Logging of method calls for recreation

Some games have the option to let you play offline and sync with a server once you have internet again. To prevent cheating and validate if it was an authentic play, usually some sort of log of all input actions is sent and validated afterwards on the server.

In my case I would be interested in a single MonoBehaviour and having all its method calls logged with the its parameters values. Giving this input, the game result output should be the same. (There is no random involved and no physics interaction)

  • One way would be just a writer at the start of each method that logs the timestamp, method name and paramter
  • Another would be maybe something like a multi delegate inbetween that calls both my method and a writer class
  • There is something else (some audit interface, annotation, etc)

What is the best way to achieve the logging? (No the actual format, just how to setup the framework to do the logging)

Capturing SQL calls sent to a remote server from application

First of all, I’m not well versed in SQL anything at all. Closest I’ve ever needed to get was storing and retrieving data from a local SQLite db.

In essence I think I have a simple problem but it’s hard to orient yourself when everything is new.

My main tool at work is an ERP software, which is basically a front end to an SQL db.

Problem I have with it is that it’s very clumsy and doesn’t allow automation of even the most basic tasks.

What I want to do, is bypass the front-end completely and interact directly with the db to automate most of my tasks with python.

I can connect to the database just fine from python environment, but the schema is gigantic, there’s no way I’ll be able to find whatever it is I might be looking for.

So I need to capture the call front-end sends when I click a button (telling it to display specific set of data) to use that call as a guide.

Basically, how can I, an SQL noob, capture calls that a desktop application sends to a remote server?

Edit 1: My job is mostly analytical, so all of my automation will be for retrieval, analysis and visualization. I’m not very likely to mess anything up.

Edit 2: Tried running a Profiler and got the message:

"In order to run a trace against SQL Server you must be a member of sysadmin fixed server role or have the ALTER TRACE permission."

I’m not a sysadmin, don’t have an alter trace permission and reeeally don’t feel like asking for it đŸ˜€

What would happen if a wizard calls a familiar in the Ethereal Plane and then returns to the Material Plane?

What would happen if a wizard summons a familiar (using find familiar) in the Border Ethereal, and then the wizard returns to the Material Plane (interrupting or ending the magical effects of etherealness)?

Would the familiar disappear due to the distance from the caster, since they are now on different planes?
Does the Ethereal Plane overlap with the Material Plane (Border Ethereal) such that distances are preserved and the familiar remains in the Border Ethereal while the caster is in the Material Plane?

The Ethereal Plane
Its shores, called the Border Ethereal, overlap the Material Plane and the Inner Planes, so that every location on those planes has a corresponding location on the Ethereal Plane. (PHB, p. 301)

Does this make possible the ability of having one’s familiar become an ethereal traveler?

Why, if a function accepts arguments, it fails on ajax calls?

I am trying to write a WP function to work with both ajax and direct calls, something like this:


function some_function($  var){     $  var = !empty($  var) ? $  var : $  _POST['var'];     echo $  var;          //or even      $  var = null;     echo 'something';      if(!empty($  _POST['action'])) wp_die(); } 


let ajaxurl = '███'; let data = {'action': 'somefunction','var':'foo')}; $  .post(ajaxurl, data, function(response) {console.log(response);}); 

WP use

add_action( 'wp_ajax_somefunction', 'some_function',10,1); add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_somefunction', 'some_function',10,1); 

Another WP use


However, any time I place $ var as an accepted function argument, some_function($ var), my ajax calls start returning a 500 error. So, something like this

function some_function(){     $  var = !empty($  var) ? $  var : $  _POST['var'];     echo $  var; } 

works for ajax.

I tried looking up wp ajax & arguments, but the search results are always about the variables we pass through ajax, not the callback function arguments. The only thing I learned is that we have to add a number of accepted arguments into add_action()

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

…P.S. I found a funny workaround:

function some_function_ajax(){     $  var = $  _POST['var'];     some_function($  var); } function some_function($  var){     echo $  var; } // =) 

but still, what is the right way?

Use a Cell Phone Number Listing to Get the Truth Behind Your Spouse’s Strange Calls

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Should we encrypt all REST API calls from a mobile device?

I have a mobile application and the backend is hosted on a cloud provider. I would like to ask for feedback on encrypting all REST API calls that will be used to communicate with the server, if we should or we shouldn’t do it.

Adding details:

for example instead of having a proper rest object

{    "name" : "username",    "info" : "profile" } 

make it similar to this:

{    "encryptedData" : "Mq6rTVdPP1YMlE9AxhnryIRX+JA9MfIXv" } 

and after decryption it becomes the model and the flow carries on, of course the response is also expected to be encrypted in a similar fashion.

Suspicious calls to testgvbgjbhjb.com

On the last few days, one of our endpoints calls to testgvbgjbhjb.com

I used TCPView to find suspicious connections and checked if there any unknown extension.

The owner of the domain made it a record and set the next txt record:

“The owner of this domain does not know why your machine is reaching out to it. Owner saw suspicious traffic in multiple networks and bought it.”

I read the next analysis but I can’t find the cause of these calls.

  • https://urlscan.io/result/14f59032-94ab-4b39-b7ef-1c0d33bc02f7/

  • https://www.joesandbox.com/analysis/199223/0/html

Any Idea?

Calls from hidden number [closed]

I am getting calls from hidden number recently and today i tried to pickup the call and they said they are calling from transaction (something I don’t remember) and they said this call may be recorded for training purpose and she started asking my date of birth. I said why are you asking my details and for what. Then she said we will give it to right one. I dint get what she is saying and when I asked her to repeat she said she will call me later and hangup the call.