My Canon MG3620 is seen, by Ubuntu Studio, as paused

I use Ubuntu Studio 18.04LTS on my newer laptop and 12.04LTS on the older one.

I was able to use my Canon MG3620 from both without any problems until yesterday, when both laptops started reporting status messages that kept them from using the printer.

I am able to print to it from my android phone without a problem, but now, both laptops are seeing a status message that the printer is paused.

Since the printer works from the android phone, I cannot see the printer being the problem.

So, how do I go about clearing those status messages from the laptops?

I’d rather not reinstall the drivers if I don’t have to.

Are there any canon ways for supernatural beings to “enchant” themselves?

I noticed it being said on the wiki, that some non-fae supernatural beings can enchant themselves through their own abilities, to be able to see and interact with the Dreaming, without any need for somebody like a Changeling to do this for them.

Vampires, Werewolves, Wraiths, and Mages must all be enchanted just like mortals to see and interact with the Dreaming. However, some of them have the ability to “enchant” themselves through their own abilities.

I admittedly don’t have access to any Changeling books, so for those who do know more:

Are there any listed canon ways for someone to Enchant themself, like this says some can? As in, specific abilities with specific supernatural beings?

Mages and wraiths I can see perhaps having some sort of technique, but whether that assumption is more than just conjuncture and if the category is any broader or includes more – perhaps some more spiritual Fera, or even maybe a Tremere kindred with the right ritual – I really could not say.

Because that description up there is just very vague.

Colour matching with Photoshop and Canon IP7250

After having used a HP multifunction printer for some time, today I upgraded to a Canon Pixma IP7250 inkjet. I’m having serious difficulties making the prints resemble the images on screen, an issue I didn’t have with the HP printer. With the Canon, they’re all coming out with a strong magenta tint, especially in the shadow tones.

These are my settings in PS (CS5)

printing dialog box

I’m using what is supposed to be the right profile for matte photo paper on this printer. The profile came with the printer installation and I’ve been unable to find a better match.

The printer is not calibrated, but I don’t think it can be that far off. Especially considering I didn’t have the issues with the HP printer. What settings did I use for the HP? Just printing from OSX Preview, actually. I tried that for the Canon but the results are still magenta. So now trying to get some more control by using PS, but no luck.

My images are in Adobe RGB.

Any help much appreciated!

Simple Explanation of the Hot Shoe Pins on Canon Cameras and Flashes?

I haven’t found any thorough documentation about exactly what each pin does and the signalling between a camera (say a T6i) and a flash (say speedlite 600ex-rt ii) looks like. What voltage levels, what is sent from the camera to the flash and vice versa, sequence of communication, etc.

I’ve gathered at least that shorting Trigger to Ground tells the flash to fire (I assume at max and/or at the certain settings and immediately?).

The best image I’ve found so far is from here. Flash pinouts

Drucker Canon Pixma MP 210

When I open my Canon MP 210 I get continued flashes on “On/Off” and the “Alarm”-Button. When I push “Black” or “Colour” I get on top of all this in the amount-window flashing “E” and “2” and “7” in this order. What does that all indicate and how can I get my printer to work?