Campaign is not starting, Getting Errors In Logs.

Here is the first screenshot –>
2nd –>
3rd –>

Looks like some issue which i am not understanding. Can you please tell me what can be the issue about why am i seeing that manny errors? If you check/read the logs, you will see that nothing is going sucessful, everything is getting failed. I need to know what am i doing wrong?

What is a campaign zero?

My friends have been talking about a type of D&D5e gameplay called a campaign zero. I don’t understand what it is. They are trying to get me to make my campaign into that type of game but I don’t even understand hpw to do that.

Getting multiple campaign stats google ads

I’m trying to get a Google Ads report but I’m having problems and I need help.

Currently I can get data at the level of ACCOUNT (on a date appears a grouped data) or CAMPAIGN (for each date appears each value for each separate campaign).

I need the input to be an array of campaigns (3 campaigns) and the output is a list of dates with the CTRs.

input: 111111111,2222222222,333333333 output: 1-1-2019: ctr: 2% 2-1-2019: ctr: 2% 3-1-2019: ctr: 2% …

I have this, can you help me? thanks in advance

    $  query = (new ReportQueryBuilder())         ->select([             'Date',             'ctr'         ])         ->from(ReportDefinitionReportType::ACCOUNT_PERFORMANCE_REPORT)         ->duringDateRange(ReportDefinitionDateRangeType::LAST_7_DAYS)         ->build();     // Download report as a string.     $  reportDownloader = new ReportDownloader($  session);     $  reportSettingsOverride = (new ReportSettingsBuilder())->includeZeroImpressions(false)->build();      $  reportDownloadResult = $  reportDownloader->downloadReportWithAwql(         sprintf('%s', $  query),         $  reportFormat,         $  reportSettingsOverride     );     //print "Report was downloaded and printed below:\n";     $  datos = $  reportDownloadResult->getAsString();     return ($  datos); } public static function main(){     $  oAuth2Credential = (new OAuth2TokenBuilder())->fromFile()->build();     $  session = (new AdWordsSessionBuilder())         ->fromFile()         ->withOAuth2Credential($  oAuth2Credential)         ->build();     $  string = self::runExample($  session, DownloadFormat::XML);     $  xml = new \SimpleXMLElement($  string);     return $  xml;}} 

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Do these creatures from the Tomb of Annihilation campaign speak common?

There are some creatures in the plot of ToA and there are some interactions with them.

The problem is that its stat block says they speak only their specific language but my players don’t speak it.

It is possible for them to speak Common? Would I break some hidden or future plot if I allow these creatures to speak Common in my ToA campaign?

Can a new player join a group only when a new campaign starts?

I moved into a house share with my friends (ages 24-29), and they play role-playing games on weekends at the house, but they won’t let me join in because they say it’s not fair to the players that have been in the group for a while. Specifically, it seems that it’s not fair on the DM to have to write in a new character. I can understand this, but one of the members dies nearly every month and has to write a new character.

As a newcomer to role-playing games, I’m not sure how this all works. Is it usually necessary to join a group when the group is just starting a new story? Or is it possible to join an existing game?

How do I deal with a problem player overstepping their boundaries in a 1-on-1 campaign? [on hold]

I’m GMing a 1-on-1 campaign (it’s all homebrew, by the way). My player likes to weigh in on what’s happening, and sometimes oversteps her boundary into GMing territory. I let it slide a lot, since it doesn’t affect the plot much if at all and adds some character to the story.

In this particular game, she works for some agency and is tasked to infiltrate this grand palace in a foreign state and investigate the king because of some human rights violations. The problem is that it’s definitely a monarchy and it’s ruled by a long line of dragons (who can change to human form), and they kill anyone they wish.

When she infiltrated the temple, she worked her way up to being maid for the king. Through some investigation and kidnapping, she found out that the “king” is actually the king’s sister; the actual king is attending a college secretly because it is highly against tradition to go to higher education, so the sister is pretending to be her brother.

The people found this out via a god that is secretly pulling the strings of the whole operation, and they tried to kill the royal family, who escaped with my player’s character. The PC recommended to them that the people probably hate them so much they should probably give up power and become a democratic state; her brother hates that idea, but my PC demands it.

When my PC didn’t get her way, she snapped him away to be a prisoner with her father, who the player apparently decided was a super powerful “Deus Ex Machina” character (she’s just a vampire, by the way). I talk to the player outside the game and let her know that she can’t really decide that, and we continue.

Since the people found out, they rioted; apparently my player decided, “Nope, that’s all gone in a week, and a democratic government forms, and it’s all happy flowers and sunshine.” So I’m planning on her brother going full silver dragon (which it’s been established he can do) and just kill-switching everyone to show my PC who’s the GM.

In short:

I feel like my PC is trying to run the campaign and I’m considering just kill-switching everyone and her character. I’m a bad and new GM, so if anyone with experience can tell me how to deal with this better than just killing everyone, I’d like to know.

Should I discuss the type of campaign with my players?

The campaign I’m preparing is designed to give the illusion of choice via side quests and an open world (not really open), but with a main story line that will be pushed into them sooner or later. The campaign is structured in acts and areas, with each area acting as a sandbox space you can’t really leave, but with an expectation the players will move on to the main plot.

Now, on one side, the campaign will be a lot more fun if the players are not completely aware of this fact and they feel they are free to do whatever they want until certain “events” just push them to go in a given direction. On the other hand, if they behave randomly or fight against the main story line it will ruin the campaign as it is not supposed to be really Sandbox play.

Should I explicitly state to them the type of campaign I’m designing or should I “demonstrate” the type of campaign and hope they’re on board with it?

It’s not a question of etiquette but more trying to decide if I’ll break the suspense by letting them know the general story arc is already on my mind… even if they intuitively already know or suspect it.

I’m having difficulty getting my players to do stuff in a sandbox campaign

Okay so I’m not a newbie GM, I’ve been a GM, for about three years now. I’ve been GMing for this group for almost two years next month. So I have an issue with motivating my players to take action, it’s a sandbox campaign and they’re currently going after BBEG’s old lairs to get clues on who he is and how he was defeated so they can defeat him. The players have somehow got it in their heads that BBEG is out to kill them, this is not the case because if it was BBEG would just kill them and there wouldn’t really be anything they could do about it, hence the fact that they’re searching old lairs for ways to defeat him.

So I have tried laying out sidequests where they get to be heroes, which is something the group has told me they wanted to be, to help them power up and gain experience, they even have mythic ranks. However whenever I present something to them that isn’t just a straight up monster hunt or a murder mystery, they go “No way are we getting involved, it isn’t our problem.” The only way I’ve managed to get them to do anything heroic so far is to use the paladin’s code to get the paladin to try and help people and save lives. On top of that I create villains and bad guys for the party to go up against, setting them up for awesome, and they retreat thinking its too dangerous, and once again, it isn’t their problem. I have tried using money to pay them, I have tried using their character motivations, but they seem dead set on ignoring everything in the world outside of the “main quest”, in a sandbox campaign due to something that has not come up once since its introduction and there has been no in game reinforcement of.

If it helps, the party is level 5 mythic rank 2.

TL;DR: What method can I employ to get my heroic minded, but not heroically inclined, group of players to explore more of the side content so they don’t get wrecked at the fight with the BBEG.