Do smartphones have built-in surveillance in certain countries?

I recently was in a third world country which is know as a police state with heavy cyber surveillance. I noticed that brand new smartphones came in a box that had a nice holographic seal showing the map of that country. (To be specific, it was a Samsung A8, a legitimate one—not counterfeit.)

Is there a chance that certain smartphones sold in that country could have some built-in hard/soft/firmware to facilitate state surveillance? Is that seal just used for benign branding purposes (akin to the Maple leaf on McDonald’s logos in Canada), or does it betray a more sinister arrangement between the manufacturer and the regime?

How can I open .rar archives in lubuntu’s built-in file manager?

Lubuntu 18.04.1 includes the lightweight but surprisingly powerful GUI file manager PCManFM 1.2.5, which can list the files within a .rar, but fails to extract or display them. Error messages (e.g. Huffman coding error) imply an inability to decode the main body of the .rar, though the directory is readable.

How can I shoot time lapses with Nikon P900 beside the built-in 10 seconds programs?

I’m sweating blood to find any product or how-to to make time lapses with my Nikon P900. It seems to me, that my only option is to use the built-in time lapse modes, which sucks. I mean, it shoots in 2MP and the result is horrible. I’ve tried the interval mode as well, but the smallest interval is 30 seconds. I need simply a tool, to remotely shoot a picture like every 3 seconds and I gonna make a video after that from the separate images. The problem is I neither was able to find any shutter release compatible with P900 that can do this job. I’ve contacted a photographer shop and they also said that there is no compatible product for P900. Can you recommend me anything please?