How to disable/ hide delete button for column in list in SharePoint Online?

I have a calculated field in my custom list. I want to disable or hide delete button on this field edit page. I want specific users not able delete this column in a list but still be able to edit/ delete other columns in the same list. Please see below screenshot for field:

field edit

I have tried below things:

  • Checked adding column as site column and added in content type. Then associate content type in list. But it is not restricting delete.
  • Checked SharePoint Online Powershell. But not able to set sealed property for this column.

Is there any other way that we can do this? Is PNP-Powershell has any cmdlets that can help me achieve this?

Programmatically set value of Boolean radio button field in form

I am using a custom field in the profile2 module for when a user registers. The field is a Boolean field using the radio button widget.

I want to programmatically set the value for the field using hook_form_alter().

I have managed to successfully set the #default_value using:

function mymodule_form_user_register_form_alter(&$  form, &$  form_state) {       $  form['profile_company']['field_employees']['und'][0]['value']['#default_value'] = 0; } 

But this code does not actually check the No button, so it looks like nothing has been selected and when the form is submitted it throws an error saying that that field is required and nothing has been selected.

How can I get the code to actually check one of the buttons as well as setting the default value, based on values that I want to pre-fill the form with?

The code above would work fine with a text field, It just doesn’t work with a Boolean field using radio buttons.

I have spent a while on this and can’t seem to find an answer. I thought maybe I need to use the field #after_build property or possibly JavaScript?

I’m attaching a screen grab of my field settings.

enter image description here

continue button not working to next section

I’m a newbie to magento. The fact is that I’ve installed magento through softaculous on, installed and update the website, and even check that all the functionality are working properly. Yesterday, I’ve asked my IT guy to move the website so that it redirrects to After this move, the customers can’t place the orders as the continue button under shipping is not moving forward. Please help!!!! I’ve worked at this website for the last 3 weeks and my IT guy can’t solve it as it doesn’t know what to do…

address of the website is

Thank you in advance

What is the term for the design pattern/micro-interaction where you speed up an action by holding a button?

I think most of us are familiar with the interaction of holding onto a button and watching a particular value increment or cycle through at a constant speed.

However, I think it is common practice for many devices and applications these days to also incorporate a secondary interaction when you hold onto a button, which is to speed up when you hold onto it for a set amount of time.

What is the term used to describe this design pattern or interaction? Are there other variations of this interaction that exists (i.e. other than just speeding up)?

Add custom TinyMCE 4 Button: Is it mandatory to have one JS per button?

I’m editing a WordPress Plugin, trying to add another button. I had a look to this question (Add custom TinyMCE 4 Button, Usable since WordPress 3.9-beta1). But it doesn’t work

The JS file:

The second button is not visible

enter image description here

The JS file (collapsed)

enter image description here

The impossible to debug JS error reported by Chrome..

enter image description here

What can I try?

Self-updating form without submit button causes confusion

I’ve made a form that, when a form element changes, a search query is fired and the result is displayed by animating the big number in the middle. For one reason the number doesn’t always change, and for another, users of this app don’t always seem to notice the change, even though the animation of the number ticking up takes 1-2 seconds.

This led to users accidentally hitting the reset button after filling out the form because it was located at the bottom right and was colored gray. Moving the reset button and coloring it red made this work better. Alternatively, one could make an “Update” button at the bottom, but since the form delivers results continuously, it wouldn’t do much.

Are there any other UX tricks that may improve the experience of continuously receiving results? The result isn’t as apparent as when the entire page refreshes with a list of search results, but rather, just an animated number.

One thought is to add an information box when a search query is refined but the result is not updated. Otherwise it seems that the form did not respond. Another thought is some kind of “loading” animation. Another thought is to add an “Update” button, but I don’t know if it should simply trigger the re-animation of the already found result, or display the information box in case the number is the same.

The site is live here in case the screenshot is not tangible enough to review.

Self-updating form without submit button

Amazon pay button stops working when I add: data-ap-seller-order-id=”Some-ID”

I generated a pay button via Amazon Pay (Sandbox View) which works fine. I need to add data-ap-seller-order-id="Some-ID" to the code (because when you generate a button data-ap-seller-order-id="" is not among the options), however, when I do add it manually to the code the button stops working. Their parameter values page specifies that option:

This is the error I get when I add…

Amazon pay button stops working when I add: data-ap-seller-order-id="Some-ID"

Custom Ribbon Button is Disabled Once I Move Solution to Production Server from Dev VM

I recently deployed a wsp file for a SharePoint 2013 custom solution from my local development VM to a staging server. The solution was created using the empty SharePoint 2013 project template to which I added a custom ribbon button. Once the feature is activated the ribbon button appears but is disabled unlike the VM where it is enabled and functioning. The button is defined to display in the Document Set “Manage” tab. The button works on my VM but not on the staging environment. I’ve seen questions that are similar but the answers have not resolved the problem and have not been exactly the same scenario. I have included the Elements file so that someone might know what the issue is.

Elements XML:

<Elements xmlns="">   <CustomAction    Id="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.CustomRibbonButton"    Location="CommandUI.Ribbon"    RegistrationId="0x01"    RegistrationType="ContentType"    Title="Custom Ribbon Button">     <CommandUIExtension>       <CommandUIDefinitions>         <CommandUIDefinition           Location="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.Controls._children">           <Button Id="Ribbon.ManageDocumentSet.MDS.Manage.CustomRibbonButton"                   Command="CustomRibbonButtonCommand"                   Image16by16="/_layouts/15/GetMetaData/Export16_16.jpg"                   Image32by32="/_layouts/15/GetMetaData/Export32_32.jpg"                   LabelText="Get MetaData"                   TemplateAlias="o1"/>         </CommandUIDefinition>       </CommandUIDefinitions>       <CommandUIHandlers>         <CommandUIHandler           Command="CustomRibbonButtonCommand"           CommandAction="/_layouts/GetMetaData/MetaDataPage.aspx" />       </CommandUIHandlers>     </CommandUIExtension>   </CustomAction> </Elements> 

Thanks in advance.