Shengan Visa Cancellation

Gents I Have a Shengan Visa issued by the Embassy of Norway valid from July 2018 to July 2019. I applied and received another Visa from July 2019 ( the 2nd day of previous Visa expiry date) until July 2020.

in a telephone conversation with the employee in the embassy , I was told (verbally) that the previous Visa is cancelled.

however I have noticed that : 1- No cancellation stamp was put on the Visa itself 2- No document was attached to the passport stating that the previous Valid Visa is Cancelled .

especially that I had a similar case in the past and the same embassy (in another Country) and there was no cancellation of the previous visa and no interruption of my stay in the Shangan Area when the 1st expired and the following visa started !!

My Question is : How can I get an accurate information about the visa status in order to avoid any complication with the Customs in any EU country within June

Thanks for help Regards

UK short term tourist visa cancellation processing time

I cancelled UK visa (withdraw) same day after applying it as I had made a spelling error in my parent’s name (I know stupid mistake)I received an email which said the request has been received, if the decision is made and my request is accepted my credit card will be refunded within 28 days. It has been 4 business days and I have not received the email saying my request accepted. How long does it take has anyone been in same shoes? or have any information on this?

Jet Airways cancellation

I booked direct with Jet Airways: Dublin-Amsterdam-Bengaluru-Paris-Dublin. They notified me of cancellation of the Jet Airways Amsterdam to Bengaluru flight and said I could seek a partial refund for that. The other legs of the journey are operated by other airlines Aer Lingus and Air France and are not cancelled.

There is no alternative flight from Amsterdam to Bengaluru.

Can I cancel the full itinerary and get a full refund? Or claim it on insurance or VISA card?

Module total cancellation

I installed some extensions manually some time ago, without composer. Now I’d like to delete them. Is there a way to permanently delete them? Now they are disabled. Especially some extensions that are like “Backend Shared Extension”

I enclose some text written by the removal form guide:

Important: If you are using other WeltPixels extensions make sure not to remove the ‘Backend’ shared extension as is used by the rest of WeltPixel installed extensions. WeltPixel extensions it is safe to uninstall and remove also the ‘Backend’ extension.

Thank you.

Magento 2.2 CE

Regarding Jet Airways flight cancellation

I book my flight from Delhi to Paris, my journey schedule is as follows: onward journey 21st April 2019 (Delhi-Bombay-Paris)and return journey 30 April 2019 (Paris-Bombay-Delhi) in Jet Airways. Now Jet Airways cancelled my domestic flight (from Delhi to Bombay, on 21st April’19) and (from Bombay to Delhi, on 1st May 2019) due to the operational issue. I book my flight through MakeMyTrip (MMT) site. In this case, can MMT take responsibility of that Jet Airways cancellation and provide me alternate flight or they will refund my flight charges.

Schengen visa extension due to flight cancellation [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is it possible to extend a tourist Schengen visa (12 more days)? 1 answer

I have a Schengen visa valid for 30 days with 14 days stay. This was as per itinerary planned by me. In my return trip I will be traveling from Frankfurt to Bangalore via Paris.

Suddenly my connecting flight from Paris to Bangalore has been cancelled and I have been accommodated by airline in next day’s flight. But my visa is not valid for that additional day and it will be 15th day in Schengen area.

Please advise.