Some UI button script not working in apk build!

There are a lot of posts regarding this problem in various website and even in this one but no one has given a feasible solution to this problem. I have a button that has a custom sprite. I also have a custom script attached to that button which when pressed down (IPOINTER DOWN) changes the color of particular sprite renderer. All this works in pc but not on apk build. Why? I have two canvas, so I thought there might be raycasting issues, so I disabled one but still no luck. The buttons are in world space in canvas. So, I thought I might not use a canvas but IPointer only works on clickable UI elements.

WooComemrce Show selected color beside color variation title and separate Add to cart button from quantity

I need some help doing such changes on my site. First of all, I want to show n selected color label to show beside Color title. and second of all, I want to show Add to cart in a separate row not in the same row with quantity. I am attaching a picture below for the reference. Pardon me if it is a silly question I am learning about WooCoomerce. w

make modification of add_to_cart button specific to single page

I am using woocomemrce for the ecommerce part of my wordpress site.

When using the add_to_cart button i want it to say “read more” on a specific webpage only. So far i have found the code to change the button text:

add_filter('woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text', 'woo_custom_cart_button_text');  function woo_custom_cart_button_text() { return__('Read More','woocommerce'); } 

The question is, how do I make this apply to the appearance of the add_to_cart button on a single page of my website? The page is not a shop page. It is a normal webpage where is have description of products and the associated treatment. The button is there to take them to the product page.

Thank you

Add specific products to cart when a button is pressed

Im making this website that is basically going to be just a 2 product page and a checkout, and due to its target audience, the idea is to have two images, 2 number boxes under them and just one button to add the products to the cart and then to redirect to the checkout page.

What i imagined is having a form, with a button, that would call a PHP function and would get the value from the number boxes and then programatically add the products to the cart (do i insert this function in functions.php ?). However after some reading i found that i may have to use AJAX to connect the HTML code to the PHP.

Do you have any suggestions? Is my way of thinking flawed?

Chrome Extension: document.querySelector(‘button’).click() is not working on button created on React

I want from extension to click the button but button click event is not working as if i use JS DOM Methods:

getElementsByClassName('button')[0].click(); // Not working //or document.querySelector('button').click(); // Not working   

The problem is that button is created either on “React.js“, so i think that causes not to happen the button click event.

Please suggest me any solution for this problem.


Does FB share button contain trackers?

I am considering putting a Facebook share button (shown below) on my website to encourage people to share content to their FB page.

fb share button

However, I do not want cross site trackers “bloating” my website or tracking users. This is the code I would need to put in the HTML to add the share button to my website.

<iframe src="" width="77" height="28" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

Does this code contain trackers?

Issue with button instantiation and variables in Unity3D

Im currently trying to make a system where an inventory of buttons are created and upon runtime the buttons are placed into a GUI component(Panel). I used a list of buttons which gets created on start and creates X amount of buttons for X amount of spells found for said player, and for some reason the button created isn’t acknowledging any changes made to it:

    public void createButton(int index)     {         var panel = GameObject.Find("ButtonPanel");         Spell spell = GlobalControl.Instance.spells[index];         GameObject button1 = (GameObject)Instantiate(ButtonPrefab);         button1.GetComponent<GUIText>().text = spell.spellname;         button1.GetComponent<RectTransform>().SetParent(panel.transform);         //get prev button position         float yindex = 130.0f - spellinv.Count * 35.0f;         button1.GetComponent<RectTransform>().SetInsetAndSizeFromParentEdge(RectTransform.Edge.Left, yindex + 0, 10);         button1.layer = 5;         spellinv.Add(button1);     } 

There are no issues at runtime, however the RectTransform doesn’t alter the position it just sits at (0,0,0), and the text is still set to the prefab default “Button”, it appears to not register anything I apply to the button, except for the layer settings.

dynamically create elements on button click

I’m using create guten blocks to create a custom block for my theme and I need to create a list item with an onClick.

<script> function addItem() {   var ul = document.getElementById("ul-item");   var li = document.createElement("li");   var input = document.createElement("input");   input.type = "text";   li.setAttribute("id", "li-item");   li.appendChild(input);   ul.appendChild(li); } </script>  <ul id='ul-item'>   <li id="li-item"><input type="text" value="" /></li> </ul> <button onClick='addItem()'>Add Item</button> 

see the fiddle

something like that I just don’t know how to do it in CGB and can’t find anything using google.