Can’t delete Draft Post

I am new to wordpress and was happily blogging along when I ran into a weird issue. I tried uploading a gif into the draft and the editor crashed. I refreshed the browser and then found that I couldn’t access all posts or the drafts of posts from my post dashboard.

Where you would expect to see the table of posts I see this error, and the drafts table doesn’t populate at all despite showing one draft:enter image description here

You’ll notice the posts I created after the error no problem, but the posts from before the error aren’t shown.

I tried following the guides I could online to fix the issue, and I figured out that when I disable all my plugins I can see it in the drafts: enter image description here

However, when I try to ‘trash’ the draft, it gives me a critical error.

Please let me know if there is any additional troubleshooting information that you need to help, otherwise thank you for your time and attention.

Am I correct to assume, that an Echo Knight can’t use Manifest Echo, to create an echo on the inside of a spherical Wall of Force?

Here once more a classical Wall of Force blender question. I understand that spells can’t go through a spherical wall of force because of full cover, but does the same actually apply to class features like the echo knights: Manifest Echo?

You can use a bonus action to magically manifest an echo of yourself in an unoccupied space you can see within 15 feet of you.

If this is by RAW possible, I see that a DM would probably rule it differently I just want to know if there is an actual rule preventing this, also for the purposes of an Echo Knight potentially escapeing a Wall of Force or simmilar prison effects.

Why can’t I see the remaining links?

I’m having difficulty viewing the remaining links. See attached image, at the end I get a message that refers to the memory, but I do not understand exactly what it refers to and how I can solve it.

The last time I was able to see all the remaining links, there were a total of 5 million links waiting.
How can I solve it?

Can’t scroll website over product image on mobile version

I was testing my site on my mobile phone and I noticed I can’t scroll when passing over a product image on the product description page.

Here’s the same issue on this example: Try and scroll over the featured shoe image on mobile version.

Desktop version has a zoom hover effect and I think there’s a script of it making conflict on mobile because I tried clearing the html classes and attributes of related tags on the inspector but nothing changed. I also deleted the class="zoomContainer" element that’s the zoom viewport but still.

Looking for some snippet to deactivate this, even in desktop version also if it’s necessary, or whatever other solution around the corner.


DreamHost error when trying to add a domain: “You can’t add that domain: you must add the parent domain”

I have hosting account on DreamHost I want to add my domain (which is registered outside Dreamhost) I have already changed nameservers. my domain is "" but I have the following problem: "You can’t add that domain: you must add the parent domain to your account before adding a subdomain to it." How to solve it and thank you in advance

can’t sign up for instagram


I am trying to sign up with instagram for a new account. Whenever I choose a username it shows "Sorry, that username is taken." then I click on the round arrow for automatic username generator and I click sign up and i get an error "Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon." and if I click again I get the same as first message "
Sorry, that username is taken."

so what's wrong? why can't I sign up?

Can’t access the website which is on and working with only one device (PC)

Around 2 weeks ago I suddenly became unable to use my university’s classroom website from my PC. My PC is the only device having problem, I can freely access it from my phone or laptop. Website url is, When I try to ping it form my PC it shows IP but from Laptop it shows which is correct one (cause I can access it from laptop). Some time ago I think i edited some dns settings from cmd or something like that, I was having problem and that solved it and I don’t know how to reverse/check it if its causing the problem.

Whenever I try to to go to the url it just does nothing in the browser (tried all of them similar result)

(I don’t know if I should be asking this question here so if something tell me where to move it)