Should a high elf wizard use weapons instead of cantrips?

As a new DM I’m running my first adventure for my kids (LMoP). My daughter took the high elf wizard and she was wondering whether she should use weapons instead of her cantrips when she runs out of spell slots.

Indeed, high elf being proficient with weapons, she could use a bow who does 1d8+2, adding also the modifier to the attack roll, or a sword instead of shocking grasp for example… When cantrips don’t get any modifiers.

Not really sure what to answer her. Thanks ahead!

Spell Attack for Cantrips not of your tradition

This occured to me when reviewing the Kobold Sorcerer Grimmnir from the "Little Trouble in Big Absalom" Module.

As a Sorcerer of the demonic bloodline, Grimmnir is a spontaneous divine spellcaster. As indicated on p.191 Core Rulebook (2nd printing) he has these proficiencies regarding his spellcasting:

Trained in spell attack rolls of your spellcasting tradition, as indicated by your bloodline. Trained in spell DCs of your spellcasting tradition, as indicated by your bloodline

That gives Grimmnir a trained (+3) bonus to his Spell Attack Roll, as well as his key ability modifier CHA (+4), resulting in a +7. This is also indicated on his pregen character sheet.

Ranged [two-actions] acid splash +7 (cantrip), Damage 1d6 acid plus 1 splash

But when I looked up the Acid Splash Entry (p. 316 Core Rulebook (2nd printing)), it says Acid Splash is a cantrip of the arcane and primal tradition.


  1. does he actually get only a +4 (key ability modifier 4 + untrained tradition 0) ?
  2. is he automatically trained in cantrips he earned from your bloodline
  3. are cantrips he earned from his bloodline automatically considered of the tradition he gained from his bloodline?
  4. does his spell attack work for for every spell he has, regardless of tradition?

1: would be… bad design for this bloodline? 2: you usually don’t use proficiency with a single spell. 3+4: would have the same outcome here, but could work differently if there are classes that actually gain proficiency in more than one tradition.

Does the Ranger’s Favoured Foe Ability from Tasha’s work with Cantrips?

So I have an idea for a wisdom based Horizon walker. I was thinking of taking shillelagh and produce flame from the druidic warrior fighting style. Produce flame is purely so I at least have ONE ranged option when it is necessary but I would primarily be a melee fighter. I know hunter’s mark works with only weapon attacks but I noticed that the description of favoured foe only states "when you hit with an attack roll", not with a "weapon attack."

So my question is just would produce flame be able to benefit from and apply the damage from favoured foe?


Do Cantrips stack when you multiclass Spellcasting class of the same casting type (Wizard, Edlrich Knight, Arcane Trickster)?

Do Cantrips stack when you multiclass Spellcasting class of the same casting type (Wizard, Edlrich Knight, Arcane Trickster)?

Ex: Lv 10 Arcane Trickster has 4 cantrips & Lv 10 Wizard has 5. Does the mean this PC knows 9 cantrips?

When I multiclass Sorcerer/Wizard do I unlearn a cantrip?

Sadly this did not help as they used two different spellcasting type.

Do the Illusionist’s Bracers allow you to concentrate on two cantrips?

Illusionist’s Bracers (GGR p178) Says:

whenever you cast a cantrip, you can use a bonus action on the same turn to cast that cantrip a second time.

However some spells like Create bonfire require concentration.
Under spell duration, the players handbook says:

You lose Concentration on a spell if you cast another spell that requires Concentration. You can’t concentrate on two Spells at once.

Do the bracers allow you to concentrate on two cantrips at once?

can a rogue with the minor magic talent take the extra cantrips to gain other spells?

RAW states that for a character to take the extra cantrip feat they must have the ability to cast cantrips or orisons as a pre-req. the minor magic rogue talent states that "A rogue with this talent gains the ability to cast a 0-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list." would the feat then let me choose a total of 3 cantrips to use with the minor magic talent but limited to a total of 3 times a day?

Can a Rod of Absorption absorb cantrips?

A Rod of Absorption enables the user to absorb incoming single-target spells as a reaction and store those spell levels for later use:

While holding this rod, you can use your reaction to absorb a spell that is targeting only you and not with an area of effect. The absorbed spell’s effect is canceled, and the spell’s energy — not the spell itself — is stored in the rod. The energy has the same level as the spell when it was cast. The rod can absorb and store up to 50 levels of energy over the course of its existence. Once the rod absorbs 50 levels of energy, it can’t absorb more. If you are targeted by a spell that the rod can’t store, the rod has no effect on that spell.

Given that cantrips are considered level 0 spells, is it possible to absorb a cantrip using the Rod? Or does a level 0 spell count as "a spell that the rod can’t store"?

(Presumably, if this is possible, doing so would not store any additional levels into the rod, but would negate the cantrip’s effect.)

What is the most Cantrips a player can learn?

Pretty much just the title, within the following restrictions:

  • Multiclassing approved
  • 20th level
  • only official material (No unearthed arcana, but anything optional material from TCoE that might effect cantrips is okay)
  • All cantrips must be unique (a Cleric 1/Bard 1 knows 5 cantrips, but they must be 5 different cantrips)
  • Magic items that provide a specific cantrip are okay, but no boons that can be continually stacked.
  • Feats are Okay.