Are there canon rules about mutations caused by the spellplague (as we can see it in the MMORPG Neverwinter)?

In the MMORPG Neverwinter, we have some low level area and quests where we can fight creatures that, as we learn rapidly, are people that have mutated because of the spellplague. I have searched for rules about that but the only thing that I could find is that humans touched by the spellplague become Shadar-kai, but they don’t really look like the creatures we fight.

Are there other canon rules about that, or is it something that Neverwinter just made up?

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Canon DSLR as webcam in chrome

Hi we are running a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.2 We want to connect a Canon DSLR and use it as a webcam in a browser with live view and with the ability to capture an image. I have attempting alot of things like the following link: Using a digital camera ( Canon) as webcam

I have installed the following: sudo apt-get install gphoto2 v4l2loopback-utils ffmpeg this works successfully

I then attempt: sudo modprobe v4l2loopback

but this errors in the terminal stating: ERROR: could not insert ‘v4l2loopback’: Operation not permitted

If anyone has detailed descriptions on how to do this It would be great as I am not experienced in Ubuntu at all.


How to do Canon Com IJ Setup?

Here we talk about how to download and install printers software and driver. This is the most important steps to Canon com ij setup. Follow the instruction and install all software and driver that compatible with your Canon printer.

First of all, Read your Canon printer manual carefully. The manual has a segment specific to your printer model with instructions on what you can do without the software to install your printer. If this is the case, follow the instructions for finding and…

How to do Canon Com IJ Setup?

Change scan resolution for Canon TS 9100

I have a Canon TS 9100 printer/scanner. I use scangearmp2 for the scanning.

I would like to be able to change the scan resolution.

I could not find a way using the panel on the printer.

And scangear has no option to change the resolution.

Is there a way to change the scan resolution?

canon pixma mp145 printer driver software free download for windows 7

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canon pixma mp145 printer driver software free download for windows 7