“Cancel for any reason” travel insurance

Does anyone have any experience using “cancel for any reason” travel insurance (in particular in the UK)?

My girlfriend and I are looking at booking a holiday for later this year, with the catch that if for some reason she were to need to resit her final year university exams, we wouldn’t be able to travel during the window we have available.

Our key questions are:

  • What costs are typically recoverable using these insurance policies?
  • How much do they typically cost?
  • Are there reputable brokers to buy these products from?

Cancel value default file_managed

When the page is loaded, the managed file is populated with a default value and up to here it works, when I delete the file loaded in the managed file it is not deleted inside the folder where it is saved and inside the managed_file table. This behavior is only achieved when you load the page if I do a submit then the operations work. It seems that the default value is not associated with the managed file

Cancel Apple Music subscription > Subscribe in future > Playlists lost or not?

If you cancel your Apple Music subscription and subscribe again in the future (say months or a year later), do the playlists you had created and other account data(?) “reappear”? Or when you cancel you lose access to all your Apple Music user data forever ever?

All that the relevant Apple Support article says is: «If you cancel Apple Music, you’ll lose access to the Apple Music catalog, any music that you added to your Library, and the features of Apple Music».

Thanks to anyone who can reply with certainty – not speculation! 😉

Navigation order for cancel and save buttons

I’m currently defining the order of tab navigation for a form. At the bottom of the form there are two buttons, “Cancel” and “Save”. Following the tab order from left to right, the first button to gain focus would be “Cancel”, But the primary action of the form, and the most used is “Save”.

What would be a better experience, finishing the form and going for the cancel button, or go directly for the save button?

Also, if going direct for save button, another tab would go back to cancel or go to the first field of the form?

Here is an example of both paths:

enter image description here enter image description here


Where to put what type of save and cancel buttons on a mobile site?

We are making a responsive website. There is a form on the site and I am not sure what type of save and cancel buttons to use where. I have found several patterns as you can see in the picture with the following variables: – Position of buttons (top/bottom, horizontal/vertical) – Autosave/Save button – Type of top buttons (text/icons)

Action buttons input form mobile site

Which solution is best practice?

Users usually fill out the form top to bottom (in this case) which would support buttons at the bottom, but convention might rather speak for the top buttons. Or do the top buttons rather belong to (native) app navigation and not to mobile site navigation? The battle for screen estate would speak for horizontal button positioning (cancel next to save), but supporting left handed people would speak for the vertical positioning. Maybe the cancel button can be even left out and the cross at the top or back button would cover this function sufficiently?