How to set continuous shooting on Canon 60D while using Canon remote RC-6?

I am interested in photographing some star trails and have read many articles that say that I should use continuous shooting mode instead of Bulb mode. I tried this last night with my RC-6 Canon remote but my Canon 60D would not work.
This may be a stupid question but I was wondering how I can shoot in continuous mode with exposures of approximately 30secs using my Canon 60D and the RC-6?

How good is the weatherproofing on a Canon 5D Mk IV

Currently I use Canon 1D X for my wildlife photography. I take them out in all sorts of weather and they have never let me down. However the low cost airlines are getting tight on weight these days and I was thinking of swapping them both for 2 x 5D Mark IV to save weight & get a better image quality. I know that the Mark III were not great in the wet. Has anyone had any problems with the Mark IV? How do people think it would compare with the 1D X?

Is it possible to make the shutter speed slower than 30 seconds on the Canon 4000D?

I have a Canon 4000D and I would like to take some long exposure photography. It only allows shutter speeds up to 30 seconds and I would prefer to have the ability to take shots that are exposed for 1 minute or more. Is it possible? I’m OK with using 3rd party software like CHDK if I have to.

Canon 5D MkIV one focus point is unmovable, flashing

I ma having an issue that – no matter which focus points I select – one is permanently flashing.

I do not know what this means or how to change it. Restarting the camera did not help.

As you can see in the photo, the one in the upper center flashes and does not move when I change the focus area.

enter image description here

When I hold the camera in portrait mode, it’s gone.