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How to balance combat for a duet campaign with non-frontliner classes?

I’m in the process of creating a campaign and in the time leading up to it I’ve been running a few duets, or one-on-one, campaigns via a play-by-post format. I’ve been struggling though to create tense or threatening combat without being outright unfair. I’m used to creating combat encounters in which there is a full and diverse party, a couple casters, martials, and utility, but balancing combat for a single player is quite difficult, especially when one of my duets is with a Cleric, and another is with a Rogue.

The players are able to temporarily recruit companions during the Duet, which will usually just be NPCs or friendly creatures, using CR rather than essentially giving the player a second character (entering Trio territory). They will only ever be able to have one of these companions but will typically be alone.

I’m confident with creating encounters for a lone Fighter, Monk, Barbarian or other frontline class, but less so when it comes to pure casters and utility classes like Clerics, Rogues, Bards, etc.
If it helps, I am running a homebrew module and setting, so I have large amounts of flexibility when it comes to how I run the encounters. I also have access to most the official sources for creatures and will use a variety of them, including re-flavours to mimic combat diversity.

How do I balance the combat fairly in a duet campaign for non-frontline classes without diminishing threat or perceived threat?

I’m gonna do a campaign with a Victorian London x American 1940’s setting and i’m unsure what to do with equipment [on hold]

I wanted to treat my players to a special campaign with an out of the ordinary setting. The style would be a combination of Victorian London(using it’s cobblestone streets and style of architecture primarily) and 1940’s America(using basically everything other than the style of architecture).

I figured guns would replace bows and crossbows, but I wasn’t sure what to do about melee weapons, specifically swords and axes as well as heavy armor and medium armor. (If you’re wondering, yes, I’m including magic and all the fantasy races and such)

I wanted to essentially combine la Noire with Call of Cthulhu and the movie Bright except make it as good as possible and make everything feel right and like it belongs and isn’t being forced in place so my players get a smooth flow as they play

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How do I deal with too many NPCs in my campaign?

I’m a first-time GM using the Fate Core system. I got into RPGs to help me work on my storytelling while having fun with my friends, so I’ve been GMing a homebrew campaign for about a year now. Unfortunately, my players also happen to be my friends who I usually talk to about my storytelling, so I’ve had little to no feedback on my campaign outside of a few other friends who I’m not as close with. Despite this, I think it’s going pretty well so far.

However, I’ve recently run into a bit of a roadblock. There are too many NPCs in my campaign. My campaign is intended to be short (the only reason it’s been going for so long is because we don’t have much opportunity to meet up for game sessions), and is also very focused. There are about four plot arcs and a finale with intermissions (we’re currently on arc three). My story is also set in a pretty unusual world (it’s basically the afterlife with a few twists and turns), and without going into much detail, basically there’s an overarching plot with characters that connect each arc and will be prominent in the finale.

My issue is that I’ve introduced too many NPCs that connect the arcs. It makes them difficult to get rid of easily. The nature of my world also makes it virtually impossible to kill them (again, afterlife), and it would feel too unnatural to put them on a train, especially because the BBEG is a major threat and kind of a nutcase, so anyone with the ability to stop him would naturally want to. This is combined with the fact that most of my NPCs are very strong-willed, capable people (as I have an ongoing theme in the story about resisting oppressive power systems).

I don’t want the campaign to feel cluttered with too many NPCs. As a storyteller, the idea of having characters who have no reason to be there irks me, but I can’t exactly edit them out of the story since they’ve already been introduced.

As I see it have a couple options:

  1. Find a way to take them out of the story. This will be difficult considering the setting.
  2. Give them a purpose so they don’t feel like they’re there for no reason, without making the story too cluttered with unnecessary plot points. The story is already pretty expansive, especially for a first-time GM, so I’m hesitant about this.
  3. Let them naturally fade into the background by not mentioning them/giving them anything to do. Basically they still exist in the narrative and are technically opposing the BBEG but really they’re just wallpaper. Would probably be unnatural as they have pretty strong/prominent personalities.

Which of these options would be the most natural/least jarring for my players? And how would I do it? Or am I missing another option entirely?

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How do I balance a campaign consisting of four kobold PCs?

I am currently planning a campaign consisting of four kobold PCs, using Volo’s Guide to Monsters (p. 119) as my starting point for the race.

However, I am worried about Pack Tactics and Sunlight Sensitivity.

Pack Tactics. You have advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn’t incapacitated.

Sunlight Sensitivity. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.

Kobolds as pictured in Volo’s Guide seem very strong, gaining advantage on practically every attack roll. The inclusion of Sunlight Sensitivity does not, to me, seem like it’s doing very much to make them weaker – in a typical combat scenario the worst it’ll do is cancel out the advantage given by Pack Tactics, rather than ever realistically give disadvantage. Kobolds obviously favour fighting in the dark, so simply railroading every fight to be in the sunlight does not seem like it would be fun for me nor the players.

How would I bring down the power level of these kobolds to something more resembling that of PHB player races, while hopefully still keeping some kobold flavour?

How to play Ned Snakeskin, campaign version?

SPOILERS BELOW for Ghosts of Saltmarsh Chapter 2 “The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh”.

I’m preparing to DM the Saltmarsh campaign, including the campaign theme involving the

But I’m confused about the motivations and suggested actions of that version of NPC Ned Snakeskin.

I do have some ideas:

Does anyone have a good experience running or playing in a game with this sort of Ned? Or maybe a similar NPC situation?

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