How to Add User to Attendees Column in Sharepoint Calendar List with SharePointPlus Library

I’m very newless with Sharepoint… I’m trying developt an Add-In solution in Sharepoint Online and I’m using sharepoint Plus library. I want to add a user to Attendees column in a Calendar List, but I don’t know that object or value must pass to make it.

$  SP().list("CalendarList1").add({         Title: "Meeting 1",         EventDate: "2019-04-18 10:00:00",         EndDate: "2019-04-18 11:00:00",         Location: "Conference Room",         Description: "Tes add Users...",         Attendees: "HERE the problem" //<== I try with  SP.FieldUserValue.fromUser(""), but it fails     }).then(function (items) {         console.log(items);      }); 

PD: sorry if the question is very basic!

Backend for calendar of users

I’m currently working on an app in which the users can compare their calendars. I have been looking up several backends (firebase, …) to use for this projects. I want to enbable users to log in with their google accounts and compare their agendas with other users. Is this possible? If so, what backend can i best use for this?

Add a “display this only” parameter in Google Calendar URL

When sharing a Google calendar agenda like, is there also a way to set a parameter so only the agenda passed in parameter is displayed ?

The ’embed’ view, as suggested, cannot work since I want to be able to create events in the calendar I’m redirected to.

How can I duplicate a calendar entry on Microsoft Outlook web interface?

How can I duplicate a calendar entry on Microsoft Outlook web interface?

Use case: I had a meeting last week. I want to schedule a meeting for next week with the same information (i.e., same guests, same location, same agenda), just different time.

I don’t want to schedule a reoccurring meeting, and I don’t want to move last week’s meeting.

One person listed can’t accept invitations through Calendar

So my problem is when I send invitations through google calendar, there is one person listed that does not receive the invitation. All others in the list receive it.

He is on Gmail and has checked his spam folder. Other emails from me arrive in his inbox. He can accept invites from my alternate email if I send a calendar invite. Is there some other setting he needs to change to receive the invitations?

Add certain events from one Google Calendar to another

I as well as multiple other staff in my company have regular meetings. Is it possible to make a Google Calendar which gets automatically populated when one of us schedule a meeting for a particular date? In short, if I enter the key word “meeting” on a particular date on my calendar, can a second Google Calendar be populated with the same information on that particular date?