How do I cancel my Github LFS subscription?

A long time ago I decided to try github lfs. It didn’t seem to help much, so I did what I thought would cancel it, but apparently it did not work. I would like to know how to cancel a github lfs payment. I’ve tried clicking the edit button and going to downgrade, but it bust downgrades to the $ 5/mo thing. I’ve tried removing my payment info, but there is no option.

How do I make them stop charging me? Also, I don’t care what data they drop, I’ve got it all backed up.

Below is an image of the billing screen. None of these links seemingly led anywhere.

The github lfs page

Drupal 7 entity registration state change to cancel after 30 minutes

On drupal 7, I use Entity registration and created a registration type with a timestamp field which retrieve the actual timestamp. After registrering, the user has 30 minute to proceed to check out via commerce application.

I try to create a rule which can change the status from “complete” to “cancelled”. I use drupal rules. the Event is : “After saving a new registration” the condition is that the rule should be triggered after 30 minutes… I’ll add the other with commerce solution later. I don’t know how to create the 30 minutes condition here. the action : i try to fetch the entity by property. But i don’t know how to change it to “cancel” value.


How to cancel bahn card?

I requested to cancel my bahn card using this form. I am currently living in the USA. I received an email three weeks ago stating that my request has been forwarded to the appropriate department and I will get confirmation from them. I have not heard from them yet, but last week I got another email (now in German), and it is asking me to rate their service I recently used (i.e. canceling my card). I am not sure if my card is canceled or not, how can I be confirmed about that? Should I do anything else?


AppleCare – Can I Cancel The Monthly Plan After Doing a Repair?

If I get AppleCare today and pay $ 7.99 a month for coverage on my iPhone and then do a screen replacement next month, would I then be able to cancel the monthly subscription the month afterwards?

I know that with the $ 149 upfront plan, you won’t get a refund for discounts / services you’ve already received. Would the scenario I described above be allowed?

How to handle form validations when the Cancel button can lead into an incorrect state?

I’m designing a set of screens where the user inputs certain data on Screen #1, Screen #2, Screen #3, etc. At the end of their journey they’re presented with a final review screen, where the user can confirm that their input is correct. If they want to correct a value, they can click on a “edit” button next to the field, similar to how many review screens are designed:

enter image description here

Here’s the crux of my problem. Let’s say that I have a validation rule requiring that the Delivery Address and the Billing Address must be within the same country. Now the user can have the following flow:

  1. Open both Delivery Address and Billing Address sections
  2. Change the country in both
  3. Click Save on Delivery Address
  4. Click Cancel on Billing Address
  5. Since Cancel reverts the form section to the previous state, I am now in an invalid state where the countries mismatch between the two sections

How can I avoid this scenario? Some options I’ve thought of:

  1. Require that sections are edited one at a time -> inconvenience for the user (?)
  2. Enforce validations on Cancel button -> weird UX (?)
  3. Prevent saving a state that might result in an error state -> weird UX and easy to get wrong in the JS code (?)

How to cancel multiple users with user_cancel() using $uids?

When Feeds is set to “Delete non-existent users” it also deletes their nodes & comments, as it’s calling user_delete_multiple($ uids);

I want to change that to either respect the account settings (admin/config/people/accounts) or simply define it to use the option

“Delete the account and make its content belong to the Anonymous user.”

user_cancel_reassign“, which I understand needs to use user_cancel() instead.

Can I use user_cancel() with multiple uids?

user_cancel(array(     'user_cancel_notify' => FALSE,     'user_cancel_method' => 'user_cancel_reassign',   ),   $  uids,   'user_cancel_reassign' ); $  batch = &batch_get(); $  batch['progressive'] = FALSE; batch_process(); 

as per example from!user!user.module/function/user_cancel/7.x

Android Install button inactive, cancel works

Unable to tap on the INSTALL button for an app (that I created). Cancel button works fine.

I have looked into other answers and they all seem to be talking about screen dimming / blue light filter apps – I am not using any screen dimming or blue-light filter app/tool, or have any such settings on (that I am aware of).

My phone is an Honor 6X. Its a phonegap/ cordova app that I created for my personal use. Have been using it for months, and have installed updated versions many times with no issue. Few days ago, while using the app – it got stuck (it was writing a lot of data into an SQL database) when it sorta hung up for a long time. So I closed the app – and after that it stopped working. It just won’t start again. (I guess the SQL file got corrupted because I forcefully closed it when it was still writing data)..

I uninstalled it, and when I tried to reinstall again – the INSTALL button won’t work – seems to be inactive.

I then changed the app ID (reverse domain id), app versions etc – and tried to install it as a new app – but that didn’t work either.

Finally, I downloaded another third party app – (which I had successfully installed on my phone before) – and same issue – unable to tap the install button. So it looks like I am unable to install any kind of third-party app, not just that app. Can somebody help?

Hotel reservation through debit card in,now i want to cancel the reservation

I have reserved a hotel in with my debit card instead of credit card. Despite my room was confirmed and it dont offer free cancellation . Now i have to cancel the reservation as it has lot of negative stuffed reviews. Will the hotel debit any money from my debit card for cancellation charges ? And if it debits, how could it be possible without my authorisation?