D&D Wiki, Orizon Setting: What is the last month on the calander?

So I have found an awesome campaign setting on D&D wiki but its missing some info.

The calendar has every month named except for one, I have all the others but if someone can tell me the last one that would be awesome thanks.

Here is what I have so far

14 months

1: Lencten 2: Errach 3: Haru 4: Lithe 5: Sumor 6: Samrad 7: Natrisu 8: Thout 9: Fogamur 10: Haerfest 11: Gemred 12: Yule 13: Frosyu 14:

Microsoft Flow to add event to outlook calander

I am trying to create a flow to create an event in outlook calendar but facing some issues when I add the date time field value to Start Time field.

So I used formula to format Date time as


enter image description here

Also tried convert to utc formula but still getting error as

convertToUtc(formatDateTime(triggerBody()?[‘StartDate’],’yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss’), ‘India Standard Time’)

enter image description here

enter image description here

Microsoft.Sharepoint(2019) Code to Update Calander Event Throws COM exception saying Message – “Cannot complete this action.Please try again”

The update internal method inside Microsoft.SharePoint throws the above mentioned error while adding/updating events in the calendar list in SharePoint 19 Server. The same code work in case of SharePoint 13, 16. Also the events are successfylly added/updated using SharePoint ClientContext.

Please help.