Should I have continue buying button on the shopping cart? Why?

I did read a lot about shopping cart page this week and everywhere people insist to say:

  • Add continue buying button on your basket to reduce the abandonment.
  • The button “continue shopping” is an absolutely required button.
  • Bla Bla Bla…

BUT I always think before clicking on this button when I’m buying: Where this button will take me? I think that is always a surprise because is too generic. And I never click there, I prefer to navigate using the browser back button to back the product page or make a new search or use the menu.

Am I crazy?

Why not:

  • Back to the last product page button
  • Go home and continue shopping
  • A warning saying: Please, use the search bar or our amazing and very organized menu to continue buying
  • None os this and just show related and frequently bought together products

What’s the best alternative? Why?

Buying A Magic Item Downtime Activity – Opportunity to purchase later

I’m DM’ing using the downtime activity rules in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and I was wondering if there are any rules (or suggested approaches) to allowing my players to purchase one of their discovered magic items at a later date.

For instance, one of the players rolled for a Saddle of the Cavalier but none of the party has a horse. Do the rules allow the player to track down the merchant at a later date to buy the item? Or is this more of a DM’s discretionary decision?

Buying Gambling

I need US gambling traffic. I have a gambling related website, I need 100,000 visitors a month, traffic divided in 30 days time span.

I'm also running a $ 200,000 promotion where if players come and sign up with a $ 50 minimum deposit they will get a chance to spin a wheel and get a free visa gift card up to $ 5,000. Players are guaranteed to get at least a $ 25 gift card with a deposit. Its basically free money with a deposit, NO ROLLOVER REQUIREMENT. No online casino is promoting such an…

Buying Gambling