Cannon boot into Ubuntu after dual boot

My main OS is Windows 8. I have replaced my optical drive with the second SSD drive and installed Ubuntu 18.04 there. However, after the installation process was done and my laptop restarted – I cannot boot into Ubuntu anymore. I have set the second SSD drive at the first place in the boot order in BIOS, but it seems like it’s skipping it and automatically booting into Windows. I’ve disabled both secure boot and fastboot options. Do you have any suggestions what to do?

Unable to connect my High Sierra MacBook Air to M4250 Cannon printer

I find myself unable to connect my High Sierra MacBook Air to my M4250 Cannon printer (both work fine separately). I’ve donwloaded and installed several drivers from Not sure which one I should choose.

The driver named “ICA Driver 4.0.0.a” is installed successfully according to the installer, but is nowhere to be found in /Applications.

The one called “MG4200 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. (Mac)” installs correctly it seems but when I launch it (with the printer turned on and connected to my laptop via USB cable) I always get the following error alert :

Cannot communicate with scanner for this reasons : -Scanner is turned off. -USB cable is disconnected. -Printer is in use or an error has occurred. Please check and try again. Scanner driver will be closed. 2.156.0

Rebooting does not fix the problem. Any help appreciated.

I just bought a cannon rebel t6, I’m new to photography and I’m confused as to how to know what size filter or pedal cover to buy? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How do I find the right size of filters for a lens? 6 answers

I know it sounds like a vacuous question, however I have not been able to find info on this topic. Sizing of filter and lenses. I bought some filters for my camera and they didn’t fit. Camera sets 55mm so I bought 55mm. Wrong!. Any help out there?