Trying to do a linkwheel, but…

Hi @Sven

I am trying to do a linkwheel. So I select Articles only, and in Article Manager I select “Insert up to [2-5] verified links from project”

However when I check the verified links manually, I see only 1 link. Am I doing something wrong here? 

My desired results is randomly 2-5 links, one from the main URL, and a few more from the verified links made by this same project. How do I do that?

Form to E-Mail…working, but…


Building a website for my local area of NA; & need lots of forms…learned form coding on my own…testing the site on one of my music site servers…my first form is basic, but covers all the info I need returned…(click on the 'GROUP ANNIVERSARY FORM' link…top right):

So…When info is entered in all fields; & the SUBMIT button is hit…the info is sent to my e-mail address; & the thank you page pops up. Trouble is, in…

Form to E-Mail…working, but…

Google sheets script copying formatting *but not* merged cell status

I would like to write a script that copies the formatting, and the conditional formatting, that is applied to cell A1, and applies it to all of the other cells in the sheet.

However, I do not want to copy the merged-cell-status of A1.

For example, if A3 and B3 are merged, and if A1 is not merged with any other cell, then I want all of the formatting of A1 (both conditional and non-conditional) to be copied to the other cells, including A3 and B3, but in a way that preserves the merged status of A3 and B3 (or any other merged cells).

   A    B    C     _______________ 1|   |    |    | 2|   |    |    | 3|        |    | 4|   |    |    | 

I’ve tried the following functions, but both of these end up unmerging A3 and B3.

function copyFormat() { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var source = ss.getRange('A1'); var destination = ss.getRange('A2:A'); source.copyTo(destination, {formatOnly:true}); }


function setFormat(){ var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive() var sheet = ss.getActiveSheet() var firstCell = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, 1) var dataRange = sheet.getDataRange() firstCell.copyFormatToRange(sheet, 1, dataRange.getNumColumns(), 1, dataRange.getNumRows()) }

Trying to Pay but…

Just tried to buy a site at the BIN price, using my PayPal account which I use every where without a problem and got this –
"This sale requires potential buyers to have a linked premium or business PayPal account."

Can you please tell me what this is all about?