Http 408/409 Server Busy – Internet Explorer not showing Web Page – Working Fine on Chrome/Mozilla

I am trying to access one of my Website Page


This works fine on Chrome and Mozilla, and I am able to see the webpage loaded om respective browsers.

However, it throws error when trying to access from Internet Explorer (IE11):

HTTP 408/409 Server Busy 

I am puzzled on how this could be possible. Online Resources suggest that this error occurs when there are too many users accessing the page. However, this is a newly deployed website where the only user is me, and the page only contains a contact form, so it is in-fact the fastest loading page on my site.

There are other interesting occurences:

  1. I can access the page from my XAMPP Localhost on IE11 without any issue.
  2. If I move my page to literally any other url like https://<>/reach-us/ instead, then IE11 displays the page without throwing above error.
  3. If I try to access a non-existent url: https://<>/contact/ , then also I am shown the HTTP 408/409 error instead of a HTTP 404 error. Now, if I try https://<>/contac/, then I am shown HTTP 404 as expected. (is the keyword “contact” in the url causing the issue? What even!)

Here is my .htaccess file where I have written rewrite rules for applying https:// to the url and removing .html extenstion from the urls.

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$   $  1.html [NC,L] 

Is this causing the issue by any chance? I think it is unlikely since this would have caused similar issues in other urls like .../about-us/ or .../reach-us/ etc.

My option here is to move my page to ./reach-us/ here, but I don’t want to since this is working fine on Chrome and Mozilla.

What I have deduced is that the keyword ‘contact’ in the URL is causing the issue, which is outrageous to assume since it is only occuring on IE and not on Chrome/Mozilla.

Any Inputs are greatly appreciated. I have hosted my site on

/dev/rfcomm busy device

sorry for my English

I tried to send the command (echo ‘h’> / dev / rfcomm0) from the ubuntu terminal to my arduino using bluetooth hc-06. but it tells me rfcomm0 device busy.

my pc connects well to bluetooth, I’m using blueman, I have an arduino one

the serial port of my arduino also tells me the same message when I try to open it (/ dev / rfvomm device busy)

Thanks for your cooperation, I remain attentive

Only tty4 works in Ubuntu and that too remains busy reporting something

I am not able to switch on to other tty's except tty4. When I switch over to tty4, it’s always busy reporting somthing like i2c_hid i2c_hid_get_input: incomplete report.

Reason that I need to switch over to tty4 – Earlier tty4 worked properly and since no other tty worked, I had only this option.
Very often I couldn’t log on back(after logging out) to my laptop as login panel wouldn’t respond. So, I would just go to tty4, and do nothing, and then switch again to tty7 and login panel started working.

Now, that tty4 has gone awry, I am afraid I might not be able to login again if login panel becomes irresponsible, might lose unsaved data.

Any sugestions how to bring back tty4 to work and other tty's as well.

Why is docking a cruise ship in a busy port so challenging? [closed]

While watching a cruise ship on the port, I then saw some smaller ships around the big ship and guessed they were helping the cruise to dock properly but i was not sure. This got me interested in how a large cruise ships enters and docks to a port. My question is what are the challenges faced by the big cruise ship to enter a busy port and then handle its huge weight and momentum to avoid any accident? Were the smaller ships I saw really helping the big ship but how can they? I mean they are so small like mouse in front of dinosaur. What was the purpose of using small ships and why can cruise not handle on its own?

Nginx keep request in memory when all the servers are busy

I want to know il it is possible to configure Nginx to keep in memory a incoming request when all server are busy. When a server become available, Nginx gives it the pending request.

When I say server, I am telling about socket declared like this in Nginx configuration :

upstream fastcgi_authorizer_servers {      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-1.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-2.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-3.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-4.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-5.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-6.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-7.socket max_conns=1;      server unix:/var/tmp/nginx/fastcgi-authorizer-8.socket max_conns=1;  }  

Strange follder name and busy folder

I need to delete a folder named

C:\Users\Loren Sr DOCX (1_5 GB)\Financial_Turbo Tax19 Apr bit

When I try to delete the folder named “32 bit”, it tells me that the System is using it.

I tried again with Command Prompt using Administrator privilege, it doesn’t like the names “2 DOCX (1_5 GB)” or “32 bit” and if I try to delete “Loren Sr” I get almost the same message, the System is using a file in the folder.

I am very inexperienced with Command Prompt and I thought there might be a way to FORCE deletion of this folder.

Or do I have to dump all of the thousands of files on my system to backup storage and restart everything? (I’m not even sure it would let me copy the “32 bit” files).

Toolbar at the bottom of texts/numbers busy screen

I have my app as the screen below. I need to place a toolbar with 2 buttons: one large button displaying the currently active list/deck of drugs (below it’s written ‘Pediatric Drugs’ where he can click to show a list of available decks), and another smaller button to add a new drug to that deck/list, however I cant use a darker background with white text (The screen appears overly crowded), and at the same time making it in white makes it barely visible or noticed by the user (I also make it hide when he scrolls downward and the opposite when he scrolls upwards). What are your suggestions for better usability of such situation.

enter image description here