Magento 1.14 – admin _prepareCollection() and _prepareColumns() are not rendering or not calling

In Magento 1.14 – admin _prepareCollection() and _prepareColumns() are not rendering or not calling. Could anyone please help me out why these functions are not loading from grid.php. Below is my config.xml

<global> <models>         <tk_autoShip>             <class>Tk_AutoShip_Model</class>             <resourceModel>tk_autoShip_resource</resourceModel>         </tk_autoShip>          <!-- Resource model to create a database table -->         <tk_autoShip_resource>             <class>Tk_AutoShip_Model_Resource</class>             <entities>                 <autoshipgrid>                     <table>tk_autoship_tkautoship</table>                 </autoshipgrid>                                 </entities>         </tk_autoShip_resource>     </models>  <resources>      <tk_autoShip_setup>           <setup>               <module>Tk_AutoShip</module>           </setup>      <connection>         <use>core_setup</use>      </connection>      </tk_autoShip_setup>  </resources> <blocks>   <tk_autoShip>     <class>Tk_AutoShip_Block</class>   </tk_autoShip> </blocks> <helpers>     <tk_autoShip>         <class>Tk_AutoShip_Helper</class>     </tk_autoShip> </helpers> 

Tk_AutoShip_Adminhtml admin Tk_AutoShip tk_autoShip autoshipgrid.xml

calling external API in sharepoint framework

I am trying to call dummy API from SPFX, but getting error that Failed to fetch,

  this.context.httpClient   .get("", HttpClient.configurations.v1)   .then((res: HttpClientResponse): Promise<any> => {     alert("");     return res.json();   })   .then((data: any): void => {     alert("");     // process your data here   }, (err: any): void => {     // handle error here   }); 

Please suggest here..

SharePoint Online w/ 2013 workflow calling 2010 workflow

Currently we have a collection with six sub-sites, each site has a document library to store operational functions relating to the facility. To help standardize the approval and notification of these documents I generated a reusable 2010 workflow that was published globally.

The initial problem is that on the collection level a contact list was created, with information that pertains to each facility.

  • Site Lookup : Cannot publish globally, causes same workflow on multiple sites.

To rectify my primary problem I introduced a 2013 workflow, which would perform a web request to obtain the information rather than have a site lookup. But this introduced the following:

  • 2013 workflow does not have associative columns, forcing me to “Start 2010 workflow” with initiation columns.
  • Cannot deploy 2013 workflow globally like 2010 workflow.

Which introduces an issue on a sub-site where the 2013 workflow is trying to add parameters to a global 2010 workflow, it will not do. If I create a copy of the global workflow and use that on the list the parameter box appears without an issue.

Only solutions I can think of would be a 2013 workflow that populates a list on each site, then pause the 2010 workflow to use that value. Create multiple contact list, requiring multiple maintenance locations.

Is there a better way? Or am I going to be forced to duplicate workflows to some degree?

Method Code Coverage not covering incase of calling flatMap() in Spring Reactor

First take a look inside the code

   WebClient client = WebClient.create("TEMP URL);          Mono<Employee> employeeMono = client.get()                 .uri("temp url")                 .accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON)                 .retrieve()                 .bodyToMono(Employee.class);          return employeeMono.flatMap(this::employeeMapper);      public EmployeeDTO employeeMapper(Employee employee){     //     //     //     //     } 

I’m calling Code coverage in IntellijIDEA, all lines are covered but employeeMapper() unable in case of if I using Mono with FlatMap method.

I need to covered the employeeMapper(), please suggest me what should I need to do so that code inside the employeeMapper() also covered.

Please let me know in case you need more clarification.

Thanks in advance Yasir

Why Wpf User Control is calling a method multiple times?

I built my own user control and placed it several time in the code (exactly 4 times). It is a Combobox and when slection is changed the method sould be called. Calling method works fine. But the problem is that this method is called 4 times (number of placed UserControls).

<ComboBox Width="200" HorizontalAlignment="Left"                                        ItemsSource="{Binding NodeFileModsVM.CompanyCodeList}"                                        SelectedItem="{Binding CompanyVM.SelectedComboBoxItem, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"                                        materialDesign:HintAssist.Hint="Company Name"                                       Style="{StaticResource MaterialDesignFloatingHintComboBox}"                                       Margin="0,0,30,0">             <i:Interaction.Triggers>                 <i:EventTrigger EventName="SelectionChanged">                     <i:InvokeCommandAction Command="{Binding CompanyVM.CompanySelectionChangedCommand}"/>                 </i:EventTrigger>             </i:Interaction.Triggers> </ComboBox> 

What I want to achieve is to call method only once when selection is changed. After selection is changed, value in each Combobox is the same so there is no necessity to call method multiple times.

What should be changed or added here to call method only once? Some code-behind or something in ViewModel should be added maybe?

Calling a WCF Service with jquery ajax from Sharepoint Online

I’m using Sharepoint 365. I would like to call a WCF Service located in a server in my intranet to read data using a script editor webpart and jquery ajax. Anyone has any example of how to accomplish this? I have read that using jsonp and cross-domains but hadn’t found any good example. Thanks in advance. Regards.

Automatic calling system: “Press star” or “Press asterisk”?

I’m not a native English speaker and currently have a task on my desk to translate some texts for an automatic telephone calling system. You know the stuff: to confirm your request, press one, to cancel, press pound.

And the question is: Should I use “star” or “asterisk”, down left on the keypad, when your computer program talks to someone over phone?


The calling system will be addressing both native English speakers and people who have English as their second or third language.

Asterisk is easier to understand in over low-quality telephone connection, but may confuse non-native English speakers.

Star is more or less clear to everyone, but may get misheard as it is only one syllable (especially when the phone connection is suboptimal).

Edit 2:

The system is supposed to give calls to people around the world in case of emergency with system they are responsible for. It allows for translation to any language, but the company running the system will not pay translation for one or two people, so everyone for whom there is no translation will get the call in English.

We use software synthesized voice messages (and not recorded human voice) and so the messages need to be as clear and concise as possible.