Can I cast Sunbeam if both my hands are busy?

The 6th-level Evocation spell Sunbeam reads as follows:

A beam of brilliant light flashes out from your hand in a 5-foot-wide, 60-foot-long line. […] For the duration, a mote of brilliant radiance shines in your hand.

Bearing in mind that you need to have at least one hand busy with the Material/Somatic component of the spell (as remarked by NautArch in the comments), the text doesn’t directly say “you need an extra free hand to cast this spell”, but the wording makes it seem so. I need some clarifications.

  • Can I cast Sunbeam if both my hands are busy, even if one is holding the Material component?
  • Otherwise, do I need to hold the Material component (or focus) in one hand while keeping the other one free?
  • How does the casting of Sunbeam interact with the War Caster feat?

Trigger to insert new row into second table causes “Connection is busy with results for another command”

I have created this trigger to insert new row into table @AL_ORDR_TRACKER after new row is inserted in table ORDR.

CREATE TRIGGER dbo.trgAfterInsertORDR ON dbo.ORDR AFTER INSERT AS BEGIN INSERT INTO dbo."@AL_ORDR_TRACKER"         (U_DocEntry, U_Updated)     SELECT         DocEntry as U_DocEntry, GETDATE() U_Updated         FROM inserted END 

The trigger gets registered but when inserting new rows into ORDR I get the error message:

Connection is busy with results fro another commands

What might be going wrong here?

camera stays busy after stopping code

I installed spyder2.X. with Ubuntu 16.04, gave me this message:

Spyder crashed during last session.          ........         ....... 

then, installed it by:

sudo pip install -U spyder 

this commend installed spyder3

the problem:

when running the code from spyder, the camera stays busy after stopping running.

when running the code from the terminal, everything is ok.

I read more about this problem, one comment is very hard “Closing because this is a Debian/Ubuntu problem because they decided to intentionally break Spyder.”

Also, this enter link description here change OpenCV version but my case is different. my case with spyder, not OpenCV.

the summary:

I can’t use an anaconda library and python3 because of some confliction with ROS library.

please help me or any suggestion

Thank you in advance!

SharePoint Site Error: Server is too busy

Recently, I ran in to a problem, where a document that is stored in a SharePoint site was published through social media, the document URL was something like this:


After publishing the document, an error appeared when trying to access the site saying “Server is too busy, try again later” (site was down).

I’ve been administrating the farm that hosts this SharePoint site for more than 2 years, I was never given such an error as the topology contains 6 web front ends with very high specifications in terms of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space.

I investigated almost everything on the server and servers’ resources seem to be healthy (Disk Space, RAM, CPU, Services up and running)…etc.

Operation team said that they noticed a heavy traffic coming from outside the country and they blocked the IP that was causing the traffic to the site, also after restarting the servers one by one, everything was back to normal.

I’m wondering what the issue is, is it because the document was announced on Social Media and huge number of people tried to download the document through the announced URL ?! or was the site exposed to some kind of a DDoS attack ?

Your advice is appreciated.

when to use “wait” and when “busy” mouse cursor

I am developing a desktop application with Qt framework. When there is a task running which causes the UI to be blocked for a while, I would like to use a mouse cursor indicating that the user should wait until the task is finished. There are two cursors available – “wait” cursor and “busy” cursor. What is the difference from the UX perspective. What are the rules when to use one or the other?

enter image description here

TWRP unable to wipe or format `Failed to mount ‘/system’ (Device or resource busy)`

I’m trying to install LineageOS and then GAPPS on my Pixel XL from TWRP recovery. I’ll try to Advance Wipe the /systems directory and Format Data, but I continue to get multiple errors:

Failed to mount '/system' (Device or resource busy)

Failed to mount '/vendor' (Device or resource busy)


Unable to wipe 'System'

Unable to wipe '/system'


If I just continue with adb sideload most of the time it stops about halfway (PowerShell shows 47%) through and then TWRP shell shows:

Installing zip file '/sideload/' Step 1/2 Step 2/2  

I then try to sideload the file and get another error saying /system doesn’t have enough space. I’ve tried sideloading several different gapps versions including their smallest pico zip fie of 91.39 MiB.

I am able to then boot into LineageOS, but no GAPPS show and I’m not able to run any new apps installed via APK without them crashing.

My assumption is that I need to fully wipe system and format it, but I’ve been trying for two days now and still get the above (Device or resource busy) errors. Any help would be much appreciated!

If economy class lavatories are too busy or filthy, can you use business class lavatories?

My grandma was in economy class on a full Air Canada flight. The bathrooms were, unusually, very occupied, and were accompanied by long lines and passengers waiting. They soon became filthy; she saw egesta on the floor and toilet in some of them. She asked the cabin crew if the bathrooms would be cleaned, but they just put paper towels to hide the egesta without cleaning.

So without asking first or explicit permission, she walked up to use the business class lavatory, where the Service Director chided her:

Madam, use the lavatories in Economy. Please refrain from using the lavatories up here.

My grandma apologized, and tried to explain the long waits and the filthiness, but he still chided her the second time:

I already told you not to use this class’s lavatory.

In such unusual cases of filthiness and unavailability, can economy-class passengers use business-class toilets?

I ask this for reputable airlines in general. American Airlines permits this gambit, but other airlines’ stance is unclear. If Air Canada loathed this, why’d they compensate this grandma?

Failed to remove runtime directory /run/user/0: Device or resource busy

I saw this line below in my journal logs, it means that there’s a process using this directory (i guess?), should i worry about it? If so, how to fix it?

Jun 26 19:50:01 mydomain systemd[1]: Removed slice User Slice of root.                                                                    Jun 26 19:50:01 mydomain systemd-logind[151]: Failed to remove runtime directory /run/user/0: Device or resource busy 

It aways happens after the line Removed slice User Slice of root. This error only appears sometimes.

This is a similar question in the Unix forum, but i did not tried to run anything, it’s the system that creates a slice of the user root to execute some cron jobs.

APT always busy, no processes running for apt though

So recently I wanted to install some programs on my computer, and when I did “sudo apt install [package]” I get

E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it? 

I left my computer on for like 2 hours, came back, and nothing changed. Does anyone know how to fix this???