Canada Import Duty on Alcohol

I’m going to Japan for a few weeks, and since I don’t go to Japan super often (last time was 2 years ago) I was thinking of bringing back some Japanese alcohol that I can’t get in Canada. I know I have an alcohol duty-free limit as a Canadian citizen, but I was thinking of going over that limit (and declaring it, of course). I can’t seem to find a good resource to calculate the duty though, to determine if it’s worth it or not, and I don’t want any surprises when I return.

The specific types of alcohol I am considering bringing back are whiskey and plum wine, if it helps at all.

Finding an IT job in Canada

I worked in Canada for 3 years (2015 Oct -2018 Nov). I had to leave the country due to family issues and will return in Nov 2019. My PR expires in Sep 2021.

I will be arriving on my own, and have very few friends in Canada (my friends live with large families and are not in a position to help me).

1) How do I find a place to stay? I will need some kind of temporary accommodation for at least a month initially.

2) How do I find a job immediately? (I have 3 years of Canadian experience working in Java Spring, but am willing to take up any job in IT at least initially)

3) Can I get a job from outside of Canada? Do any of the companies allow that?

4) What are some of the best cities for me to settle down? I do not want to go to Toronto/Vancour as they are extremely expensive. What are some of the other cities (like Calgary) that have medium IT jobs?

Thanks, Divya

In Canada, do I need supervisa (parent’s visa) insurance coverage after I get the super visa?

My mother is a non-resident of Canada. We applied and got super visa for her last year. She has been living with me for a year and will continue to do so for six more months. To renew her expired insurance, should I apply for an insurance specifically for super visa, or can I apply for a visitor’s visa?

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Immigrating to the USA from Canada to join Boyfriend

So I have a friend who would like to move to the USA from Canada (Canadian Citizen) who is looking to move to the states (California) to be with her boyfriend. Her SO is a student (I think on a Student Visa) and is going to college there. They want to move in together and settle down together in California.

What options does she have and what does she need to do to get there? I’ve been trying to research for her but it’s very confusing navigating the U.S. Immigration requirements and the like, especially with all the various classes and exceptions.

A bit of background information that might be relevant is that she is in her late 20s and currently works in sales.

On a C1/D visa, can I transit through Newark airport to Canada on a personal visit?

I am a seafarer from India and have a C1/D US visa. I am now on vacation in India. Can I transit through a US airport on my C1/D visa for a personal visit to a final destination of Canada? I am not joining or leaving any ship, I just want to transit the USA to my final destination, Canada.

Can someone get into the UK from Canada if marriage visa was rejected

So my fiancé is Canadian and we applied for a marriage visa, we planned to have the legal wedding in the uk and a celebration in Canada. We are planning to permanently live in Canada and I have the relevant visa for that. However when applying for the marriage visa (lasts 6 months and can only be obtained if we don’t plan to stay in the uk) my fiancé didn’t submit enough information and his application was rejected. He’s due out to England on May 7th and flights are all booked. We will now no longer be able to get officially married in England so will just have a party here as everything is already paid for and then officially get married in August when I move out. We both have a return flight to Canada in July 14th and have a holiday booked July 1st we’re going to Malta. My fiancé will just come in without a visa as he will now be just visiting and Canadians don’t need visas in the uk if they’re staying 3 months or less. I am scared he’ll not get through the boarder. What are people’s experiences? Does anyone have any advice for us?

Thanks in advance Amy

Sending Passport for Canada Visa Process to New York

Note: There is a similar question here but I had a few things to add (plus there’s no answer there)

I am an international student in the US. As part of my Canada visa process, I got a letter asking me to submit my passport to the nearest VAC. For New York (which is the nearest VAC to me), the following are the instructions as on this website:

Option 2: Submit your passport by courier to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in New York

Canadian Visa Application Centre – New York 145 West 45th street, 4th floor New York, NY, 10036 U.S.A.

You can submit your passport(s) by mail or in person.

With your passport(s), make sure you include:

  • the passport request letter you received from IRCC;

  • any applicable visa application centre (VAC) fees, such as passport transmission fees;

  • full contact information, including email, phone number, and full return address;

  • the VAC consent forms (available on their Web site);

  • and a pre-paid return courier envelope, if applicable.

Any idea what VAC fees is? Why is it so vague (“such as passport transmission“)? Where do I find this and what are the other possible fees I might have to pay and how am I supposed to pay this?

Also, is the pre-paid envelope (point 5) applicable or not? Do I need to ask the courier guys?

Why is this site so poorly maintained with no links to the appropriate information? Or am I the only one frustrated and finding this process tough?

So many questions…

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