Hint: There is a column named “pma_timestamp” in table “table_a”, but it cannot be referenced from this part of the query

hi i want to use a user defined function so that while inserting values in column i want to insert last_day of the month in one column by referencing other column in same table.

my code is-

insert into table_A (id,pma_timestamp,monthend) values (103,’2017-08-15′,last_day(pma_timestamp));

but getting error. how to resolve this

Is it incorrect too say that this function problem cannot be in $FNP$?

Decision Problem: Is $ 2^k$ + $ M$ NOT a prime?

Function Variant: Output the non-prime result of $ 2^k$ + $ m$

We can consider, $ M$ = $ 0$ .

Proof that calculating 2^n requires 2^n digits as the result


Is it true that a non-deterministic machine cannot output $ 2^n$ digits in polynomial time?

Does this mean that the problem is not in $ FNP$ ?

Cannot find Wood Harness reference

In the The Dark Eye Aventuria Compendium, page 215 has a break down of the stats and equipment for the Dajin-Buskur template.

Its equipment section makes a mention of a Wood Harness as the first item. Now the only wooden item in the Armor section of Aventuria Compendium is Wooden Armor on page 230.

The Aventuria Armory book has no reference to either Wooden Armor or Wood Harness.

So, is there a book that talks about difference in materials being used to create the armors or is this just not reference yet?

hook add_attachment cannot complete its work

Good afternoon!

I need to clear everything fields when inserting an image in the WordPress loader.

On the Internet, I found a function:

    function my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload( $  post_ID ) {        if ( wp_attachment_is_image( $  post_ID ) ) {          $  my_image_meta = array(           'ID'           => $  post_ID,           'post_title'   => '',           'post_excerpt' => '',           'post_content' => '',         );          update_post_meta( $  post_ID, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', '' );          wp_update_post( $  my_image_meta );       }     }     add_action( 'add_attachment', 'my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload' ); 

It clears the fields but does not show the image (see the image):


How can this be fixed?


How can a wizard in d&d 5e produce effects that cannot be avoided?

I have been playing a wizard in a fairly long running campaign, at least by my standards. There have been a lot of good moments but after my third attempt to make disintegrate work, I have realised something: everything worth using a big spell on probably has a good enough save that the big spell won’t work.

Obviously, I don’t like that, so I have come to ask, what ways can a wizard use spells that are guaranteed to have at least some effect?

The suggestions are ideally achievable by 15th level, since that is the goal of the campaign,and should not require more than a dip into another class, hopefully keeping pure wizard.

cannot select engines on left since update

since the recent update which i just updated to 14.75
i cannot select the engines on the left (when the engines are showing) & cannot right click on engines on left (i.e. to select just dofollow engines)
the engines on the left only show when you restart gsa ser, other wise there is just a blank space on the left where the engines should be, it says “where to submit 343” but below that just a blank space, this is just since the lest update

Unity cannot set precisly localPosition

I found strange behaviour when I was trying to set position.

I have this code:

private const float BaseY = -45f; private const float BaseX = 12.5f; 
var tile = new WorldTile(playableWorld.Name) {     WorldName = playableWorld.Name,      ServerState = GameServerState.Offline }; tile.Instance.transform.SetParent(gameObject.transform, false); tile.Instance.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(BaseX, BaseY, 0) 

Where the WorldTile is just wrapper class around creating GameObject, everywhere else is this working – position is perfectly set witihin parent, but when I try here to set the local position, it is not set on [12.5, -45, 0], it is set to [12.5, -295, 0].

I got this structure in Canvas, where CreatedList is element with predefined height of 500, it seems like unity is trying to center the element and then add my position to it..

If I change the height of the parent element to zero, it has the position I set.


Why is that happening when parent object has height?

I am creating object from prefab, which I set to the parent element. Here I want the created object to be exactly on Y -45px from top. How to achieve this?

Help me I cannot link my font-awesome to my WordPress Theme. I have my font-awesome folder already in my project

My Path: C:\Users…….\Desktop……\coding\font-awesome-4.7.0\css

my header code:


<div id="slideout-menu">     <ul>         <li>             <a href="<?php echo site_url(''); ?>">Home</a>         </li>         <li>             <a href="<?php echo site_url('/blog'); ?>">Blog</a>         </li>         <li>             <a href="<?php echo site_url('/projects'); ?>">Projects</a>         </li>         <li>             <a href="<?php echo site_url('/about'); ?>">About</a>         </li>         <li>               <input type="text" placeholder="Search Here">         </li>     </ul> </div>  <nav>     <div id="logo-img">         <a href="#">             <img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/img/logo.png" alt="GTCoding Logo">          </a>     </div>     <div id="menu-icon">         <i class="fa fa-bars"></i>     </div>         <ul>             <li>                 <a href="<?php echo site_url(''); ?>"                     <?php if(is_front_page()) echo 'class="active"' ?>                 >Home</a>                          </li>             <li>                 <a href="<?php echo site_url('/blog'); ?>"                 <?php if(get_post_type() == 'post') echo 'class="active"' ?>                 >Blog</a>             </li>             <li>                 <a href="<?php echo site_url('/projects'); ?>"                 <?php if(get_post_type() == 'project') echo 'class="active"' ?>>Projects</a>             </li>             <li>                 <a href="<?php echo site_url('/about'); ?>"                 <?php if(is_page('about') == 'post') echo 'class="active"' ?>                 >About</a>             </li>             <li>                 <div id="search-icon">                     <i class="fa fa-search"></i>                             </div>             </li>         </ul>     </div> </nav>   <div id="searchbox">     <input type="text" placeholder="Search Here"> </div>   <?php if(is_front_page()); { ?>    <main>  <?php } ?>