next)        {          if(Empresa::where('adminid', Auth::user()->id)->wizard && !Auth::check()){             return redirect('/dashboard');           }          return $  next($  request);        } } 

en mis rutas lo llame asi:

Route::group(['middleware' => ['wizard']], function () {  /*Todas las rutas que esten en este grupo estaran restringidas si el usuario no completo su informacion y se restringira su paso si la no se encuentra logueado.*/ Auth::routes(); Route::get('/dashboard', 'DashboardController@index', function () {     return redirect('/home'); }); Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@index')->name('home'); }); 

pero al hacer la prueba me aparece el error “propety [wizard] does not exist” que estoy haciendo mal? porque segui cuidadosamente este tutorial pero no lo logre hacer funcionar, espero alguien pueda explicarme porque esta mal mi codigo, saludos!!!

How should XCode, UIKit and Interface Builder be used?

I’m diving into iOS development these days, and I’ve been very confused about XCode and the Apple Dev ecosystem.

First of all, there’s no more Storyboards & Interface Builder tutorials on the official Apple Docs (or I haven’t seen one).

Neither there is a road to follow to get into iOS development. It seems like XCode is not a good tool.

There is not a good divider between what you should do programmatically and what you should do in Interface Builder.

If I look into some open source projects, it seems like the full programmatically approach is widely prefered over the Interface Builder one, but it’s still necessary to have at least one Storyboard.

XCode feels like it’s inconsistent in its state. I’ve seen that Apple is developing SwiftUI, that seems to be full programmatically and declarative.

So here comes my true question : is Apple in a transitive phase from what have been a failure in design (Interface Builder) ?

If it’s a no, how do you think the Apple tools should be used ?

I don’t know if it’s not too opinion-based, but I would like to get the “good way” and the “best practices” things in iOS development.

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c# Fluent Builder and invalid object state

I have a question about Fluent Interface Builder. I have a simple object like this:

public class Person {     public string Name { get; set; }     public string Surname { get; set; }     public int Age { get; set; }      ... other properties } 

and I have a simple UserBuilder class:

public class UserBuilder {     private string _name;     private string _surname;     private int _age;     private Gender _gender;      private UserBuilder(){ }      public static UserBuilder Create()     {         return new UserBuilder();     }      public UserBuilder WithName(string name)     {         _name = name;         return this;     }      public UserBuilder WithSurname(string surname)     {         _surname = surname;         return this;     }     //Other methods......      public Person Build()     {         return new Person         {             Name = _name,             Age = _age,             Surname = _surname             ......         };     } } 

My questions are:
Is it correct to check the status of the object in the build method? Example:

public Person Build() {     // Is it correct??     if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(_name))         throw new Exception();      if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(_surname))         throw new Exception();      return new Person     {         Name = _name,         Age = _age,         Surname = _surname         ......     }; } 

If it’s correct what kind of exception should I throw? ArgumentException?? InvalidOperationException??
If it’s not correct, where and how I can validate object created? Thanks a lot.