Does Photo Editing business worth?

I am planning to start a photo editing business. I am planning to develop a site. My plan is to provide service from the list below for now

1. Clipping path service
2. Background removal service
3. Multiple clipping path service
4. Ghost mannequin service
5. Color correction service
6. Photo restoration service
7. Raster to vector conversion service
8. Photo cutout service
9. Drop shadow service
10. Photo editing service
11. Image manipulation service
12. Deep etching…

Does Photo Editing business worth?

Rules for creating player business in DnD 5th Edition [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • Has anyone enabled their players to create businesses in-game as a way to generate income? [closed]

We have a player that is interested in setting up a business as a money lender and another that wants to open a brothel. Are there official rules for this kind of gameplay? If so where can I read up on the specifics. If not, is there some kind of homebrew set of rules that I might be able to use?

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Can I use my valid B1/B2 visa for personal vacation, if it was originally applied and used once before for business meeting?

I have valid B1/B2 visa till 2022. The visa was originally applied for business travel and I had already travel once after that. Now I want to travel for family vacation. Is the current visa having “R-B1/B2” good enough or I have to apply for B2 visa again?

Can a Fake business card save me of trouble in Morocco?

I Will be traveling to Morocco in May, and I have being reading a lot about being harassed, scamed by locals and maybe even police.

I know of a friend who runs a very successful business and when visiting morocco he got into trouble with the police and got out of it handing them his business cards and telling them he had connections that could get them in trouble.

My question is: How legit is this? I’m very tempted to do some business cards with a fake e-mail and phone number and telling them I work for an important company or maybe even pretend I’m a diplomat some made up international association from the EU(I’m a EU citizen), because I’m very frightened by this sort of encouters and scams.

Can I get in trouble for this? If I happen to come up with some international organization and claim I work for them to scare them?

I hope you understand my question, Thank you

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Excessive log throttling on Azure SQL on business critical tier

We moved from the Biz Critical vCore Gen4_8 tier to Gen5_8 over the holidays. We had to move because our log growth is constantly pushing us into the 1 TB limit of Gen4. Not only are our queries taking twice as long in Gen5, but we are seeing a lot of log rate throttles as shown here:

enter image description here

Why are there three different log rate throttles – what is the difference between them? If you remove the non-important CXCONSUMER wait, almost half of our waits are from the 3 throttles.

I can reproduce the log rate throttles with nothing else running in our pool with a simple “SELECT TOP 20000000 * INTO newtable FROM oldtable” query. We are selecting from a very narrow table (4 int and 2 float columns) that has a CCI and no fragmentation.

enter image description here

We contacted support and they responded with “its because of poor indexing or a very inefficient query plan”. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this query. It runs in 1:50 on Gen5 consistently, 49 secs in Gen4, and 20 secs on my old laptop.

When I run this query, the DMVs show the I/O for this query as: total_logical_writes=150258, total_physical_reads=44080.

Given that it takes 110 seconds to run, can we then say that each write and read is a single I/O which would make our average IOPS about 1766 ((150258+44080)/110)? If not, is there a good way to measure how many IOPS a query hits? I bring this up because the DB limit for Gen5_8 shows “Target IOPS” = 20000, but I think we are well below that. Also is “target” an actual limit or an estimate of the throughput we could expect?

We never had throttling under Gen4 and are paying $ 50k a year for this service tier and our app is barely usable now – any suggestions/thoughts on where we go from here would be much appreciated!

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[GET][NULLED] – WYZI – Business Finder WordPress Directory Listing Theme v2.2.1