2 year multiple entry family visit visa – new visa application form issue – cannot choose long term visa line

I cannot use old website for a 2 year uk family visit visa. New application at the end gives fee of $ 128 which is most likely for a 6 months visa. I did not see any option in new visa application form to choose a 2 year visa. Please share your experience.

What *Cannot* be Nanofabricated From CHON?


My campaign’s party is situated on an habitable oceanic world (specifically Droplet), but away from civilisation. They have a Nautiloid variant, with the usual internal nanofabricator and an unusual inclusion of an antimatter-powered reactor (so energy is plentiful, for now). They also currently have a few synths suited for deep aquatic operation.

Their goal is to establish either a small outpost or a mobile base with self-sufficiency in terms of both energy and fabrication, since at some point they need to give away the reactor and the fabricator.

The planet gives very easy access to an abundance of CHON, and to a lesser extent to a few other like Si, Na or Cl, but other elements require either setting up high-throughput filtration systems, or finding and mining sources of abundance.

Given the above situation, it seems like CHON will be the main feedstock for any large-scale fabrication during the near future. On one hand, even just the carbon tubes alone are likely to be a very versatile material. On the other, it’s been mentioned in the lore that at times fabrication is limited due to lack of less common elements, e.g. perhaps some things cannot be made without use of metals in construction.

Heart of the Question

I would like to know what things are likely to be impossible to fabricate out of CHON alone, and what elements or sorts of elements are likely to be necessary for those things.

Items of particular interest to me are:

  • Electronics (including cyberbrains, sensors and comms, servers etc.);
  • Room-temperature superconductors (of special interest for rechargeable batteries);
  • ‘Nuclear batteries’/RTGs (in addition to the the radioisotopes themselves, that is, which of course need to be prospected and mined);
  • Deuterium fusion power plants (as per Rimward page 196);
  • Heavy water separators (to feed those plants);
  • Healing vats, ego bridges and other ‘biomanipulative’ gear;
  • Equipment for producing, storing and using entangled particle pairs;
  • Equipment for producing and storing stabilised metallic hydrogen;
  • Equipment for storing (not producing) antimatter, and possibly even AM reactors themselves;
  • Finally, full-fledged fabricators / cornucopia machines.

Cannot move app to SD card: “Not enough storage space”

Disclaimer: There are many similar questions, but: 1) No answer there helped me, 2) This one provides additional info and questions, 3) Others seem to be related to Android versions < 8, so the scheme looks different. So it wouldn’t really help adding a bounty.

I am using Android 8. As far as I could find, I cannot install apps directly to SD card. I have to install them regularly, and then move them via Settings -> Apps -> Workplace (App info) -> Storage. I mean to move Facebook Workplace to the SD card, and I keep getting “Not enough storage space”. I have plenty of space there (more than 6Gb). The app shows as taking up 138Mb. I have 530Mb available in the internal memory.

What I tried:

  1. Moving other apps to the SD card. It worked.
  2. Removing and reinstalling Facebook Workplace. Moving to SD card. It failed the same.
  3. Ejecting the SD card and inserting it again. I had to rebuild my home screen, but still cannot move the app.

What I did not try:

  1. Formatting the SD card. I guess it is too much work to try, and many others reported it does not work.
  2. Reinstalling the OS. It is a corporate device.
  3. Rooting the phone. Ibid.
  4. A custom ROM. Ibid.
  5. Using an app. It seemed to me that this was required for older Android versions. Now Android has that capability builtin.

Other similar questions are:

Unable to move few Apps to SD Card . This answer provides reasons why an app might not support moving to SD, but I guess Android 8 is already aware of this, and shows the option only if possible. Plus, I wouldn’t know how to tell if Facebook Workplace is one such app.

And none of this has an answer that helps me:

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macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) Cannot Install Updates

I’m having difficulty installing the latest update on my Mac Mini from 2001 (macmini5,3).

The current pending update is “Security Update 2019-003-10.13.6.” When I attempt to install the update:

  • It downloads the update.
  • It asks to reboot.
  • It gets ~5% through a progress bar then pops up an error message: The update was not installed successfully. You can try updating again in the App Store after restarting.

I have attempted in order:

  • Manual download and install of the update.
  • Fixing disk issues in repair mode (none were found).
  • Installing the update in Safe Mode.
  • Installing the update in Repair Mode.
  • Reinstalling macOS.
  • All of the above again, with a support tech in chat. After which he stated he couldn’t help me and I should go to an Apple Store for support.

The issue that triggered the wave of triage, is that Dropbox needs to be manually upgraded by downloading a new version. The download is delivered as a .dmg. It turns out that in this state, the os is unable to open a .dmg and fails with “detaching because no mountable filesystems.” This same message is displayed for both the dropbox updates as well as the apple system update (SecUpd2019-003HighSierra.dmg).

I “feel” (hahaha, no data to support this) like the format for .dmg file has changed. And apple failed to release an update to this version of macos such that the format is no longer readable.

Cannot complete setup of openssh-server

When I install openssh-server with apt-get install on my ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS server an error occures when kpgk processes the package. The server is a cloud machine with 1 VCPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB Disk (4 GB still available).

Here is an excerpt of the log:

... Setting up openssh-server (1:7.6p1-4ubuntu0.3) ... /var/lib/dpgk/info/openssh-server.postinst: 95: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openssh-server.postinst: tempfile: Exec format error dpkg: error processing package openssh-server (--configure):    installed openssh-server package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 2 ... Errors were encountered while processing:    openssh-server E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) ... 

The dpkg status of the package is now “install ok half-configured”

Maintainer is Ubuntu Developers

can someone give me a push in the right direction on how to solve this?`


Cannot access my Documents

I updated my iMac to 10.14.5 and seem to have some problems.

The folder “Documents” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.

The permissions look OK (not sure what default should be)

~$   ls -lad Documents drwx------+ 735 ian  staff  23520 22 May 09:53 Documents/ 

Finder says I have Read & Write access


I used Finder to give everyone Read only access, and now I can open it.


~$   ls -leO@d Documents drwx---r-x+ 737 ian  staff  - 23584 25 May 11:39 Documents/  0: group:everyone deny delete 

I used Finder to revoke everyone access, and now I can access it normally.

~$   ls -leO@d Documents drwx------+ 737 ian  staff  - 23584 25 May 11:39 Documents/  0: group:everyone deny delete