Buying a car in Mexico as a non-resident

I’m planning to go to Mexico this winter, buy a cheap used car/van and start going south. The intinerary is not really strict, thought I’d cross different countries (perhaps I’ll reach Chile?).

What kind of documentation must I produce to buy a used car in Mexico? As a European, I know I have to have the International Driver License in my country, but what about insurance?

Are there other fees and bureaucratic steps? How long does it take to do all the papers?

32-bit and 64-bit Android: how to tell before buying a phone

I have been looking into 32-bit or 64-bit Android versions for phones. It seems to me that the information on the number of bits of the installed Android version is always missing from phones’ specs, unlike what happens for the CPU. Googling around, the ways I have found to understand whether a phone is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS all include actually doing something with the phone, like looking up the kernel version or downloading some app, like AIDA64.

How do I know if a phone I want to buy will come with a 32-bit or a 64-bit Android before I buy it? It would be interesting to find a layman-friendly criterion or resource that allows me to know this in advance, especially to be able to look into the cheapest phones running a 64-bit Android.

Buying keycodes online safely/anonymously

I lost a cd key for a very old game and need to replace it with a new one. I can’t find anymore physical copies to buy, but I found cd keys for them are offered on sites like Ebay which could replace my own. I would buy and they would email me the cd key via ebay or paypal or a personal email.

My concern is the sketchiness of this practice and distancing myself from the unlikely but possible blow-back. To narrow the discussion let’s assume the buyer may have a hidden agenda, but that they are still providing the real code. I would also request the ethics of the situation not be discussed as these are covered in many similar discussion already.

  1. How can I attain this keycode as anonymously as possible? Having my name and banking associated with the transaction is potentially unfavorable.

  2. How can I attain this keycode without fear that my credit card information might be recharged or used in some sketchy business?

  3. if the keycode is being emailed to me what do I need to do to safely view the code? I mean there’s the obvious of not clicking third party links but I hear sometimes simply opening an email, even without loading images, is enough to hurt you?

What would be best practice to addressing these 3 concerns? I was thinking of maybe making a paypal account then paying with that then closing the paypal account afterwards so it couldn’t be charged by a seller ever again. Would my bank and credit card only know that paypal was charging them for an obscure reason? Thus keeping the full details separate? Or is it different if I transfer the exact amount to paypal as a simple deposit, then do the transaction with just the deposited amount so its just paypal who knows. Or is it irrelevant to do any of this and I might as well just use my actual credit card directly via ebay? And in terms of opening and viewing that code safely how would I do it…and which email is best to use.

And since the seller is for sure going to give the code when paid, can I pay them in a more discreet way by refusing certain buyer protections? FOr example giving a clerk 5$ to come to your house and deliver milk tomorrow, versus signing a full contract with him to come to your house and deliver milk tomorrow for 5$ …a contract in that case is less anonymous.

Buying tickets for New York Yankees game

I’ll be in NYC on 13th September and was hoping to take my daughter to a Yankees game (we’re Brits and are looking for the quintessential American day out!). They are playing the Toronto Blue Jays. I seek advice on tickets:

Do we buy them on-line from the UK with all the currency hassle?

Or can we wait until the day of the game and buy them at the stadium?

Is it likely to be a sell out?

Lastly, is it safe to buy via StubHub?

buying HP Pavillion x360

I was looking at this comp, it has everything i want except that it has windows, what all drivers will need to be installed(if any) to make this fully functional with ubuntu?