How to uninvite a friend from a campaign?

So I’m am prepping to DM a campaign for some of my friends. But until then I’m just playing in the campaign of one of those friends. A few months ago I had invited a few of them to join the campaign I’m prepping for. One of my fellow players(I’ll call him John) asked to join, and I said yes. I even invited his nephew to join too. This was a few months ago.

But over the last few months of playing with John I’ve noticed the way he plays, and am not sure I want him in my campaign anymore. Things like changing his characters class/background/stat arrangement(we use standard array) without talking to the DM, ignoring decisions that other characters make when dealing with a problem in-game that relates personally to another character, going off on his own in-game, rolling his eyes when other people are talking. And it’s just gotten to the point where I don’t want to have to DM for him. Problem is he has bad depression, especially during this time of the year, and talking to him about this could make him very upset, and I want to avoid starting something. John isn’t a bad person, I just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with this, and this is a homebrew world of mine and I don’t want to sour the experience by having a player that makes running the game unfun for me.

So basically I’m looking for advice on how to tell him I don’t want him in my campaign. I’ve talked with my current DM, but he’s too nice for his own good and doesn’t have much for advice.

Is it possible to play an Epic D&D3.5/Pathfinder campaign with a non-magic hero?

My DM is going to arrange a campaign of Epic Gestalts (LvL 24/24), I wanted to play a non-magic user, but they are so underpowered that I probably can’t, the closest to a non-magic user I seem to find is using Tome of Battle. Is it the only way?

My Character Idea

My idea was to do something like a Warblade16/Factotum8 With a Swashbuckler3/Something11/PathfinderDuelist10 (Even though, Factotum is a bit magic user :-T)

But I don’t know if a mage with a Wish or even any creature on the Epic Level Handbook can launch my character to the stratosphere without effort, where he hopelessly dies.

Although I don’t think the campaign will focus on combat, I don’t want to be placed in disadvantage.

We are using a 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder gestalt hybrid of handbooks which mean the most useful of the three versions is what we use.

Oh and another question (if you think the build could go as I put it)…

What Should I place in Something 11? (I don’t know if I should do Factotum 11)

The Campaign Idea

In a Forgotten Realms pre-Spellplague Faerûm, 5 characters will go to the city of the dead to argue with Kelemvor about The Wall of the Faithless And the injustice it is to actually exist. If he doesn’t cooperate chars should prepare to change it with not so diplomatic ways.

The other Chars

I don’t have all the info, but I do have some vague idea of what we are having

  • An ArcaneUber[Wiz/Src]/AbleCombatant
  • A Warlock/Master of the Nine [ToB]
  • An UrPriest/Avenger of something (Kinda Barbarian/Roguish something)

Campaign in already existing world and story – fear of NPC domination

This is my first time running a campaign, with just some one-shots of experience.

I thought it would be easier for me to create a campaign in an already existing world that I know very well (World of Warcraft). However, since I would like for my players (who do not know the story at all) to experience the story and to follow some important characters, I fear that they might see their story and aventures as "secondary".

I definitely will allow them to change the story, apart from a few cases which I want to keep.

Do you have any tips on how to allow my players to experience the story arc of some important characters without giving them the feeling that it might not be "their" story and that they are not just spectating some NPCs?

Best supporting class for a 3.5 low level campaign?

I’m adapting the FrozenSick campaign from the Explorer’s Guide to Wildermount to version 3.5. It’s going to be the first campaign I play as a DM. The party consists of only 2 players, a warlock and a dragon shaman; the warlock’s player is pretty experienced while the other one is totally new to the game (and to roleplaying in general).

While I don’t want to steal the players’ spotlight, I’m worried that fights could get rough without any other character, so I’m considering adding an NPC who could support them in battle, but I’m having trouble choosing the class.

My addition would primarly be a supporter and/or a utility character (buffer, debuffer, healer…).

As far as manuals are concerned, I’m using PH, PH2 and the Complete Series (all four).

Which class choice could best fit my situation, considering that the characters’ level goes from level 1 to level 3-4 through the campaign?

Are the Material Planes comprising the various campaign settings surrounded by a shared set of outer planes?

I’m working on an extra-planar supplement for DM’s Guild, and it got me wondering:

Is the 5e cosmological model that the material planes are comprised of all DnD settings, official and otherwise (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and other published or future campaign worlds), surrounded by the outer planes which are common to all of them?

If this is the case, would that mean that the outer planes are comprised of souls from realms other than the players’ native world? Would a party who ventures there meet souls originally from Eberron, Athas, Greyhawk, etc.?

On the other hand, it’s possible I’m confusing my editions, and in 5e each campaign world has its own greater cosmology. In that case, are the outer planes unique to the Forgotten Realms, and does Eberron, for example, have its own set of outer planes?

How to handle a boring campaign (as a player)

I’ve been tabletop-ing with a longtime group of friends (Shadowrun, but it doesn’t really matter). I’ve been having fun, I suppose, but we are five sessions in and there is still no semblance of a plot. There is no immediate danger to the party, no reason for us to work together and no huge reward in store. Every time the GM creates an interesting plot point (that one time we accidentally assassinated a politician’s daughter), it just ends up getting dropped and nothing ever comes of it (turns out we were never identified).

I don’t think he’s a bad GM. I just think he’s not putting any effort into creating an engaging world for us to inflict ourselves on. Nothing we do has any real impact on our situation and when someone acts like an idiot (like getting plastered before meeting Mr Johnson), there are never any consequences.

I don’t want to be a jerk to the GM since he is a good friend, but something’s got to change. Have you had to deal with a problem like this before? Is it worth it to complain to the GM, or would you try to do something in-character to force his hand?

tl;dr GM is unimaginative and boring. How do fix without whining?

How to add more combat into an investigation-heavy campaign?

I have experienced such an issue with a previous run of our Fate RPG campaign. The setting is somewhat influenced by the Dresden Files, which means the campaign involved lots of investigation (sometimes railroaded in) as our heroic band of vigilantes and rogue government agents uncovered the sinister plot of the villain.

One of the players did not like that direction and preferred to see more combat. Our GM argued that he is not putting us in combat often because he believes that since character growth comes from milestones rather than smashing mooks over the head, getting into fights often will only use up our Consequences and be a punishment instead of reward. In addition, he pointed out that beating/shooting/fireballing random thugs is likely to complicate the plot as more and more attention being put on the gang of (anti)heroes.

Is there a way to retain the interest of players who want more physical confrontation in an investigation-heavy campaign? None of us are really experienced at DMing a FATE based RPG and I would like some advice before I attempt a campaign with a revised version of the old setting. Do I need to make combat rewarding? Or should I just count on people treating the act of turning a sicario into tomato paste via fireball its own reward? Or is what I am trying to do pointless and it is best for that player to find another game?