Bulk download files from AWS server

I would like to download all the files for a MOOC course. I believe the directory the files are in has private access, while the files have public access.

The server is an AWS server so I understand they have a CLI.

So what would the approach be, on Linux/Ubuntu, for downloading the files with the AWS CLI?

but secondly, can this be done with just a bash script?

Is there a way to print all the files in a directory if you only have access to the files?

I don’t need the full script, just a workaround to get a list of all files in the directory: https://s3.amazonaws.com/edx-course-spdx-kiczales/HTC/

should look something like this:

more-arithmetic-expression-starter.rkt more-arithmetic-expression-solution.rkt tile-starter.rkt tile-solution.rkt compare-images-starter.rkt compare-images-solution.rkt more-foo-evaluation-starter.rkt ... 

Anyway, I already went through manually and found each name of the file in the directory, but since I might complete more courses and they will more often than not host material files in the same manner, I would love if there was a bulk approach to downloading files from a (AWS) server.

thanks for your help

Bulk data upload in SharePoint Form Library

I have a newly created Form management system(form Library) in SharePoint online. Prior to this the data was used to maintain in Excel sheets. We need to upload this old data into new Form library as list or form. If we consider the excel sheet’s data as forms, then there will be more that 300 forms that we have to upload in this new system and with each form there will be some attached documents.

can any one suggest,if there is option of bulk upload for this task.

Does the bulk value of items in my backpack count against my limit?

My Pathfinder 2e character has a bulk limit of 7. I’ve purchased an adventurer’s pack, which costs 2 bulk but includes a backpack, which can carry up to 4 bulk.

The description of the backpack (Core Rulebook, pg.287) says:

A backpack holds up to 4 Bulk of items. If you’re carrying or stowing the pack rather than wearing it on your balk, its bulk is light instead of negligible.

I’m not sure how this interacts with my bulk. I can foresee two options:

  1. I can still only carry up to 7 bulk. My backpack can hold 4 bulk byitself, but when I carry or wear the backpack I have to hold its 4 bulk too. It seems like in this case there is no real benefit to a backpack, unless you have to justify how you are carrying things.
  2. While wearing the backpack, I can carry up to 11 bulk (7 from my limit, 4 from the backpack). This makes the backpack useful, but I don’t see this interpretation supported in the rules.

So how does the backpack work? Does the bulk value of the items in my backpack count against my bulk limit?